Mar 28, 2011

Superman Reboot news and stuff.

Superman is getting a Reboot! Thank God!! After the mess that was Superman Returns, I welcome a Reboot! Even if it's with the director of Watchmen and the Producer is the Director of Batman Begins and Inception... Heck! I'll take anything to help me forget Super Stalker deadbeat dad. Yes I absolutely LOATHED Superman Returns! Mainly because of the reason I used to highlight its trailer... Also Kate Bosworth was the most unbelievable (in a bad way) as Lois Lane.
Enough of that! I'm starting to get a bad aftertaste just by talking about that movie.

As I said: Superman is getting a reboot thanks to the Director of Watchmen!

So far The cast is:
Kevin Costner is allegedly Pa Kent.

I got to say that all of this is looking good! (Not too hot on the Costner thing, but everything else seems cool!)
As long as the story, the suit,and the SFX don't suck, I'm excited.
What do I mean by those:
-Story: This one is simple enough. It's Superman, not Superdeadbeat dad/Superstalker Ex boyfriend!
-The Suit: The Superman suit is hard to get wrong, somehow Superman Returns managed to screw it up! It was a cool looking suit but it was Superflawed!
The Dark Colors don't suit Superman! There were TOO MANY \S/ on the costume... Using the S shield as a pattern to give the suit some texture reeks of Designer douchebaggery... Heck Superman had 3 S shields on the sole of his shoes... The only place where Superman needed an Extra S Shield was the Only place they did NOT put it... (Hint: the Cape!)
THE Chest Emblem being THAT 3D ruined the notion that Clark Kent hides his Super suit UNDER his Civilian clothes!

Hopefully this new suit won't do any of those... or worse!
-The Effects: well Super Crappy CGI that looks awful even for early 90s standard would be the way to screw this up!

Now I'll be on a wait and see mode with this movie!

Mar 25, 2011

Shark Jumping with Zack and Cody!

You've heard the expression" Show X jumped the shark!" (in movie cases the preferred term is Nuked the Fridge referencing the Epic Fail moment form Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.)
While normally this topic would normally explode on lists regarding shows and their shark jumping moments... House M.D. sent house to rehab seems like a nice shark jump point, or Family Guy a bit after returning from cancellation...

My shark jumping rant comes cause I just watched the Suite Life movie.
My biggest beef with the movie is that the story is TOO over the top for a Zack and Cody movie.
Yes, the show had a couple of Over the Top moments (most of them coming from the Suite Life On Deck spin-off) But sadly this was NOT the Shark Jumping Point of the show. Sure a movie about a mad scientist using a mutant fruit to fuse twins into a hive minded army seems a bit over the top or far-fetched, but Suite Life did NOT jump the shark here. It's a nice point to jump the shark, but Zack and Cody's Shark Jumping involves a special person... One that I tend to ban from my lingo, because she pops up too much! This time is the one with the symbiote on!
Before anyone points out the previous Suite Life cross-over
I am aware of it!
According to the First Cross-Over (That's so Suite Life of Hannah Montana)
That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, and Suite Life of Zack and Cody are in the same universe.
Cross-over #2 Keeps Hannah Montana and Suite Life, but Adds Wizards of Waverly Place!
Ignoring the fact that Selena Gomez has appeared as 3 Different characters on the 3 shows.
She's been on Suite Life, Hannah Montana, and obviously on Wizards of Waverly Place.
OK I can't ignore that... Sure on Suite Life she was a one-Episode throw away character, but She had a few appearances on Hannah and was Hannah's NEMESIS!! That's a bit too hard to ignore. Wouldn't that raise questions? Although the writers "Cleverly" avoided having Miley/Hannah at the same time and place where Alex Russo (Selena's character from WoWP) showed up, we have to assume that in this Universe They know about the existence of Mykaela (Selena's character from Hannah Montana) AND The Twins should have noticed that she looked exactly the same as a girl they knew from Boston. Ugh! Well then again, the writers think kids are stupid...

Now ignoring that, we have the problem that in this universe, MAGIC exists. Yeah there have been some weird eps. of Suite Life and Hannah (mostly the ones from the "When you wish upon a star" theme from Disney) but none of them had Ground breaking events that affected the continuity of the show... Thus making them canonical.
While most kids won't pay attention to that, the fact that MAGIC exists and it's canon due to a forced crossover bothers me. Mostly because it stands out like Stallone in drag on a Miss America contest. Sorry for the mental image. Now had it been an easily discarded episode if nothing important had happened, but that's the episode in which Cody and Bailey officially become an item... Thanks to Hannah... Sadly this event puts WoWP as part of the Suite Life canon. The one show that doesn't belong there.

Heck even the one episode from I'm in the Band (Weasels on Deck) makes more sense than Having Wizards of Waverly Place on Suite Life.

Now back to the movie. Even with the huge mess that Suite Life has for Rules in its Universe the movie felt a bit over the top... even if it had "Pseudo-science" backing it up. The whole Astral Projection fight between Zack and Cody and the mini submarine battle... Groan inducing... The movie is not that bad but it clashes a bit with the show...

Needed since I'm talking about jumping the shark!

Mar 23, 2011

Odds and ends March 23 2011 Part II

On the previous Episode of Dragon Ball Z... Goku Bangs Bulma!
OK, that does not happen in DBZ, but the Showtime series Shameless has the actors who played
Goku and Bulma in the craptacular DB:E and they have sex scenes! Awkward!

I mentioned WINNING in Part I well,
Looks like someone is trying to hitch a ride on the Charlie Sheen Train... or the SNL writers needed to make another DUH! WINNING! reference on the same show...
The show was OK... even though Miley tried to defend the bong a couple of times... (Her idea or the writers' Idea? I have no idea...)

OK... This sounds like a Grand Theft Auto Mission... No Seriously!
Weird huh...

Now for the failed Sneaking mission award goes to:
The Article title was misleading:

Burglar feels the heat dangling over hot oil vat

I was expecting something straight out of The Punisher... An attempted break in where the Owner dangles the burglar over the hot oil vat... But this was kinda funny, less awesome, but funny nonetheless.

Hollywood still wants to make AKIRA and the list of possible candidates for the main roles includes: Nu-Spidey, Sir Sparkly, Mr. Tumnus for the role of Tetsuo. The dude from Tron: Legacy, Young Magneto, Nu-Captain Kirk, Mr. D**k in a box and Last but not least the bad guy from Gladiator for Kaneda!
These guys are supposed to be playing teenagers...
My anime loving side weeps for the possible bastardization of AKIRA...

Odds and ends: March 23 2011 Part I

Holy crap! Elizabeth Taylor passed away! She had violet eyes, was considered by many a Goddess and she played Fred Flintstone's mother in-law! (on the Live action movie which was slightly better than it's sequel...) Not gonna mention about her long marriage/divorce list or that she was Cleopatra... She died of Heart Failure at 79.

Now for something more light-hearted...
Um... What? Not shocked about the mud thing, or the Pizzeria sabotage, but more about the Up! thing... Why? What's next testing if the Roadrunner "paint a mural in forced perspective and pass through it" trick works?

Normally I try to avoid politics in here, but this is just too damn funny to pass up! Hugo Chavez claims that Capitalism killed life on Mars! This guy is a riot! I guess if he stubs his toe with a bed post, Capitalism is to blame! If he bites his tongue while eating, Capitalism is the culprit!
I'm not saying that Capitalism is good or evil here, but his statements are ridiculous! Does Venezuela have an advanced space program? Apparently they only operate satellites, no Astronauts or anything, yet their Presidente KNOWS all about Mars? Weird...

This is madness! SPY KIDS 4!! What the HECK!? Apparently is a movie to pass on the torch to the next team. It'll be kinda weird seeing grown up versions of the Original Spy Kids... Oh yeah! Danny Trejo shows up playing yet another Machete... This would be like the 7th or 8th time he plays a Machete... What's the deal with this guy having characters named after some type of blade... Machete, Cuchillo, Navajas, etc.

Duh! Winning! Define Charlie Sheen: He can go crazy, get fired, still go on the crazy train, yet people still WANT HIM!! CBS may want him back and allegedly Fox is trying to get him...
Assuming this article is true, Charlie Sheen may have pulled off one of the greatest publicity stunts EVER! (knowingly or not.)
If a Normal person tried to pull a stunt like this off, there's a 99% chance of LOSING! Probably because of the lack of Tiger Blood.

Mar 19, 2011

It Came from the Toy Chest Hungry for Energon and killing Prime

I got myself a Megatron! (Of the War for Cybertron Variety.)
I'm not much of a TF fan, but Megatron is one of those figures that I couldn't pass by. As I said before this is the War for Cybertron Megatron which looks like a G1 Transformer but with a modern update.
Old School Megatron turned into a gun... Most of the Megatron Toys turn into a tank due to some rule with Toy guns or something... This Megatron is no different. Now let's get to the review: 1= crap and 5= Awesome.

Megatron is fairly poseable many of his PoA are because of the transformation. 4.5
Paint and Sculpt:
Paintwise there's not much to write about. Most of his parts are molded in the same color as they're meant to. (Probably to avoid scratching on the transformation.) I accidentally scratched off a bit of paint from his "knee pads" while learning how to transform him... The Decepticon Logo is a tampo.
Sculptwise he's fairly accurate to the game design, which is G1 Inspired but with a Modern Twist. 4.5
H's got his arm cannon which is essential for his transformation. Also he can fire a missile. (trigger is on the cannon itself and it's a hairtrigger.) The missile has a nice range. Problem is thaty the cannon falls off a lot in Robot mode.

He's a nice figure but has a few flaws that CAN be annoying... Cannon falling or causing his arm to drop are the biggest offenders. On the Other hand there is a small surprise with Megatron!
if Transformed halfway he can be rearranged in a way that kinda looks like his G1 Gun mode (only from the side.)

Mar 16, 2011

Gilbert Gottfried got fried.

Everyone knows about the Tsunami and the devastation in Japan. There's thousands of people MIA or DOA. As it is traditional in these tragic situations someone makes a couple of remarks that might seem offensive. Like say, Gilbert Gottfried using Twitter.

The following quote might be considered offensive to some people:
Note: These are Gilbert Gottfrieds unedited tweets. They're his words, not mine. (Highlight to read)

Japan is really advanced. They don’t go to the beach. The beach comes to them.

What do the japanese have in common with @howardstern? They’re both radio active.

Japan had put out this urgent plea….” PLEASE SEND US A FEW BIlLION RUBBER DUCKIES!!!!!”

Japan called me. They said “maybe those jokes are a hit in the US, but over here, they’re all sinking.

I fucked a girl in japan. She screamed “I feel the earth move and I’m getting wet.”

My book #rubberBallsAndLiquor was released in japan. It’s making quite a splash.

What does every Japanese person have in their apartment? Flood lights.

I asked a girl in Japan to have sex with me. She said “okay, but you’ll have to sleep in the wet spot.”

What do Japanese Jews like to eat? Hebrew National Tsunami.

I was talking to my Japanese real estate agent. I said “is there a school in this area.” She said “not now, but just wait.”

My Japanese doctor advised me to stay healthy I need 50 million gallons of water a day.


End of possibly offensive content, form Gilbert Gottfried.

That's what Mr. Gottfried posted on Twitter. Obviously he was fired from his job as Aflac's Mascot.
Yes, The Aflac duck is Gilbert Gottfried... As in the guy with the squinty eyes and the annoying voice Always yelling... and about 98% of his thoughts might be offensive...
Gottfried eventually apologized, but it was too late.

Here's the thing: His comments, were tasteless. At the same time he IS Gilbert Gottfried, so everything he says is tasteless even if I agree with him. As seen on the clip about Twilight.
While it's sad for the duck to lose his voice, I get why Aflac gave him the boot... Money. Aflac has a lot of customers from Japan. This firing Gottfried reeks more of saving grace with the Japanese customers than firing him because it's the right thing to do.

I admit that I chuckled at a few of his tweets. Then again I laugh when watching South Park and Family Guy, so I'm used to laughing at tasteless stuff. Speaking of Family Guy, show writer Alec Sulkin also made a tasteless Twitter about Japan. I get that sometimes we try to make the best out of a bad situation by using humor. (I know about this cause I've done it. I've had my comments misinterpreted as being tasteless.) Yeah, they tasteless and too soon. We humans can be insensitive and stupid at times. The worst part is the bunch of hypocrites that are now offended by these statements, but normally are making comments that make Gottfried's jokes seem tame in comparison. I've seen people who normally make jokes tasteless jokes about Japan become Defenders of Japan after the Tsunami...

Heck! When I heard of the news I thought of a bunch of jokes/tasteless comments I could make, but I refrained to do so. Mostly cause I felt they were tasteless after thinking them. The other reason was cause I didn't find them that funny. Am I Japan's biggest defender? No! All I'm trying to say is: I've you've said tasteless comments at the wrong place and at the wrong time; don't try to be a "defender of morality and taste" cause you look like a hypocrite.

Bet you're thinking: So says the guy complaining about the complainers!
No one would've cared about it if no one would've raised a big stink about it. It's not like Gilbert Gottfried caused the disaster. Complaining about him (or the rapper who sued a fast food company for asking him to change his artistic name to that of a higher monetary value and cross promote some value meals.) will not save Japan. If all of the people Outraged about it were asked to put their money where their mouth is, they'll come up with excuses to avoid helping.

Mar 11, 2011

Movie scenes that ruined my experience

Have you been watching a movie and suddenly one scene completely ruins the moment (either a character says one line or the actions are completely strange that break the suspension of disbelieve)
I have and here's a small list of movies and hopefully the scene that ruins it for me and why.
I'll start the list with Enough. This movie stars J-Lo as a mother who is a victim of abuse and stalked by her abusive husband.
She spend most of the movie on the run. She then becomes a Krav Maga Master (thanks to a montage). She then stalks her husband; enters his house; rearranges furniture to avoid any accidents on her part; she locates any object that could be used as a weapon and hides it. She also cuts his Telephone line AND brings a cellphone jammer. To top things off she plants evidence incriminating him when he's killed. All of this to make it look like Self-Defense. This is NOT what ruins it for me. It's the whole "Supervillain monologuing" Like the Bond Bad guys...
I've got you Mr. Bond. You are strapped to this rack and this laser will slice you in two. Allow me to tell you about my master plan to ruin the economy...
Next on my List is an easy and hard one: Spider-Man 3.
Why, what could have ruined it for me? To be honest, Pretty much everything.
Since it's too much to put videoclips (and the lack of certain clips on the web)
Where should I start?
  • Topher Grace: I'm not exactly TG's biggest fan. I knew he was playing Eddie Brock and I could barely tolerate him as Brock. I thoughtNow that he's got the symbiote I won't have to see his face again... How wrong I was... I got MORE TOPHER GRACE, but with Baraka Teeth!
  • The whole Harry dynamic. While in the comics the Osborns are amnesia prone it felt weird in the movie.
  • New York ♥ Spidey? NOT AT ALL! People HATE Spidey (mostly thanks to the Bugle) They wouldn't be celebrating Spidey-Day in NYC. This was the first time my Spider-sense tingled.
  • The musical numbers! Am I watching Spider-Man 3 or High School Musical? I had Peter Dancing, Harry and Mary Jane Dancing, Peter Dancing at the bar. The Raindrops keep falling on my head scene from the previous movie was OK. This time it was too much! I could've used the time from those dance numbers and... I don't know, give us more Sandman, "Green Snowboarder" or Venom?
  • Emo Pete... King of the dorky beat! I get that the symbiote changes his personality, but WHY the emo hairdo?
  • Last but not Least the AMERICA F**K YEAH! moment from Spider-man 3
This scene! It was cute in the first movie, cause the whole 9/11 thing. Overstayed it's welcome by Spider-man 2. By Spider-Man 3 I remember a bunch of people who yelled ♪America! F**K Yeah!♫ at the movie theater.

Next one on the list:
The T-Rex in San Diego scene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park
A Godzilla homage? Believe it! There are some things that should never be done and Bringing Dinos to San Diego is at the top of my Spielberg don'ts list... Like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull... or Walkie Talkies on E.T. ... Sadly Steven Spielberg did them (probably to piss off Dawson)

It's called Jurassic Park! Not Dinos rampaging on the US!! Look at that Spielberg! you made Dawson sad!

Next on my list is DragonBall: Evolution. To be fair; I already knew this movie was a ball of suck wrapped in a diarrheal coat of failure. The moment that killed the movie completely (for me) was Goku's training for the Kamehameha.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...
I'm sorry Dawson, but you know this scene sucked! It was way to over the top even for Indiana Jones... (We had the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, even Mola Ramm fall short to Indy vs a nuke) Notice the lack of LaBeouf on the scene that killed it for me... Everything else went downhill from here... Shia LaBeouf, Swinging with Monkeys and the conclusion...

Star Wars Episode: episode I: The Phantom Menace is my movie on the list.
Two things: Midichlorians, and NASCAR: Tattooine edition.
It just dragged on and on and on! 10 minutes of excruciating torture... If I wanted to watch NASCAR, I'd watch NASCAR... not Star Wars... 10 minutes felt like 4 hours...
Midichlorians... UGH! Reducing the mystic powers of the Force to a weird cell disease... Not Cool George Lucas!

Mar 7, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Seriously guy, he's straight... Matty told me so

Bow has arrived! Finally! I did mention him in a rant earlier...
but I should get on with the review.
For a twist I'm going to post a transcript from Bow's Bio:

Bow™ Bio

Real Name: Kyle Reccula™

After wandering through Despondos™ for several centuries and unable to return to Eternia®, Hordak® and his ageless army eventually claimed Etheria as a new throne world, deposing the local monarchs and ruling the people through fear. A nobleman in Queen Angella’s court, Kyle was one of many brave warriors who took up arms against the Horde invaders and joined the Great Rebellion. Nicknamed “Bow™” due to his natural ability as an archer, each of his arrows possesses different powers and he has a magical heart that beats frantically when She-Ra™ is in danger. Bow™ is secretly in love with Princess Adora, unaware that she and She-Ra™ are one and the same!

I copied it straight from hence the bunch of Trademark info across it.
That's not what I'm going to rant about. My rant is about two things:
-Hordak stealing the spotlight.
-The whole emphasis on Bow's "straightness"

One Little Sentence changed the whole Bio for a lot of people. The Very First Sentence became the WHOLE Focus of Bow's bio.
Simple! The sentence has a huge reveal about the story. The first sentence that specifically talks about Bow, makes him unimportant. He's just one of many who joined the Rebellion. He's not even a Key Member to the Rebellion. (Bow is like the Etherian Teela, yet his own bio treats him like a Lt. Spector in the grand scheme of things.)

There are a couple of phrases that seem added by Mattel (some that stem from the times Bow was a "barbarian" mini-Ken)to make sure people understand that Bow is straight without a shadow of a doubt. This is the very first time they go so out of their way to explain a character's sexuality.
Apparently this piece of fan art has rubbed Mattel the wrong way.

His Bio can be summarized as this:
Hordak can live for a long time. He came and took over Etheria!
Bow is unimportant and he's not gay... Really, he's not! STOP SAYING HE'S GAY DAMMIT!!
Matty is as subtle as Hideo Kojima's anti-nuke Messages in Metal Gear games.

Now that I've got that out of my chest, let's start the Review!
1=crap and 5= awesome!
He's got the standard Articulation of a Normal MOTUC, but the only difference is that he's got wrist swivels for "archery positions". Yes, he can put his hands on a limp-wrist position... (I can already hear the jokes from PoP haters and Mattel's loose joints regarding Bow.) No, the wrist Articulation does not allow him to be in a true archery position. My Bow has a slightly loose right wrist.
Paint and sculpt:
Sculpt, as always, is superb. There's a couple of new parts (that will see reuse sometime... *wink wink*) Only one glaring flaw on the sculpt: The rope on the quiver. It does not work properly at all. Either it chokes Bow or unbalances the armor. Paint on the other hand is a mess.The white paint on his chest armor is sloppy on mine, the rope that holds bow's Quiver had some paint chipped off inside the box.
Bow has a Bow with tiny loops so I can give it some rope! Yay! Toy safety bypasses! An arrow that's too short for his bow, an alternate head Inspired by the Styleguide, a heart emblem for his armor.

Overall: 3.83. Had the paintjob been better, or I hadn't needed to use the hair dryer to fix an issue with his left arm; he would've done better. The hands are Abnormally soft...

I honestly don't care if Bow is straight, gay, into animals or whatever. I just don't want Bow's sexuality hammered down my face every time he shows up!
I am glad that PoP and MotU CAN BE together in the same scale and style! Aside from a few issues on MY figure, Bow is a great toy! The whole is he gay or is he straight stems off the mixed signals that Mattel sends with the PoP toys. Trying to make Bow be less ("barbarian" mini-Ken) and more badass, heroic archer while keeping the whole "Heart beats for She-Ra" or "Special friend who helps She-Ra" is like trying to go in two opposite directions at the same time.

Action Figure Woes: Making the Classics PoP!

I've got Bow! He will come out of the Toy Chest soon! Before I do Bow's review I need to get something out of my chest: The Classicizer machine and MOTUC.
Back then I mentioned Bow's "Anime Hyperdetailed" Tiara.
Here's this answer from "matty" from a Q&A regarding The Princess of Power Toys:

We can’t comment too much on figures and characters we have not announced yet. The particular look of characters will be based (overall) on the look of the 1980s toy – updated. As for the POP styleguide, this is something we have reviewed internally, but the idea for all MOTUC figures is for the new toys to be modeled after their 1980s toy counterparts and not a unique look from the style guide. Although the style guide might on the surface appear to open the door to additional characters who were not made as toys in the 1980s, there are just too many legal restrictions at this moment to rock the boat like this. Much like our answer last time about being hesitant to do 1987 movie deco’d figures, for the POP line we will be sticking to just figures that were made in the 1980s. (or had prototypes made like the Tall Sisters).

So the MOTUC Princess of Power toys, like the MOTU toys when passing through the "Classicizer machine" would end up looking like their toy Counterpart...

Before you say anything I DID notice what you're going to ask... The Princess of Power Toys look very Filmationy and not like their vintage toys... What's up with that?
I DO Like the Filmation designs, but don't they go against the whole
idea for all MOTUC figures is for the new toys to be modeled after their 1980s toy counterparts and not a unique look from the style guide.
While there have been elements from other eras imported to MOTUC (Buzz-Off's Legs, Grizzlor's Loincloth, etc.) It seems that the Princess of Power toys only borrow from the Styleguide (AKA Filmation looking designs). A head with the toy Tiara, a Toy accurate She-Ra does not make.

Worst part of taking the design straight from the Styleguide is the lack of Detail. the styleguide designs are better suited for animation, not for toys. Vintage She-Ra's bracelets have details on them that are missing from her MOTUC version. Catra's dress is completely different from her toy version and her style guide version. All three Princess of Power female figures look underdetailed when standing next to Teela, Evil Lyn or The Goddess.

Bow is a curious case. His MOTUC counterpart draws inspiration from three sources.
-The Vintage Bow toy
-The Styleguide
-The New Adventures of He-Man well, uh He-Man toy.

Next to the Female figures Bow looks Hyperdetailed... (even more so with his Tiara.) This is great when displaying Bow next to the other guys, but it makes the PoP females stand out in a bad way.
Problem is that if they fix the issue on later Princess of Power releases (using the toy and styleguide to create hybrid, like Bow) Adora, She-Ra and Catra will still look underdetailed and slightly out of place.

Now all of this comes into play for one thing that's been worrying me. Mattel's Mixed signals regarding PoP.
The usage of the styleguide designs is to avoid the "frou-frou" stigma from the Vintage PoP line (which we know it's full of pinks, violets, yellows and lots of girlie stuff since it was a toyline for girls.)
On the other hand they add a huge "Princess of Power" sticker to every Princess of Power character... (The Horde have an "Evil Horde Sticker" The Preternia people have a "Powers of Grayskull sticker", the Snakemen have a "Snakemen Sticker" The Mutants have a "Space Mutants" sticker, etc. Why the "Great Rebellion" is stuck with the "Princess of Power" tag?
I know the original Toyline was Princess of Power, but Catra is part of that line, yet she's got a Horde sticker. How come the good guys get stuck with a Princess of Power sticker... Bow has a Princess of Power Sticker... (Not helping the "He's not gay" campaign that Mattel has.) but curiously enough It is missing from the Website preview pic... Why is that?

The Whole Swift Wind vote (which I feel it was rigged to "coax" voters into picking white, as Mattel planned because of the fear against a "frou-frou" pink Horsie) seemed to be a move to "unite stylistically" PoP with MotU, yet the Etheria Map that came with the subscription bonus figure on February is FRIGGING PINK! and enormous...

I strongly believe that PoP's Toy designs can be adapted to MOTUC and not look girlie. Mattel needs to either embrace PoP fully including the girlie stuff or Mix it within MotU and completely kill the Girlie stuff instead of meeting half-way only when it's convenient to them.

I will try and collect the Princess of Power Toys (NA, and 200X too!) in MOTUC, but I'm feeling like every other era that is not the Original MotU is treated like an inferior line.

Note: This is not a request for rooted heads or Material clothing.

Mar 6, 2011

Odds and ends March 06 2011

Remember back when Billy Ray claimed that Hannah ruined his family?
Well, apparently Miley's not too happy about that. Apparently she urged him to cancel a guest spot on The View. Also "sources" say that she's hurt and angry at her father. Not to mention that these "sources" claim that Billy Ray was the one who tipped the Paparazzi about Miley's Location. I don't know but this reeks more of Miley's people trying to pin the blame on Billy Ray than the truth. I could be wrong, but I'm calling it how I see it. Those two should send their "people" away and solve this father to daughter. Like in Hannah Montana...

On other news, guess who is the manliest man in the Universe?
Nope! Neither Tom Selleck, nor Issaiah Mustafa are this man... Justin Bieber!
Mr. Selena Gomez celebrated his birthday and flipped off the Paparazzi!
He then apologized via Twitter... Dammit! the one time that Bieber does something that most Anti-Biebers would enjoy, he screws it up!
I only have a few questions:
Now that there is One Less Lonely Girl (Selena Gomez), isn't she worried about the Bieber Fever victims?
Also we've known for a while that they have been dating... Why is she covering her face?

Wait... what!? You mean to tell me that an university demonstrated the use of an "adult toy" on a live person of the female sex for a class!? This can't be real! I suppose the faculty will investigate deeper to find out the truth?