Oct 29, 2010

Top ten things that currently annoy me*

*that are not Mattel

The Top candy poll will have to wait after Halloween... Need to go trick-or-treating in order to get the free candy... Duh! So in the mean time here's a list of things that annoy me... that are not related to Mattel.

10) Antoine Dodson

I got to admit the news report was kinda funny, though it dealt with a serious issue. The auto tuned remix is catchy.

The iPhone app seems like a great idea. Using Antoine to promote it is kinda cool.

I mean, Seriously!? an Official Antoine Dodson costume? I'm starting to think that he's milking it...

$39.99 for a Bandanna, an Afro Wig,a piece of paper, and a Black Tank Top

9) Justin Bieber
I find him a bit LESS annoying than Antoine Dodson. But the biggest reason he annoys me (aside from his borderline Chipmunk voice) is the delusions of Grandeur that he has.
There are rumors about Bieber calling himself the "Kurt Cobain of this Generation..." If this is true, then someone hand him a shotgun!

This is the Justin Bieber version of This is it. Does he think he's the next Michael Jackson?
This is insulting... I could've understood a 3D concert like the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3D event... This, on the other hand deserves a kick in the nads by a steel toed boot and a visit from the bed intruder of Lincoln Park.

8)Jaden Smith
I've already spoken of my dislike for Jaden Smith. He is not the next Haley Joel Osment or Dakota Fanning.
The video combines two things I hate: Kung Fu Kid and Bieber
Jackie Chan had to ruin it... Let the kids have some fun!

7)The Shamwow guy
Not only he's tried to Out Pitch the late Billy Mays, but he's almost as smug as certain web mascot that I can't have on the list. He's peddling copies of products promoted by the late Billy Mays, but in a more obnoxious way.

6)Michael Bay
Michael Bay movies in a nutshell. Not gonna get on how Offensive to my childhood the Bayformers movies are. Dear Michael Bay: Transformers is supposed to be ALL ABOUT THE FRICKING ROBOTS!!!

5)Cartoon Network's Live action series
Hello! it's called Cartoon Network! as in a network for Cartoons! Keep the Live Action shows out of Cartoon Network! I swear the people in charge must be the same morons that killed Music on MTV...

4)Jersey Shore
Speaking of Morons and MTV I gotta talk about Jersey Shore.
Yup! The M stands for Moronic alright... I guess The Real World: Douchebags
wasn't allowed. I miss the good old days of MTV. Heck I even miss Pimp My Ride! I'd rather have Jackass reruns than this junk... I guess Filmation Skeletor would fit in well with these guys...

3) Twihards
I've ranted a bit about them, but they keep coming and defend the shortcomings of the books with vehemence by not using fact, but opinions passed as facts.
Opinion: Twilight saga HAD potential if it was in the hands of someone capable.
Fact: Stephenie Meyer was ignorant of Vampire lore when she wrote her books.
Extreme Twihards are incredibly annoying! Especially those who have no idea what they're talking about... The Twihate is far well documented beyond "Twilight sucks!"

2)Resident Evil Movies
(Especially Alice) I saw the last RE movie and I didn't like it at all. Chris Redfield is a little too late... No signs of Leon at all. Wesker was ultra raped here. (He had his moments, but still the movie raped him.) Milla wants to do a 5th movie. Hopefully it'll be Resident Evil 5, We finally kill Alice once and for all!
I'd rather have a Jill sandwich than dealing with the Leeloo Dallas Multipass movies.

1)Slutty Halloween costumes that look nothing like the characters they're dressed as.
I don't want a slutty Spider-Woman (who is really Spider-Man but looking like a girl) or a Ninja Turtle with a green flesh skirt.

Oct 27, 2010

Billy Ray's Achy Breaky Heart

Yup! That's Billy Ray Cyrus, commonly known as Miley's dad has an Achy Breaky Heart of his own. Yes, Miley's parent's filed for divorce. Irreconcilable differences they say. I predict Cyrus Custody battles, tell all books, etc. Good thing that Miley turns 18 pretty soon otherwise the Miley wars would've been long and tedious. I wonder if Miley's image change had something to do with the changes that led to the divorce... or what the divorce will do to the untameable Miley...

I don't know what to say. He lost his mullet, now he lost his wife... It seems that he only wants his Mullet back. Seriously though, I hope that the custody issues are dealt privately and as amicable as possible for the children's sake... (the remaining non-Miley Cyrus kids.)

I know that this is a tad short, but it caught me off guard... I was going to write a Halloween candy related article, but that'll wait. I wish the best for both Billy Ray and Tish.

Oct 25, 2010

Hey What the!? Justin Bieber assaults a 12-Y.O. kid

Bieber fever symptoms might include Berserker Rage...
Shame on you Bieber...
Justin Bieber Doll
Ok... WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS!? A Justin Bieber Doll!? What will they think up next!?
Justin Bieber Nail Polish!? Isn't this furthering the rumors about his homosexuality.

On other news Miley's newest video "Who Owns my Heart" has sparked controversy. Nothing new here. She's just trying to make sure that Hannah stays dead and buried. Problem is that a HUGE CHUNK of her fanbase comes from HANNAH... I understand that she is growing up, but as I've said before: Cutting off Hannah Cold Turkey WILL hurt her career. She should've waited until she turned 18 before doing these "mature" videos. (and given enough time for Hannah Montana: Forever to "Officially" end... as in AFTER the first showing of the final Episode.)

Oct 23, 2010

Action Figure Woes: Nobody's Perfect!

Like the song says: ♪Everybody makes mistakes! Everybody has those days!♫ It looks like it's one of those days for Mattel...

Roboto came out Last 15th of October. (I couldn't get one due to Logistics...)
But that's not the important part. Roboto has his shoulders Backwards (due to the pieces being mislabled) One day after the sale Scott Neitlich (The Brand Manager and also MOTU fan) Mostly known as Toyguru in various Toy forums posted this on Mattycollector:
Well there is no way around it. Roboto did get assembled with his shoulders swapped.

What can I say. These things happen. I could mention the hundreds of things we do catch and correct before going to production, or all the time we spent making small tweaks based on fan comments such as Skeletor's purple feet or trying to see if both Roboto's arms could be detached (which we didn't have time for but we really tried on!), but none of that changes that in the end a mistake was made.

Luckily in the long run this is not (I hope!) Earth crushing to most. By definition the only change is the pattern of tech on the shoulder. The toy itself functions 100% correctly and is not defective. (that and combined with the fact that the whole production is done means we can't exchange your Roboto for a corrected version, at this time there are no "corrected" versions.)

It doesn't mean we won't try to find a way down the road to correct this. It took almost 4 years but we finally got Sinestro's height corrected in the DCUC line (check out the 2 pack coming to TRU next month with a ton of yellow and green constructs!).

I'd personally like to find a way to fix this but it will take time. We don't have a reissue planned right now but it doesn't mean it is out of the question. I'm sorry for those whom were counting on the tech detail pattern on the shoulder going the other direction. I'll take the fall on this one and just let you know we continue to be vigilant on getting the best collector product out there. Sometimes we hit a problem. But the important thing is we will try to correct this one day. It just won't be in the immediate future.

Oh, and while I have everyone on the line, a few updates:

Jan 18th:
Bow (2011 sub figure)
Shadow Beast (2011 sub quarterly beast/multipack)
Palace Guards (2010 item delated slightly)
Castle Grayskull stands (reissue)
Evil Lyn reissue

Feb 15:
Vikor (2011 sub figure)
Other reissues to be announced
(and ideally Preternia He-Man will ship with the map)

March 15:
King Hssss (sub figure)
Battle Armor Skeletor (sub quarterly variant)
Other reissues to be announced

April 15:
New Male Masters of the Universe member (to be announced soon)
Panthor (quarterly subscription beast)
Weapons Rak ($15.00) (not part of subscription)

Alright, have a great weekend and I'll catch you all after El Segundo Toy Fair.


What can I say: It kinda sucks the way this "defect" is ignored so easily. Don't get me started on She-Ra not being defective just not working as perfect as she should... or the Hyperbreakable Green Goddess. That's just MOTUC... DCUC has its share of Horror stories. Exploding butts, leg joints fused to the pelvis, etc.

But it's OK they catch hundreds of even bigger blunders... (Now that scares me... With all the blunders that slip through Mattel's "Eagle eyes"; I'd hate to see the blunders they catch.) GOtta admire Scott for trying to put a nice spin on things like getting Purple feet on BA Skeletor... But the best bit is:
It took almost 4 years but we finally got Sinestro's height corrected in the DCUC line

"It took almost 4 years but we finally got Sinestro's height corrected in the DCUC line"

ALMOST 4 YEARS!? Sinestro has been released how many times already and NOW you guys found a way to fix him!? Looks like Roboto might be fixed in 2020...
but it's OK... Sinsetro was fixed in 4 years and he's coming in a two pack with tons of green and yellow constructs...(Probably with yet another reissue of Hal Jordan.)

I ADORE the nice ending to this half-hearted apology. "Look! New toys!"

The January Item list was changed: The Shadow Beast moved to February... In order to soften the repeated blows to the fans wallets. (Nov 15th, Cyber Monday, December and January...) Kinda like Fighting Ivan Drago for 15 rounds...

If you check the link regarding the wrongly tooled shoulders you might see cracks on Roboto... (Green Goddess part deux) Only Time will tell.

I don't want to do Mattel related rants, but they pretty much give me a ton of material to rant about... I love a couple of their products... including their TwiBarbies... and my Favorite Mattel Product involves a dude who runs around in furry underpants... I rant because I love MOTU... Now Mattel, get it right!

Oct 19, 2010

Halloween Costumes vs Cosplay

I made a random list of awesome cosplay Why I made it? Well take a look at this:
Optimus Prime: The Cosplay versusOptimus Prime The store bought costume
Obviously the Cosplay rocks... It can Transform.
Cosplay Red Ranger versus Store bought Red Ranger Store bought is looking kinda good, but still it looks off.

One thing I HATE about store bought costumes is when they Make "Sexy" female versions of male character costumes.
Green Lantern
I'm a fan of accuracy, not skankification. It's nice for girls to have a passing "nerdy" interest in dressing up as comic book characters, etc. But PLEASE do it ACCURATELY.

Oct 15, 2010

New Adventures of He-Man

The New Adventures of He-Man. Normally known as the red-headed stepchild, or the Cousin Oliver of MOTU lore.

This is a fan made video using NA footage.

Why is NA so hated? Why did I hate NA? Those are a few interesting questions.

MOTU died for the first time in 1987. (Post He-Dolph...) Oversaturation of Product, lack of new Filmation MOTU episodes, and other stuff helped kill the line for the first time. Two years later Mattel had a ballsy idea. Taking HE-Man and Skeletor out of Eternia and placing them in a brand new world with new allies and enemies. This world was more Sci-fi than Swords and Sorcery. The toys were smaller, thinner and did not look like the beefy stocky MOTU toys of ancient times (two years before NA).

THAT was the cause of fan alienation (and hatred). For years I've ignored The New Adventures until recently. Thanks to He-Man.org (Best MOTU site EVER...) I had an opportunity to read a bit of info about New Adventures written by none other than one of the minds behind the New Adventures Cartoon: Jack Olesker. (He wrote about 37 of the 65 NA Episodes, so he surely had a lot to do with it.)

Then came MOTUC Optikk... An awesome figure on its own right, even if it was a MOTUC Trap Jaw with a new crotch, head, and Armor. NA is here to stay, just like PoP and 200X.

I HAD to give NA a chance. I received access to a copy of NA Volume I, so I began watching.

I will not do an episode by episode review, because it's too much info to process.

The Good:
-He-Man is not Superman: Here He-Man has to struggle while battling his enemies. (Finally, no mega punches or tossing everyone across the planet for an easy win.)
-Continuity: The episodes HAVE to be seen in order unlike Filmation's MOTU.
-Skeletor is downright insane! He's no longer tethered to take over Eternia or Graskull. He's got only one thing in mind... He-Man. He's ready to kill an entire planet just to get at He-Man. Also he plays Flogg and the mutants like a violin. Skeletor is more devious, manipulative... Kinda reminds me of James Woods in Hercules... but more Skeletor like.

The Bad:
-Skeletor's Eyes and Badger Teeth. The eyes change from white to red in a few episodes, but the Teeth... Man! Those teeth are so huge!
-Flogg is Dumb as bricks: I despise Dumb Villain leaders, but it seems that Floggy is getting Smarter.
-The whole Primus Shield thing: That shield keeps breaking down so often AND the mutants get in so easily. I'm starting to wonder: "Why bother using the old people powered shield if it breaks down so often?"

The Ugly:
-The Scientists! Oh The Scientists! someone please, get rid of them! (or at least their annoying voices.

Now does it suck, is it good, or am I just wasting time?
It's actually a decent show. Kinda wish that I would've given it a chance before. There's a few things that bother me, but I can understand why they're there. It's a shame that the second Season of NA never happened... Why? 3 Words:

Evil... Man-at-Arms
Ok that's 4 words... or two if Man-at-Arms is counted as one word hyphenated.

Basically Duncan takes over Eternia, and HE-man must return to fix it. But we'll never see this.

The Show is a tad less corny than Filmation, enjoyable, and a lot better than I expected.
I definitely have become a New Adventures fan... It sucks that my favorite NA characters will not Make it as MOTUC figs: Drissi, Crita, Mara and Master Sebrian...

Oct 10, 2010

Sesame Street!? Cool!

Sesame Street is one of the longest IF not THE longest Children's television program. Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Grover... Huh? They don't ring a bell? F#$%^ing Elmo... Oh! Now you know what I'm talking about...
I'm not gonna rant about how much I hate Elmo (even if it IS Master Splinter the one who voices and controls that evil Satanic action hogger jabroni that talks in third person...)

Normally people stop watching Sesame Street because they're "Too old" for it... I was in that crowd until I saw This:

Yes, they're making a parody of:

Not only that but they also made a parody of True Blood...

Speaking of Sesame Street: Katy Perry sang a clean version of Hot n' cold, but it was never aired because she was showing too much cleavage.

Yeah, like the little kids are going to notice Katy Perry's boobs... Those are the same kids that are fans of Isaiah Mustafa and True Blood. I mean Katy Perry is less offensive than say, Jack Black...

Jack Black: More Kid Friendly than Katy Perry. True Blood: More Kid Friendly than Katy Perry. What is going on here!? I swear if Sesame Street brings Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal I would die by sheer awesomeness and WTFness...

Ok... WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS!? They're the best of the best and I lvoe them!

Oct 8, 2010

odds and ends October 08, 2010

Spider-Man the Reboot has a Female lead...
Emma Stone will be Gwen Stacy Shame... That means that either She'll be tossed off the bridge, OR She'll have sex with Norman Osborn and THEN she'll be thrown off the bridge... I dunno, but she looks more like a Mary Jane rather than Gwen...

Johnny Depp... is so freaking AWESOME!! He went and helped a little girl raise a "mutiny" at her school. Thing is he did it dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow!
How Cool is that... Not having some dude dressed as Jack Sparrow come to your school, but having the REAL Captain Jack Sparrow come to your school.

Words cannot describe this video.

On other newsTeh Philipines are becoming hyperpatriotic Translation: Shirts with the Philipines flag or singing their national Anthem wrong could land you a fine or jail time... Damn!

Wait, what!?Ochocinco's cereal hooks you up for phone sex!? Long story short: Ochocinco has a children's charity and on his overpriced cereal you get a phone number that directs you to a sex line instead of said charity... Massive D'oh!

H opefully THIS will be a killer on CSI... The original one... The one that had Grissom... A Hotel with "death ray" sounds horror movierrific! but that's the magic of sunlight and hyper polished reflective surfaces.

Oct 5, 2010

Now we'll never prove the A-Team's innocence

Stephen J. Cannell, can be seen by Haley Joel Osment
He died at the age of 69.

He shall be missed, especially his shows where Character A was framed and has to become an outlaw... Helping the helpless while trying to prove his innocence.

Mr. Cannell's work was so ingrained in Pop Culture in the 80s that 20 plus years later people remember it fondly. It's a shame that he is gone.

Oct 4, 2010

Halloween's coming! Get your costumes ready!

I love Halloween! dressing up, getting candy, It's like going to a sci-fi convention, but with douchebags, little kids and no scalpers.
so that allows me to show off some cosplay pics... I mean these guys spend a lot of time and money to create costumes based on their favorite characters...

Casey Jones from TMNT a rather easy costume to make, but the result is cool!

Rose and Akuma from Street Fighter
We can't do a Street Fighter without Ryu

Now moving on to FFVII No Sephiroth, just Cloud... Now I'm not sure if that's a guy or a girl...
Speaking of Sephiroth... Hot Damn! I always expected the shirtless I just stole this coat form Hot Topic Sephiroth, but this is freaking AWESOME!
My favorite Kabob Girl...
looks cool when a bunch of FFVII people get together for these...

Skeletor... Overlord of Evil BTW this is a Puertorrican Skeletor... So there ARE cosplayers in Puerto Rico that don't dress up as Naruto characters...
Now this one is Jaw Dropping... Get it, Jaw Dropping, cause it's Trap Jaw... Nevermind...

Wouldn't be surprised if these keep happening... I hope the guy got some afterwards... Oh wait! Meyerpires don't get laid...

I must add that this one is awesome... RETREAT!! RETREAT!! Yes it's Cobra Commander.

Mmmmm! X-men! and Mr. Pointy claws.

A Surveillance Camera!?Solid Snake and Big Boss

Now THESE guys combined Sailor Moon AND Zombies... Words can't describe this.

Annoying retarded ninja... Believe it!!

Something Something Mitochondria, Something Something Parasite EVE

Citan Uzuki from Xenogears *grumble grumble* disc 2 should've had more playable content