Feb 1, 2017

People are complaining about Super7!? AGAIN!?

What the Heck, man!?
Oh, it's just character selection and the lack of info on prices and stuff...
Well, I have to rant about this:
First, I can't believe I guessed 2 out of the 4 that Super7 Actually will release... got to admit that Fangor came out of nowhere.

So here's my thoughts on the complaints:

-Where's the reisue of X character?

The ULTIMATES is the Reissue line that may or may not be able to have new tooling.
Classics will be the continuation of the Matty MOTUC Line
Filmation is the continuation of the Filmation variants.

-Why did they do Filmation Hawke and not 200X? Shouldn't she be in the Filmation line, since she's so underdetailed?

Good Question. First let's clear the air on some things:
While she's not AS DETAILED AS I'D LIKE, her hair has texture, her feathers do too, so she's not truly "Filmation Line" worthy. She can blend in, like say Cringer or Adora, even if they are indeed "Too detailed" for it.
I think the reason she was made Filmation and not 200X was double-dipping. Personally, I would have preferred the figure to come packaged as Delora, so they could easily do 200X Hawke, but they did what they did.

-What's the cost? Will I be able to order single figures and not the entire wave?

This is a good question. (As the time of me writing this rant, (Mid afternoon, January 30th... Some of these rants have to be written in advance so I can publish them on a timely manner, due to dayjob and other real life stuff... Like Finishing Eureka Seven AO... or playing Doom... or getting a decent Hen Tie Collection... as in Ties with a Hen motif, not hentai...) I'm assuming that it'll cost the same as the Ultimates. About $35 (wishing for a bit less, cause reasons). Hopefully, Like the Ultimates, you can pick and choose... Mostly because most folks would be interested in two Hawkes and 1 of the rest, if they want to fully exploit the Hawke and Delora thing.

-Why do we have to order them all at once? I miss the sub!

I know it KINDA hurts the wallet paying it all in one fell swoop. In a way, I kinda like it, since I don't have to scramble every month to make sure the funds are there and that Digital River won't screw up and overcharge. Since they ship together, one payment seems fine.

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