Feb 7, 2017

Toy industry is "not weak"? Don't make me laugh!

Hasbro is making a killing with Frozen. I've seen the dolls and I have to say that they aren't as good as Mattel's. So there's an article celebrating Hasbro's success with Frozen and saying that the Toy Industry isn't weak right now. Here's an excerpt of the article.

Analysts had expected more modest gains by the company following a mixed holiday sales forecast by the NPD Group and weak earnings posted by Mattel. However, that sentiment has shifted following Hasbro's beat.

 To be fair, I knew that losing Frozen and the other Disney Princesses would have hurt Mattel big time. I even mentioned it a while back, but right now Hasbro has an Elsa Shaped Crutch.

Boys Toys aren't doing that well... Sure they had an overall growth throughout the year, but their Q4 is in the NEGATIVE numbers... (Something that Star Wars and 2017 Marvel Movie toys may mitigate)

Basically, Elsa and Ponies are keeping Hasbro afloat. Eventually people will get tired of Elsa.

Mattel lost the Elsa shaped crutch and is doing badly. (That's part of the real reason why they let Super7 do MOTU and all the crazy third party licensing deals, like Funko and Loyal Subjects... Nothing to do with me "Killing MOTU" despite what a "Professional" "Writer" may say.) Let's be honest here, the industry is declining. Frozen stuff selling is an exception, not the norm. Hasbro's revenue charts shows the truth, when you see the other areas. If the Industry was "strong", wouldn't that mean that Boys, Games and, Preschool would have Girl-like numbers? This is an exception, not the rule. Cool that Hasbro could make the numbers, but at the same time, look at the bigger picture. Everything not Disney isn't doing that well. Period.

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