Feb 5, 2017

Revisiting the Original Doom (PS3 Doom III extra)

I got Doom 3 super cheap on Amazon and it came with Doom and Doom II as well... With me Owning Final Doom on PS1 (My first game for that console) I pretty much have all the mainstream Doom games, minus Doom 64. Cause I don't have a Nintendo 64... Goldeneye... Damn you Oddjob, damn you to Hell! But I digress...

Frigging Doom!! So, let me go back to a dark era... or a golden era, depends on who you ask...

This sound was glorious... 28.8kbps and the world was at our fingertips.
This was also the Rage...

The Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were being left behind for these guys:

Kurt Cobain gave an incredible BJ to a shotgun. I am of course talking about the Mid-90s!!!

Well in that era, knowing your IDKFA and your IDDQD was very important, especially in the computer lab. Someone added Doom (shareware version) and eventually Doom II to my school's computers and I think it WAS the computer teacher who did it, since I spent literally my whole High School time playing Doom and Doom II on my free time AND During Computer lab. there was also Rise of the Triad, Prince of Persia, 2D Duke Nukem, One Must Fall 2097 and

but that's another rant for another day.

So, Doom... Since it's a PS3 game, due to the dumbass trophies that I DON'T CARE ABOUT, the game has NO CHEAT CODES!! No Console counterpart to IDDQD and IDFA (I avoid using the version that gives keys on PC) Meaning that I've had to play Doom for real. It's more fun that I remembered from my High School days. While Knee-Deep in Dead felt incredibly familiar, due to the Shareware version being at the computers at my High School, having the full game brought some new experiences with The Shores of Hell and Inferno. Haven't gotten to Thy Flesh Consumed yet.

I will not review Doom and Doom II until I play and beat them both AND Doom 3, since they are extra features of the main game. I needs a BFG ASAP!!

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