Feb 12, 2017

I already used Die Monster and What is a man? for Netflixvania...

Well, more info has been revealed. Basically, it will not be for kids, but "Animated Game of Thrones"... and that's how you lost me. Castlevania and Game of Thrones don't mix. Not even adapting the Vanias with multiple characters like Symphony of the Night or Chi no Rondo you could make the tale of a member of a Vampire Hunting Clan facing Dracula into a Political Intrigue based on War of the Roses with undead ice zombies.

Now before I get attacked for blasting this project before fruition, hear me out. What I'm saying is that it will not be "simply an adaptation of a certain game" (Dracula's curse, which predates Chi no Rondo and Symphony of the Night. Those 3 games are connected). They will expand the mythos with more intrigue... Thinking something along the lines of a Conspiracy by the Church against the Belmont Clan, maybe even working with Dracula or something.

I'm a bit worried that the plot gets overcomplicated and the Castlevania part is lost to something that is not Castlevania.

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