Feb 7, 2017

It Came from the Toy chest: i'm already a Demon, Artoo!!

Everyone's favorite Protocol Droid has Finally Come out of the Toy Chest. Based on the MGSV Reference, you might have guessed that I'm talking about C-3P0,  Force Awakens Edition.

What can I say about Threepio?
Watch all Seven main Star Wars movies, so you can understand the importance of this droid.

So, let's get cracking on Threepio: The Whitest Robot Ever... Whiter than A Thousand Miles.

There IS A Reason for that clip.
Threepio's Articulation is VERY Limited in the movies, well, the toy captures that Perfectly. I'd dare say that the Toy is more poseable than the Actual Threepio.

But yes, the Articulation on the toy is very limited as well. It's PERFECT for the character, but as a toy in general it's so-so.

As a Threepio Figure he gets a 5.0 in Articulation. As a Normal Toy he gets a 2.5

Paint and Sculpt:
NO VAC METAL!! Great news for me since I hate the stuff, but MOST C-3P0 Toys tend to have the stuff. I know many who have whined about it. The Paintjob is nice, though there's some mild slop on the ab wiring.

The Sculpt is very Threepio-ish and I think it's reused with minor tweaks for the Return of the Jedi version, which I would've preferred, but this one was the only one available... (Yes, I'm kicking myself on the dick for not grabbing the R2-D2 when I saw him back in 2014.)
For a Threepio Figure: 3.5 as a normal toy he gets a 4.5

Nothing, Zip, Zilch, Nada, the big goose egg. I have NO idea what he would need as an accessory, so I'll leave this section blank and no points will be deducted, since there is nothing he could have come with.

As a Threepio Toy, the Star Wars Black Series Threepio gets a 4.25
As a normal toy, he gets a 3.5
They are decent scores no matter how I cut it. If there were some sort of accessories that he needed, I can't think of any. If I had, then his score would have been much worse.

I didn't mention the Red Arm at all, since it was barely mentioned in the movie... but it's some deep stuff.

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