Feb 24, 2017

Nana nana nana nana ODDS AND ENDS!!

By the Title, you may have guessed that there are some Batman news coming...
Ben Affleck stepped down from directing Batman and his replacement is none other than Matt Reeves... Batman will still be played by Affleck, it's just that he decided that directing and starring was a bit more than he could chew. They got the Cloverfield and Apes guy... So it might be on decent hands. Not too much of a Cloverfield fan, but the new Apes movies were good.

And following the Dark Knight we have the Bird... So I saw The LEGO Batman movie today. I had a blast. The movie was hyper self-referential to a TON of Bat-Stuff... They reference The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Snyderverse, the DCAU, The Schumacher bastardization of Tim Burton's Batman, SUPERFRIENDS, and even the Swingin' 66' Batman isn't safe. The one thing I didn't like was some of the cast choices... Especially Michael Cera... OK, so the thing is that the Director of The LEGO Batman movie is in talks with Warner Brothers to handle the Dick... *snickers* I mean, to work on a Nightwing movie. As most of my readers should know, Dick grows *snickers* up and stops being Robin. He then becomes Nightwing. Batman gives the Robin moniker to a whiny bitch called Jason Todd, who later dies by the Joker's hand... but didn't die and ended up becoming the anti-hero The Red Hood. Having a Nightwing Movie makes sense, seeing that Batman has been Batmanning for years. The one thing that fans want but doesn't make sense is wanting:

It wouldn't make sense that the Titans exist BEFORE the League. Explaining how a bunch of super powered kids are running about without adult supervision is a bit too hard especially since they were ALL MIA when Luthor made Doomsday or when Zod got his neck snapped in man of stool.

But the best joke of the movie IMO, was: British Robots, ask your nerd friends...

Time for some "Bad news" Patrick Stewart will no longer be Professor X. I'm not sad or angry. He is a 76 going on 77 Lord of Shadow... He's not getting any younger and the whole reason for the semi-reboot with Mr. Tumnus as Charles Xavier WAS PRECISELY TO ALLOW PATRICK STEWART TO RETIRE FROM PLAYING PROFESSOR X. The fact that the 20th Century Fuchs at Fox messed up by forcing Hugh Jackman into the new Timeline as Wolverine ruined the chance to TRULY begin anew. Gotta see LOGAN next week!

Man, was that real? When I read a few days ago that ONE PERSON complained about a Walking Dead Shirt and the store took the item down, I thought it was a joke... Nope! It was real. Negan himself is not amused... I wouldn't be amused either after SAVE MARTHA!! (You know to kinda keep it Batman themed)

Now here's the thing, the song may have had racist undertones in the past. So did the Ice Cream song... Are we gonna ban that too? Or how about the Punch Out!! Training song?

Someone added racist lyrics to it, so BANNED!!

And The Last Jedi is getting some reshoots... Probably due to Carrie Fisher's death.
Probably not. I mean, movies get reshoots ALL THE TIME, so these may NOT NECESSARILY be related to Carrie's death.

Now I kinda feel like Cleveland...

Because Simon Kinberg, Producer of the horrible Trankt4stic movie. Is talking crap about making a sequel... Just no... Let the rights return to Marvel. You guys tried 2 times in 3 movies and failed... Seriously, when the Roger Corman movie is the BEST F4 movie made, you have failed in life.

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