Feb 28, 2017

The Power Con Snakemen 3 Pack... Revisiting the nitpicking.

A few days ago I ranted about the Super 7 reveals and how S7 and Power Con were gonna rape our wallets...

(I know, old meme is old)

I mentioned my beef with the color schemes. I'm going to focus on Hor Roar, mostly because of all 3 he's the worst of them all.
Let me make this clear I'm not against the set, just against the color choices on this character mostly. I understand it was designed by Mattel for a wave made of PURE PARTS REUSE back in the 80s.
I already mentioned my beef with the excess of BLACK parts on this set. Especially on Hor Roar, since he has a Black TJ Arm and Black Legs on Silver Mosquitor Boots.
So, on my other rant I suggested Metallic blue boots and a green arm.
I also tried a really dark blue arm and brighter blue boots on REALLY DARK GREEN legs because Green and Purple are an excellent pairing... (Hulk, Mysterio, Beetle, Green Goblin, Piccolo all sport that marvelous combo...)
Then I tried a gold-ish arm... Think Optikk's Tarnished gold on a black loincloth with green legs.
But I know changes are now impossible, Sooo it looks like it's up to the 3D Printing Masters and customizers to help make These guys FEEL A LOT LESS LIKE Kitbashes and more like Unique characters.

We need SOMETHING to redress that arm so it doesn't look so blatantly Trap Jaw... Having the 200X Whiplash head (in my case on a spare modded Ceratus body) can help cover the Whiplash head. The Mosquitor boots I can repaint and make them slightly LESS OBVIOUSLY Mosquitor's The ARM is what I cannot fix on my own. I'm hoping that some Customizer or 3D Printing Master make some pieces more unique. ( I KNOW it goes against the 1988 plans of total part reuse)

Hot Shot can be fixed with a brand new head. I think Jim Pansen made a More Vintage Head for Fisto, which could work on Hot Shot. Hell, a repainted Odin or Long Haired Bearded DCD Aquaman (modded to fit the MOTUC pegs) could make Hot Shot feel a bit less than a Kitbash. Though the different skintone and hair might hide it a bit better if you use the 200X Fisto head... considering painting my Fisto's hair in reddish tones to mask the issue a bit. Thinking of painting the H in white or silver to blend it in with the armor. The H being Red makes him feel a bit derivative of He-Ro... If the green was more verdigris or turquoise, maybe I could like it a bit better.

Gr'Asp is easier to "fix" since all I'd have to do is paint some yellowish markings on his Claw and maybe Torso to break off that excess of Black. I don't mind the Squeeeze head so much since I got a third party 200X head and I have previously suggested using it + a Darius Helmet to make Lizorr. Also, the paintjob helps mask the origin a bit... Then again, Snakemen having Similar heads doesn't bother me much.

I understand the choices made for the PARTS USED stem from the Vintage Card Art. The Color choices are what I don't get.

It kinda sounds like I'm convincing myself to like them, which it is, but at the same time I'm trying to turn myself against them. For the moment I have to wait and see if I can warm up to Purple Rattlor/Whiplash/Trap Jaw/Mosquitor thing...

Feb 27, 2017

Where the Hell is Figuarts Ryoga!? and other stuff.

I did mention the Ranma 1/2 Figuarts a while back. I've let slip by that Ryoga is my favorite character from Ranma 1/2 (we both get lost ALL the time and my dignity is low enough that if I had Ryoga's curse, I'd totally would do the P-Chan thing too!) Now if I had the Curse of the Drowned Panda, you KNOW what I'd do:
A: Wear pants and practice Kung Fu... SKADOOSH!
B: Act Lazy and carry around signs explaining that Pandas can't talk...
C: Just you know why...

Seriously, where the Hell is Ryoga? Both Ranmas, and Shampoo are already out. Akane is coming tomorrow and begins to ship on March... She comes with P-Chan... Ryoga? Who the Hell knows? I know he's the Eternal Lost Boy, but I hope the line wasn't cancelled. I need Ryoga... If they make BOTH Genmas, then I'd be tempted to get them, then the Ranmas, Akane and Shampoo. (I'd like to see Kuno Tatewaki, Kodachi, Happosai, Ukyo, MAYBE Mousse and Cologne.)

The search for the Next Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman is over. Congratulations to Mr. Brian Louden and Jonathan Lung. I'll need to find a way to watch the show and the new Mythbusters... One of the drawbacks of downgrading my cable service from basic to non-existent. Thing is that Adam is one tough act to follow...

Saw Sausage Party... I think I only laughed 3 times while watching it... OK more like chuckled.
The first one was

Yes, I know it's cruel but I couldn't believe that that joke was made... (especially coming from juice.)
Second was:

Third was the James Franco Scene.
Don't bother with it, really... It was trying too hard to be edgy and raunchy.

It Came from the Toy chest: Guardians of Harmony ARE Ponies for Bronies!

Anypony remembers my Ancient Aliens Rant about Ponies for Bronies? Well, Guardians of Harmony seems to be delivering... I got a Pinkie Pie, because she's my favorite Pony... Just don't tell Princess Bookhorse.

Do I REALLY NEED to explain Pinkie Pie?

You knew I was going to test her with this pose

So, let's dive into the GoH Pinkie Pie:

Pinkie has tons of Articulation compared to her Brushable hair past version.
Hinged neck (can also look left and right)
hinged ball jointed forelegs (in two different points of the leg)
cut joint on  the hind legs
ball joint on the tail.

While she's not as articulated as a MOTUC steed, she has a decent set of articulation. Warning, her head is very heavy and some 2 or 3 legged poses can be a bit of a hassle to set up.

Now The Pony Curve cannot be used here, since this Pinkie has Action Figure levels of articulation.


Paint and Sculpt:
The only paint applications on her are her eyes and cutie mark. Sadly, her face, on the left side is slightly dirty looking and it's noticeable on her left eye (in person) The sculpt, well... It's very Pinkie Pie-ish.

Party Cannon, Military helmet, a pin/shield, boneless missile... (Probably reused on the GoH Cheese Sandwich...) Sadly, no Gummy.
Careful with the cannon. While it isn't
super potent, it has a hair trigger.

Pinkie gets a 4.0 as her final score.

I NEED to get the Mane 6, and Spike...
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SPIKE!? It's GREED SPIKE!! I'm feeling tingly in my:

I don't know how little girls may feel about these, but I think Bronies will enjoy them a LOT MORE than the little girls. OK maybe I wanan get Cheese Sandwich...and the Discord Statue that is drinking...

This makes my funko vinyl Discord feel lame... and you know I LOVE that Discord.

Feb 26, 2017

So I saw the Eureka 7 Movie... You know that...

yeah, Mukyu too Nirvash!!
I already have referenced it in other rants... I joked about Nirvash being a Pokémon.

So, the movie... It makes no freaking sense!! It literally has ALL THE CHARACTERS from the anime, but it uses them as something completely different... from the anime... Kinda like a fanfic... Want to avoid referencing that uber popular fanfic that became its own thing.

Well, in this...

Yes, Dr. Song, there will be Spoilers. It's mostly summarized with bits left out on purpose.

Renton and Eureka are Childhood friends. Eureka has a weird skin condition and Nirvash is a pokémon,,, (eventually the giant robot as well.)
Dominic kinda raised Renton and Eureka after Renton's father died. Eureka gets Captured and Renton becomes a soldier that rides Robot Nirvash (the evolved version of Poke-Nirvash)
He becomes part of Holland's squad whose mission is retrieve a secret weapon that in a twist of fate happens to have teal hair and sounds like Mikuru Asahina.
Renton saves Eureka and she gets hurt in the process. Meanwhile Humanity is readiying a doomsday weapon against the NOT Scub Coral. Eureka is an evil robot from the not scub coral and is supposed to kill humanity, but she fell in love with Renton.

Something something Holland is not Holland (The Real Holland is Professor BEAR) and the Gekkostate crew are a bunch of kids aging rapidly who need Renton and Eureka to recreate the Ageha myth so they can reach "Neverland". Hap and Stoner have their doubts on Eureka and what visually can be described as an attempted rape causes Renton to go berserk on them and ends up getting shot. The Pokemon kills Hap and Stoner (Voiced by PSYCHO MANTIS!!!!)
 a dying Renton escapes with Eureka and dies, but the wish is granted and Renton comes back alive and he wishes for Eureka to live... (Eureka had wished to forget Renton to save him)
Now Renton lives with a human Eureka who doesn't remember him (or anything)

I'm surprised that more love stories reusing the characters and animation from the Original series didn't spawn... Oh yeah, the movie reuses LOTS of scenes from the anime, slightly modded (as a budget saving feature?) Tons of parallel universes and stuff... It might even make Asstrail Ocean feel a bit better. OK, AO has a few references to the movie...

For what pretty much is a blatant cash grab, the movie is enjoyable... Much better than AO... Now it's NOT GREAT (Oh, she's going to kill me...) but it's not AOful... (OK, if she was going to kill me before, after that horrible pun, I'm pretty much dead...)

Should I watch Sausage Party and Review it? I mean, it's on Netflix... and it gives me a break from Naruto (Finally Reached the Sasuke Rescue Mission)

Game over, man!!

Yunaaaaaaaaaaaa! Who told you you could dance?

Really, Spike? You couldn't use a clip of Bill Paxton doing the Game Over Man?
Well, that little Sora-voiced asshole brother of Emily Osment can see Bill Paxton now...
His death was due to complications from surgery. My condolences to his loved ones. No need to reference his long film career... I mean he got his ass handed to him by Aliens, the Terminator, and a Predator... He survived Twister.

Usually, 97-year-olds dying is no surprise... The surprise factor comes depending on the person...
In this case, well...

Well, Judge Wapner has passed away. Again, my condolences to the family members left behind.

No freaking way... ANOTHER ONE!?

Dammit Yuna. STOP DANCING!!
Neil Fingleton who played Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg on the TV Adaptation of Georgie Super Slow-ass Writing RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire has passed away.
Winter has come for Mr. Fingleton's heart. My condolences to his family. And, no, I'm not mentioning this as a way to sneak a jab at George I'm unable to write anywhere but home but I'm most of the time everywhere BUT Home RR Martin.

And to move away from Dead People... Cause, you know it's a bit too dark and morbid having ALL the news bits be about Dead People.
There's a petition going on to show support for Princess of Power stuff from Super 7. Remember the Faux Vintage Filmation MOTU figures, the He-Ro and Eldor, and the already released 3 terrors set?
Well this petition is to show Super 7 that there is support for Vintage POP styled figures. Maybe doing some of the lost concepts/protos, or POP Vintagizing the Filmation looks for some characters.
You know what would be cool to see? a "Vintage POP" Adam and He-Man.

Feb 24, 2017

Nana nana nana nana ODDS AND ENDS!!

By the Title, you may have guessed that there are some Batman news coming...
Ben Affleck stepped down from directing Batman and his replacement is none other than Matt Reeves... Batman will still be played by Affleck, it's just that he decided that directing and starring was a bit more than he could chew. They got the Cloverfield and Apes guy... So it might be on decent hands. Not too much of a Cloverfield fan, but the new Apes movies were good.

And following the Dark Knight we have the Bird... So I saw The LEGO Batman movie today. I had a blast. The movie was hyper self-referential to a TON of Bat-Stuff... They reference The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Snyderverse, the DCAU, The Schumacher bastardization of Tim Burton's Batman, SUPERFRIENDS, and even the Swingin' 66' Batman isn't safe. The one thing I didn't like was some of the cast choices... Especially Michael Cera... OK, so the thing is that the Director of The LEGO Batman movie is in talks with Warner Brothers to handle the Dick... *snickers* I mean, to work on a Nightwing movie. As most of my readers should know, Dick grows *snickers* up and stops being Robin. He then becomes Nightwing. Batman gives the Robin moniker to a whiny bitch called Jason Todd, who later dies by the Joker's hand... but didn't die and ended up becoming the anti-hero The Red Hood. Having a Nightwing Movie makes sense, seeing that Batman has been Batmanning for years. The one thing that fans want but doesn't make sense is wanting:

It wouldn't make sense that the Titans exist BEFORE the League. Explaining how a bunch of super powered kids are running about without adult supervision is a bit too hard especially since they were ALL MIA when Luthor made Doomsday or when Zod got his neck snapped in man of stool.

But the best joke of the movie IMO, was: British Robots, ask your nerd friends...

Time for some "Bad news" Patrick Stewart will no longer be Professor X. I'm not sad or angry. He is a 76 going on 77 Lord of Shadow... He's not getting any younger and the whole reason for the semi-reboot with Mr. Tumnus as Charles Xavier WAS PRECISELY TO ALLOW PATRICK STEWART TO RETIRE FROM PLAYING PROFESSOR X. The fact that the 20th Century Fuchs at Fox messed up by forcing Hugh Jackman into the new Timeline as Wolverine ruined the chance to TRULY begin anew. Gotta see LOGAN next week!

Man, was that real? When I read a few days ago that ONE PERSON complained about a Walking Dead Shirt and the store took the item down, I thought it was a joke... Nope! It was real. Negan himself is not amused... I wouldn't be amused either after SAVE MARTHA!! (You know to kinda keep it Batman themed)

Now here's the thing, the song may have had racist undertones in the past. So did the Ice Cream song... Are we gonna ban that too? Or how about the Punch Out!! Training song?

Someone added racist lyrics to it, so BANNED!!

And The Last Jedi is getting some reshoots... Probably due to Carrie Fisher's death.
Probably not. I mean, movies get reshoots ALL THE TIME, so these may NOT NECESSARILY be related to Carrie's death.

Now I kinda feel like Cleveland...

Because Simon Kinberg, Producer of the horrible Trankt4stic movie. Is talking crap about making a sequel... Just no... Let the rights return to Marvel. You guys tried 2 times in 3 movies and failed... Seriously, when the Roger Corman movie is the BEST F4 movie made, you have failed in life.

Feb 22, 2017

Doom Figures... Why haven't they been made?

As you already know, I've been reliving my High School glory days by Playing Doom and Doom II.

I'm surprised that there are NO DOOM toys at all...
All I've seen are a classic Cacodemon Bank, a classic Doom Statue and a 1:6 scale 2016 Doomguy figure (very expensive)

Seriously: Doom begs for a line of toys of both Classic and modern looks. PERSONALLY, I'd take them on a 3 3/4" scale. Think about it... I know that 6" or 7" would be great cause, pretty much every cool action figure line is on this scale, but it would be a bit too expensive to get hordes of demons to ravage the doom marine. Just imagine how big would the Cyberdemon, or Spider Mastermind (mostly the 2016 versions) would be. Also the "Joe Scale" allows for customization options...

Also, We need something like This in our lives!!

Would be best if Hasbro tackled them, but it's highly unlikely.

MOTU Movie woes...

The small bit of news from the Metal Gear Solid Movie (oh please don't be a Shadow Moses Retread, but have the A SURVEILLANCE CAMERA!? Scene...) made me a bit worried about MOTU's "eventual cinematic return". Just NOT EXACTLY in the way you think.

You know that Super 7 has currently the license to make Mattel Toys until who knows.
Well, I don't think Mattel will be too eager to get the movie made for as long as they don't have the license to make their own toys... Think about it:

Mattel: The often called World's Largest Toymaker... (I think they lost their spot to LEGO) having to go through a middleman to get their own toys made seems counterproductive to them. Giving Super7 a slice of the MOTU Movie Pie is a horrible idea for the beancounters at Mattel. They'd want to keep as much as possible in-house just to get most of the pie. Then we have the usual suspects:

Lack of news... Well this is a constant thing with MOTU, since we know it's in Development hell... This movie has been "in development" since what? Early 00s? Last thing I hears was Kellan Lutz wants to be He-Man and that McG is directing. This doesn't help us, who are the TRUE TARGET AUDIENCE...

The true Target Audience of a MOTU Movie is in their 30s-40s and we're still getting older. Part of me is afraid that I'll reach my 40s and STILL NOT GET A MOTU MOVIE... Hell, my Mom DIED WHILE WAITING FOR A MOTU MOVIE TO HAPPEN (and GRRM to get off his ass and finish ASOIAF)

Mattel dragging their feet. I know, I know, I often mention that, but HASBRO HAS 2 OUIJA MOVIES... an Animated MLP movie coming 4 MLP Spin-off movies (the first had a Cinematic release), 5 Transformers movies, 2 GI Joe Movies, 1 awful JEM Movie...

Mattel? Max Steel...

Only time will tell, but the toy issue may push the MOTU Movie even further. I want to be proven wrong but, sadly, you know it makes sense...

Feb 21, 2017

It Came from the toy Chest: Colorado Garca!!

I guess that most of my Spanish speaking MOTU fans got the reference to an infamous MOTU parody... (Super7 hurry up with the Filmation Adam so I can recreate THAT video I'm referring to with the Filmation MOTUC...) But for those of you who don't, know I'm talking about Filmation Beastman...

Wait! didn't you swore that you wouldn't buy Filmation Beastman?

I already mentioned it on a Recent COTFO. I'm eating crow and I only got him because of S7 Wave 1 Tri-Klops... and the hopes of Mer Man being part of S7's Wave 2.I want to have the Core baddies... Clawful is not among them.

So, Who is Beastman? Spike, don't you dare put the CKY video either...
He's Skeletor's #1 Lackey. He's got power over less intelligent creatures... (Insert a Beastman is dumb as rocks comment) He was also one of my favorite villains as a child. I've mentioned the Toilet story before. So, that's pretty much it.


Remember Skeletor? Well, Beastman's Articulation is virtually the same AS Skeletor. The only difference is that his head has a bit more range than the Overlord of Evil.
Does Beastman remind you of anything?

Paint and Sculpt:
I've rambled too much about my dislike for the lack of detail on the fur on these figures. The muffin top effect on his waist and shins is there. There is very little paint applications, therefore less chances to mess up. No derp eyes for me here... I like the bright colors on him.
Beastman is trying to tame the fabled Miley Cyrus...

He has his whip: YAY!! made with Hard Plastic. BOO!
He has a Reptile Man Shield... We have no Reptile Men, so this is an odd item to have.

Beastman gets a 4.0 as his final score.
As much as I dislike the CHOICES made on this sub-line, I got to say that he is a nice figure.
On his own he might be a bit meh... but once you have Skeletor and Evil Lyn next to him, he makes me feel all fuzzy inside... Stupid Nostalgia...

Now all I need is Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Merman, Teela, Duncan, Stratos, Adam and Ram Man and I can be at ease with this sub-line...

Not sure if I should make a Prayer Circle or a Ring around the Rosies
Black Plague reference.

Metal Gear Movie Update:

It's that time again...
Apparently, the Director of the new King Kong Movie is also working on...

If you haven't gotten it:

Basically, the Director of Kong: Skull Island will be working on:

A Film Adaptation of a Hideo Kojima Game

He is working WITH... HIDEO KOJIMA HIMSELF in order to get MGS right...

Let's see if this makes it before MOTU does...

Feb 18, 2017

Super7 and Power Con will rape our wallets

Yup, Their Toy Fair reveals are bonerriffic.
Filmation has:

Which looks like a complete improvement over
Point Dreadful Teela. The Torso seems to be the only real new pieces, as the hair looks very MOTUC... This may be the OG PD Teela head before the mold messed it up.

TBH, the gun is the only thing that worries me. That grip seems too thick for a female hand.

 You know what I'll say here...
I recall a while back mentioning somewhere that MAA would have needed a lot of new pieces... I was proven right AND his arm armor seems to be sculpted on, because it's physically impossible to have this armor made removable with a Super Articulated figure.
Also that Head looks Almost MOTUC-ish... I may be interested in a third party cast of that armor to use on a Palace Guard I made out of a Spare Duncan.

I have to admit that I want this Duncan...

I want this Tri-Klops... Dammit! That's 3 out of 4 Filmation Figures I want to have. Yes, I want to get as close as possible to that pose...

The only thing that can top this set of reveals is having Hordak as the final Filmation Figure...


Sonofabitch! He even comes with Frigging Imp...
I don't want to buy the Filmation sub, but these 4 are too freaking tempting, Especially Imp and his Chest...

Also, IF Neitlich had done the Right thing in the First Place, then this one wouldn't have been here... So thanks for screwing up, Scott!

But the bigger surprise is Power Con:
-an Erroll McCarthy 3 Pack based on the Unproduced 8th Wave of MOTU that Strobo was supposed to be a part of.
I kinda want the set for the Black Squeeze and Mexican Fisto with He-Ro's armor and Rio Blast's right hand.

Purple Rattlor/Whiplash/Trap Jaw is lame...

My only nitpicks are:
Color palette...
Let's look at Purple Whiplash/Rattlor with black Trap Jaw arm and Silver Mosquitor boots. Repeat after me: Black Trap Jaw ARM, SILVER Mosquitor BOOTS... on black legs. It's pretty obvious that he's a Kitbash when some of the parts are close enough to the originals. I would have painted Trap Jaw's arm in  Forest GREEN
The Mosquitor boots, those, I'd paint in a pale metallic blue.
"Latino Fisto" Well, too much green... Reminds me a bit too much of Dawg-o-tor. Cape needs a different color. Thinking Grey inside and maybe silver on the back.

-a Mini Comic 3 Pack with Stratos (which makes me want it) Trap Jaw and Adam.
Aside the fact that Adam has the Snarly Oo-Larr head and that Trap Jaw's arm isn't accurate to the mini comic, I've no nitpicks with this set. Surprised that they got NEW TOOLING ON THEM!!

Biggest Surprise?
Faux Vintage Figures of He-Man, She-Ra, Hordak, and Skeletor BASED ON FILMATION...

I normally am not a fan of pseudo vintage items, but these are so frigging tempting.

Also, I have no pics available at the moment of a Faux Vintage He-Ro and Eldor...

All I have to say is Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!
I'm tempted to attempt getting these.

These have been all great hits!

Feb 17, 2017

A super7 Update

This was in my Spam folder for some reason, so I couldn't comment on it when it came out.

They delivered a Status update on The Ultimates.
I suppose the subs for Filmation and Classics will be after Toy Fair.

So, the Ultimates are coming in Late April/ Early May. A bit too far away, but whatevs... With the exception of Ram Man, I will be able to review them all.

Also, the winner of the Vintage Secreto della Spada Poster was announced... Emanuele S. was the winner... Italian Poster, Italian sounding winner...

Wonder how the tinfoil hat folks will take this?

In any case keep your eyes peeled for any Toy Fair info that comes out and the eventual Armchair commentary from yours truly... Especially with the rumor about Power Con Exclusive being only available for attendees only. (IMO, that would be shooting themselves on the foot)

I predict a We Wuz Kangs and Shiet post from a certain person coming up this weekend.

Looking back at Ehrgeiz: God bless the Ring.

Ehrgeiz: the Arcade Fighter game by Namco and Squaresoft from the late 90s (98 to be precise) It's an OK game, but the importance is in...

No, not that...

Yes, this is the game with the secret Final Fantasy VII Characters. Cloud and Tifa in the Arcade version... Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Zack, Vincent and Yuffie in the home version. I'm surprised they didn't add Cid (using Shuwen as a template for moves) Red XIII as a Django clone (though Django's p2 color is a nod to Nanaki) That makes me think that Square Enix should do a Fighting game out of Advent Children to cash in on FFVII...

But Back to Ehrgeiz.

This part is mildly complicated, as it's a Japanese Fighting Game made in part by a company well known for JRPGs, so the story can be a bit confusing.
The McGuffin is called Ehrgeiz, a sword with an eerie red stone embedded on its hilt. It seems to be linked to some ancient ruins where a great treasure lies. (To some it's glory, others is power, or the key to immortality, depending on who you ask.) The story is based on the ambition of the characters in their quest to obtain the great treasure...
Spike, roll that awful clip... Ya-yo, Ya-yo!

Not counting the Quest mode story. (Mildly related to the game, but involving Yoko's father.

This is a PS1 Game, so FOR A PS1 Game, the Graphics are pretty good. There's a few odd clipping issues during the game, but that often happened in PS1 games.
8.0 FOR A PS1 GAME...

They are a bit awkward, especially blocking, jumping and pulling off some combos. Paired with the gameplay (more on that later) it CAN BE a frustrating experience, when you're out of practice... 4 years + since the last time I played the game.


Just watch the video. Pair it with the unintuitive controls and you can understand SOME of the frustration.
Add a bunch of minigames:

Then there's Battle Runner, where you run laps on a stage, and the Adventure Mode, which is basically a dungeon crawler with slightly simplified Ehrgeiz controls.
If it wasn't for the unintuitive controls screwing things for you at times, I could rate this a bit higher, but taking that into consideration, the game gets a 6.0

Sounds and Music:
The Voices in the game are in Japanese, so I can't make too many comments about them...
Sephiroth's voice is none other than Japanese James... Roy Mustang, SFZ2 Sagat, Zamasu... Oh holy crap!
Cloud is Enishi!? Yusuke Urameshi, Tetsuo Shima!? Shadi!? The Japanese version of Dora's Map!?

The soundtrack is a bit funky! I like it, it has this 90s Japanese Fighting game feeling to it.

Ehrgeiz gets a 6.8 as its overall score. The controls being awkward REALLY hurt its score... If you love FFVII, you most likely HAVE THIS GAME.

Why hasn't Square done Chrono Trigger Play Arts figures!?

Seriously, think about it...
One of the Top 10 Best SNES Games of all time... OF ALL TIME!!

Character designs by Akira Toriyama...

Yes, THAT Akira Toriyama...

Now Imagine those characters getting the new 6-inch treatment... (based on the new 6 inch KH3 Sora) All 7 characters...
Then maybe have all the characters to come with a 2.5D build a Diorama background
of Lavos' shell. that way you can display the figures and kind of have their enemy.
Not to mention that it would "complete a set" which is something that Square Enix has been unable to do with their toylines.
I mean it's like the 3rd or 4th time that we're getting FFVII Figures but nothing on Chrono Trigger or...

Feb 16, 2017

So I saw Fifty Shades Darker...

I feel your pain Crockett... I can't fap to your daughter either.
I wanted to watch the movie... not dying to watch it but let's just say that got some motivation to watch it...
and none of it involved Dakota Johnson...

So, I was chatting online with... (name redacted) and I jokingly commented that if she was still here, I'd go with her to watch 50 shades darker... So, she suckered me into watching it anyway... and since I'm such a Kyle Reccula... Or a Spike the Dragon!

I went and saw it... It really didn't take too much convincing, since I kinda wanted to watch it...
Mostly to make fun of Don Johnson, who is known to be a bit of a perv, since his daughter is the star of this movie, and since I started the series, I need to finish it. But it was totally because she asked me to watch it and tell her how much they deviated from the books... I haven't read the books and it seems I might have to read fifty shades darker now...
Dignity levels: 9001 Shinjis or -180002 Dignity.

Enough about my Brock-like misadventures, let's talk about 50 shades darker... a sequel to the Twilight Fanfic Master of the Universe... written by E.L. James... don't worry ♠, I won't make references to you this time.

So, what can I say about the movie?

It's as exciting as watching paint dry... minus the magical talking ponies. Did I mention spoilers, cause they will be coming.

OK, so remember how in the past movie, Anesthesia did all that kinky stuff for Grey and she gave up after he spanked her a few times. Well, Anesthesia is now hungry for the Grey D. They get it on and some chick tries to kill Anesthesia, Kim Basinger wants the Grey D. and there's a dude that wants to give the D to Anesthesia.

The sex is even more dull and vanilla than the first movie, but to be fair...
I am bit of a connoisseur of Far Eastern Erotic Material in animation and Regular Erotic Material from the West and the movie didn't do anything to arouse me. The horny housewives watching the movie on the other hand, were making me a bit uncomfortable. The stifled moans, groans and scent of tuna made the movie experience a bit more awkward. This is why I wanted to see the movie WITH YOU, (name redacted)

So, how can I comment on this movie?
Avoid it like ze plague... wait until it's on USA or something... Heck! wait until Freed comes up on DVD and get the 3 pack... If you want to see this, I mean.
But if you need to take a girl on a date, then I guess it works.

Feb 15, 2017

Looking back on Army Building and MOTUC.

Every now and then I come back to the Army Building and MOTUC. I'm one sucker for lore expanding characters... I know we have Snakemen, and I made a custom snakeman out of a Spare Skeletor buck. Well, with the coming of Hawke/Delora Avion is getting an expansion. I was able to acquire a pair of Stratoses, or is it Strati? on the Bay... A TRU Stratos and a Vanilla Stratos. I also got some custom heads from Starwars Geek Customs... Once I paint them, I'll show the customs.

Many moons ago, I made a Son of Carnivus due to some heads that I got from Karak Nul. (Still on storage)

IF Super7 plays it smart and makes an Ultimate Stratos (with left Carnivus hand so he can grip something), adding a new extra head or two... and maybe an extra harness... (Thinking of them doing Mini Comic Stratos and adding a Toy harness and maybe 2 more heads for the other 2 Stratos to make new Avionian warriors could work.

If they make Ultimate Buzz-Off, I could use the vintage head BO as a generic Andreenid, just like I use Abe Vigoda Whiplash as a generic Caligar.
I often mention multicolored Cosmic Enforcers akin to Super Sentai shows as a way to expand the universe. I understand that Super7 may not be able to go that deep, due to their small size and lack of resources. Well, I just hope that like they did with Hawke, adding the Delora head to help folks army build, that they consider adding some generic heads to folks like Stratos, Buzz-off, etc. in order to help make pseudo army builders... (and help move some of those more vanilla figures...)

Heck, if they do an "Ultimate Zodac" They could add all the Enforcer weapons and toss in a Zanthor head, since the Kar-Tor head might not work as well on the Caucacian Zodac buck.

Feb 12, 2017

Puerto Rico Comic Con 2017 might be my first Comic Con...

So, this is real... I'm seriously going to do my best to get to PRCC... Once I get my next Paycheck, I will do my best to get a ticket... and maybe a ticket for a certain photo op...
No, it's not Diggle... No it's not Negasonic Teenage Warhead...
It's not even Frank Miller...
Insert Goddamn Batman comment here...

Shoo! Shoo! Pony References!!

I haven't even played the darn game! Shoo!


Tara Frigging Strong is going to be at Comic Con Puerto Rico...

Once I do the Adulting and there's enough cash there... I think I might get my ticket AND if available, a photo op with The Princess of Friendship herself!! It will also depend if I can get the day off that far in advance at work... Cause it would royally suck not getting the day off.

Been thinking about Anime Lately...

I thought I was out of the anime game, aside maybe watching a random episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto, DBZ, or some hentai here and there.

I mean, where other than Japan you can find lines like that?
Did I mention that I recently watched Great Teacher Onizuka and the prequel manga Shounan Junai Gumi? Well, I did... I know I mentioned Eureka Seven, AO, and the E7 OVA... This last one I didn't rant about because:
Take it away Nappa!

So, yeah, I've been going back into Anime and I'm planning to rewatch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi Chan, and Nyoron Churuya for starters, finish Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor, if I can find Tekkaman Blade (and Tekkaman Blade II at a reasonable price) that's another on my list to rewatch, EVA is out of my range for now. I need to finish Part 1 of Naruto (the Pre-Shippuden part) I also want to watch Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Betterman, Variable Geo (yeah, I know it's hentai, but I did play a Variable Geo game a few years back)

So, I've been missing out on a TON of Anime and I'm currently looking for Short Series to watch. That makes Naruto, Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star, or Ranma 1/2 ineligible as series for me to watch. Like something from the 70s, something from the 80s, something from the 90s something from the 00s and something from the 10s to review. Also, no Yaoi, so don't suggest Boku no Pico...
Well, I could scratch off the 00s series and use Eureka Seven Well, I could use an OVA like say, Vampire Hunter D, to represent the 80s and I'd rather it was something "mainstream" to reduce the difficulty of finding the series. If any of my readers have some choices, please leave them in the comments.

I already used Die Monster and What is a man? for Netflixvania...

Well, more info has been revealed. Basically, it will not be for kids, but "Animated Game of Thrones"... and that's how you lost me. Castlevania and Game of Thrones don't mix. Not even adapting the Vanias with multiple characters like Symphony of the Night or Chi no Rondo you could make the tale of a member of a Vampire Hunting Clan facing Dracula into a Political Intrigue based on War of the Roses with undead ice zombies.

Now before I get attacked for blasting this project before fruition, hear me out. What I'm saying is that it will not be "simply an adaptation of a certain game" (Dracula's curse, which predates Chi no Rondo and Symphony of the Night. Those 3 games are connected). They will expand the mythos with more intrigue... Thinking something along the lines of a Conspiracy by the Church against the Belmont Clan, maybe even working with Dracula or something.

I'm a bit worried that the plot gets overcomplicated and the Castlevania part is lost to something that is not Castlevania.

Feb 8, 2017

What is a Netflix? A Miserable pile of secrets!

Die Monster, you don't belong in this world...
You get the idea... Let me play you the song of the Belmont peoples:

Well, the series is coming to Netflix... Wait... Anime, Netflix? All I need is *name redacted* so I can Netflix and Chill... Eh, with my Luck, I'll be so deep in the Zone that even Bow will make fun of me.

All jokes aside, Frigging Castlevania... on NETFLIX!!
Why do I keep picturing something along the lines of Vampire Hunter D, but with more whips?

Now this is something that we need more of. If Castlevania works as an anime, then more videogame adaptations into series could work.

Since the last two rants have had Metal Gear References, well, I'd love to see Outer Heaven, Zanzibar Land turned into anime... Perhaps doing the infamous Phantom Pain Mission 51 as an OVA could work... but since it ain't Pachinko, Konami doesn't care.

The only thing that worries me is that it's NOT TRULY ANIME, but Western animation inspired by anime and purist weebs will complain.

Feb 7, 2017

It Came from the Toy chest: i'm already a Demon, Artoo!!

Everyone's favorite Protocol Droid has Finally Come out of the Toy Chest. Based on the MGSV Reference, you might have guessed that I'm talking about C-3P0,  Force Awakens Edition.

What can I say about Threepio?
Watch all Seven main Star Wars movies, so you can understand the importance of this droid.

So, let's get cracking on Threepio: The Whitest Robot Ever... Whiter than A Thousand Miles.

There IS A Reason for that clip.
Threepio's Articulation is VERY Limited in the movies, well, the toy captures that Perfectly. I'd dare say that the Toy is more poseable than the Actual Threepio.

But yes, the Articulation on the toy is very limited as well. It's PERFECT for the character, but as a toy in general it's so-so.

As a Threepio Figure he gets a 5.0 in Articulation. As a Normal Toy he gets a 2.5

Paint and Sculpt:
NO VAC METAL!! Great news for me since I hate the stuff, but MOST C-3P0 Toys tend to have the stuff. I know many who have whined about it. The Paintjob is nice, though there's some mild slop on the ab wiring.

The Sculpt is very Threepio-ish and I think it's reused with minor tweaks for the Return of the Jedi version, which I would've preferred, but this one was the only one available... (Yes, I'm kicking myself on the dick for not grabbing the R2-D2 when I saw him back in 2014.)
For a Threepio Figure: 3.5 as a normal toy he gets a 4.5

Nothing, Zip, Zilch, Nada, the big goose egg. I have NO idea what he would need as an accessory, so I'll leave this section blank and no points will be deducted, since there is nothing he could have come with.

As a Threepio Toy, the Star Wars Black Series Threepio gets a 4.25
As a normal toy, he gets a 3.5
They are decent scores no matter how I cut it. If there were some sort of accessories that he needed, I can't think of any. If I had, then his score would have been much worse.

I didn't mention the Red Arm at all, since it was barely mentioned in the movie... but it's some deep stuff.

Naked Snake will get more naked now?

And I guess he'll have a SOLID Snake...

And I can play with myself like a DAMN FIDDLE!!
The Boss will have a Punished Snake after "fighting" Hushy...

That's a Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain Porn Parody...
We live in a world where Actual Metal Gear Porn exists...
The scary thing is ALL THE REFERENCES IN THE TRAILER... They even Fultoned a Goat...
Now I have to wonder if he'll smoke a Phantom Cigar after the sex...

Thank you Brazzers... Now if we could get a Final Fantasy VII one, that'd be great...

Equestria... The Final Frontier.

Prepare... YOUR plots... Everypony! Because William SHATner... is coming... to MY... Little Pony... Friendship IS... Magic. Yup, TJ Hooker has joined Weird Al, Q, Ocean Dub Vegeta, as a voice in MLP: FIM.

Okay? What's going on between Ahnuld and the President? El, Presidente Trump dissed Arnie on Twitter and Arnie fired back. Now The Terminator wants to Smash El Presidente's Fake Tanned Face on a table... (You know that shade of Orange is not natural, whether you loathe or like him.) Suddenly, President Schwarzenegger doesn't sound THAT bad... I mean, just picture this as the National Prayer:

No frigging way! a Tomb Raider Reboot starring Alicia Vikander... I have no idea who she is besides her being Michael Fassbender's girlfriend. Well, it seems like it's gonna be inspired by the Tomb Raider Reboot series (The Square Enix Games)

You know? My Matty Package arrived a few days back... AFTER I was told it was lost and that I would get no refund, since I was "International"... Now I have a spare Tuskador...

Toy industry is "not weak"? Don't make me laugh!

Hasbro is making a killing with Frozen. I've seen the dolls and I have to say that they aren't as good as Mattel's. So there's an article celebrating Hasbro's success with Frozen and saying that the Toy Industry isn't weak right now. Here's an excerpt of the article.

Analysts had expected more modest gains by the company following a mixed holiday sales forecast by the NPD Group and weak earnings posted by Mattel. However, that sentiment has shifted following Hasbro's beat.

 To be fair, I knew that losing Frozen and the other Disney Princesses would have hurt Mattel big time. I even mentioned it a while back, but right now Hasbro has an Elsa Shaped Crutch.

Boys Toys aren't doing that well... Sure they had an overall growth throughout the year, but their Q4 is in the NEGATIVE numbers... (Something that Star Wars and 2017 Marvel Movie toys may mitigate)

Basically, Elsa and Ponies are keeping Hasbro afloat. Eventually people will get tired of Elsa.

Mattel lost the Elsa shaped crutch and is doing badly. (That's part of the real reason why they let Super7 do MOTU and all the crazy third party licensing deals, like Funko and Loyal Subjects... Nothing to do with me "Killing MOTU" despite what a "Professional" "Writer" may say.) Let's be honest here, the industry is declining. Frozen stuff selling is an exception, not the norm. Hasbro's revenue charts shows the truth, when you see the other areas. If the Industry was "strong", wouldn't that mean that Boys, Games and, Preschool would have Girl-like numbers? This is an exception, not the rule. Cool that Hasbro could make the numbers, but at the same time, look at the bigger picture. Everything not Disney isn't doing that well. Period.

Feb 5, 2017

Revisiting the Original Doom (PS3 Doom III extra)

I got Doom 3 super cheap on Amazon and it came with Doom and Doom II as well... With me Owning Final Doom on PS1 (My first game for that console) I pretty much have all the mainstream Doom games, minus Doom 64. Cause I don't have a Nintendo 64... Goldeneye... Damn you Oddjob, damn you to Hell! But I digress...

Frigging Doom!! So, let me go back to a dark era... or a golden era, depends on who you ask...

This sound was glorious... 28.8kbps and the world was at our fingertips.
This was also the Rage...

The Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were being left behind for these guys:

Kurt Cobain gave an incredible BJ to a shotgun. I am of course talking about the Mid-90s!!!

Well in that era, knowing your IDKFA and your IDDQD was very important, especially in the computer lab. Someone added Doom (shareware version) and eventually Doom II to my school's computers and I think it WAS the computer teacher who did it, since I spent literally my whole High School time playing Doom and Doom II on my free time AND During Computer lab. there was also Rise of the Triad, Prince of Persia, 2D Duke Nukem, One Must Fall 2097 and

but that's another rant for another day.

So, Doom... Since it's a PS3 game, due to the dumbass trophies that I DON'T CARE ABOUT, the game has NO CHEAT CODES!! No Console counterpart to IDDQD and IDFA (I avoid using the version that gives keys on PC) Meaning that I've had to play Doom for real. It's more fun that I remembered from my High School days. While Knee-Deep in Dead felt incredibly familiar, due to the Shareware version being at the computers at my High School, having the full game brought some new experiences with The Shores of Hell and Inferno. Haven't gotten to Thy Flesh Consumed yet.

I will not review Doom and Doom II until I play and beat them both AND Doom 3, since they are extra features of the main game. I needs a BFG ASAP!!

Feb 3, 2017

I am one of the Chosen Ones, according to the Loyal Subjects.

I am one of the 28...
That's right, I am the owner of an Anti-Eternia He-Man...
Still, no Teela or Evil Lyn... I have 2 red Beastmen... DAMN!

It's a bit underwhelming. These are mostly repaints, a bit expensive, for blind bags, but they are adorable as heck! Can't wait to see new characters... and if I'll Ever get a Teela.

also, I wonder if "Mr. Professional Writer" has one?

Feb 2, 2017

Screw Astral Ocean... Really Screw it in the...

So, you know I watched Eureka Seven recently. You know, it was due to a recommendation from a friend... So, she was sending me mixed messages about the Sequel Astral Ocean. Like I HAD TO SEE IT, but at the same time, avoid it like the plague...
This is why I will never understand women... Curse my Shinji-ness!! So, I had to see it to...
wait for it...

Well, Astral Ocean is Eureka Seven's Try-hard little brother... (I know Try-Hards real well, since I can be a Try-Hard at times... A shortcoming that I'm trying to fix.)
Eureka Seven has been dismissed as an EVA Lite... Even I've called it an EVA Lite... Well, Astral Ocean is Eureka Seven if it was trying REALLY HARD TO BE AN EVA Clone.
Ao is more Shinji-like than Renton. He even has daddy issues like Shinji, a Missing Mom, like Shinji... Nirvash acts like a Robomom (which is eerily similar to how EVA-01 acts like Shinji's Mom)
Fleur Blanc is totally Ao's Asuka... Truth kinda acts like Ao's Kaworu and the Goldilocks unit are kinda like Ao's Toji... The whole G-Monsters thing Reeks of Angels and Generation Bleu reeks of NERV.

But EVA Clones can be enjoyable... E7AO is no exception... Problem is that the story it tried to tell was too big for the medium it was used. The curse of Neitlich-writing strikes back! The Original Eureka Seven had 50 episodes to tell its story. AO only had 24.

Then we have the Quartz Gun...
A Super Mega Weapon that could Retcon the world when used.

Every time this sucker was used, the show would retcon events and delete characters from continuity.
It almost seemed like when a Character was reaching enough development, the plot would force the gun to be fired in order to erase said character and keep everyone else in a 1.5 dimensions.
Then they have to remind us of the better series by having Eureka's "spirit" show up at times...
Then we finally Meet Renton Thurston, who has become a massive X-Men fan to the point that he often cosplays as Rogue. (only for the last 2 episodes)

Eureka Seven Astral Ocean would have been better off as a new series on its own WITHOUT ANY ATTACHMENTS TO THE MUCH BETTER EUREKA SEVEN. It kinda reminds me of Ghostbusters 2016 whenever it reminded me of the Original E7, which was way better than this sequel/prequel/reboot/dunno what to call it.

The E7AO OVA The Flowers of Jungfrau was a bit more enjoyable... It might confuse the hell out of Renton's penis since Ao is forced to run around dressed like Eureka and damn he LITERALLY LOOKS LIKE HIS MOTHER. They are less subtle than Hideo Kojima with the whole genderbending thing about Ao looking a lot like his mother to the point that...
Ponytail + Chinese Clothes + girl holding a kettle...

This actually happens...
Sure, it might seem a bit odd but when you add the dialogue to it, it all makes sense...

Well, here's the pic with the Subtitles...
What anime has a Truly Genderfluid Protagonist who can switch sexes by getting wet?

Seriously, Eureka Seven Astral Ocean is trying to bribe me into liking it by making references to MY FAVORITE ANIME OF ALL TIME.
It won't work, but I'll commend you for your efforts.

Long story short: If you want a continuation to Eureka Seven, AVOID AO like the plague.
If you want to see a flawed Mecha Anime that had a much bigger story to tell, but was crammed in a medium too small for it, then AO is perfect for you. Let's hope you can endure the cried of the Children of the Stars...

Feb 1, 2017

People are complaining about Super7!? AGAIN!?

What the Heck, man!?
Oh, it's just character selection and the lack of info on prices and stuff...
Well, I have to rant about this:
First, I can't believe I guessed 2 out of the 4 that Super7 Actually will release... got to admit that Fangor came out of nowhere.

So here's my thoughts on the complaints:

-Where's the reisue of X character?

The ULTIMATES is the Reissue line that may or may not be able to have new tooling.
Classics will be the continuation of the Matty MOTUC Line
Filmation is the continuation of the Filmation variants.

-Why did they do Filmation Hawke and not 200X? Shouldn't she be in the Filmation line, since she's so underdetailed?

Good Question. First let's clear the air on some things:
While she's not AS DETAILED AS I'D LIKE, her hair has texture, her feathers do too, so she's not truly "Filmation Line" worthy. She can blend in, like say Cringer or Adora, even if they are indeed "Too detailed" for it.
I think the reason she was made Filmation and not 200X was double-dipping. Personally, I would have preferred the figure to come packaged as Delora, so they could easily do 200X Hawke, but they did what they did.

-What's the cost? Will I be able to order single figures and not the entire wave?

This is a good question. (As the time of me writing this rant, (Mid afternoon, January 30th... Some of these rants have to be written in advance so I can publish them on a timely manner, due to dayjob and other real life stuff... Like Finishing Eureka Seven AO... or playing Doom... or getting a decent Hen Tie Collection... as in Ties with a Hen motif, not hentai...) I'm assuming that it'll cost the same as the Ultimates. About $35 (wishing for a bit less, cause reasons). Hopefully, Like the Ultimates, you can pick and choose... Mostly because most folks would be interested in two Hawkes and 1 of the rest, if they want to fully exploit the Hawke and Delora thing.

-Why do we have to order them all at once? I miss the sub!

I know it KINDA hurts the wallet paying it all in one fell swoop. In a way, I kinda like it, since I don't have to scramble every month to make sure the funds are there and that Digital River won't screw up and overcharge. Since they ship together, one payment seems fine.