Feb 22, 2017

Doom Figures... Why haven't they been made?

As you already know, I've been reliving my High School glory days by Playing Doom and Doom II.

I'm surprised that there are NO DOOM toys at all...
All I've seen are a classic Cacodemon Bank, a classic Doom Statue and a 1:6 scale 2016 Doomguy figure (very expensive)

Seriously: Doom begs for a line of toys of both Classic and modern looks. PERSONALLY, I'd take them on a 3 3/4" scale. Think about it... I know that 6" or 7" would be great cause, pretty much every cool action figure line is on this scale, but it would be a bit too expensive to get hordes of demons to ravage the doom marine. Just imagine how big would the Cyberdemon, or Spider Mastermind (mostly the 2016 versions) would be. Also the "Joe Scale" allows for customization options...

Also, We need something like This in our lives!!

Would be best if Hasbro tackled them, but it's highly unlikely.

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