Feb 21, 2017

It Came from the toy Chest: Colorado Garca!!

I guess that most of my Spanish speaking MOTU fans got the reference to an infamous MOTU parody... (Super7 hurry up with the Filmation Adam so I can recreate THAT video I'm referring to with the Filmation MOTUC...) But for those of you who don't, know I'm talking about Filmation Beastman...

Wait! didn't you swore that you wouldn't buy Filmation Beastman?

I already mentioned it on a Recent COTFO. I'm eating crow and I only got him because of S7 Wave 1 Tri-Klops... and the hopes of Mer Man being part of S7's Wave 2.I want to have the Core baddies... Clawful is not among them.

So, Who is Beastman? Spike, don't you dare put the CKY video either...
He's Skeletor's #1 Lackey. He's got power over less intelligent creatures... (Insert a Beastman is dumb as rocks comment) He was also one of my favorite villains as a child. I've mentioned the Toilet story before. So, that's pretty much it.


Remember Skeletor? Well, Beastman's Articulation is virtually the same AS Skeletor. The only difference is that his head has a bit more range than the Overlord of Evil.
Does Beastman remind you of anything?

Paint and Sculpt:
I've rambled too much about my dislike for the lack of detail on the fur on these figures. The muffin top effect on his waist and shins is there. There is very little paint applications, therefore less chances to mess up. No derp eyes for me here... I like the bright colors on him.
Beastman is trying to tame the fabled Miley Cyrus...

He has his whip: YAY!! made with Hard Plastic. BOO!
He has a Reptile Man Shield... We have no Reptile Men, so this is an odd item to have.

Beastman gets a 4.0 as his final score.
As much as I dislike the CHOICES made on this sub-line, I got to say that he is a nice figure.
On his own he might be a bit meh... but once you have Skeletor and Evil Lyn next to him, he makes me feel all fuzzy inside... Stupid Nostalgia...

Now all I need is Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Merman, Teela, Duncan, Stratos, Adam and Ram Man and I can be at ease with this sub-line...

Not sure if I should make a Prayer Circle or a Ring around the Rosies
Black Plague reference.

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