Feb 28, 2017

The Power Con Snakemen 3 Pack... Revisiting the nitpicking.

A few days ago I ranted about the Super 7 reveals and how S7 and Power Con were gonna rape our wallets...

(I know, old meme is old)

I mentioned my beef with the color schemes. I'm going to focus on Hor Roar, mostly because of all 3 he's the worst of them all.
Let me make this clear I'm not against the set, just against the color choices on this character mostly. I understand it was designed by Mattel for a wave made of PURE PARTS REUSE back in the 80s.
I already mentioned my beef with the excess of BLACK parts on this set. Especially on Hor Roar, since he has a Black TJ Arm and Black Legs on Silver Mosquitor Boots.
So, on my other rant I suggested Metallic blue boots and a green arm.
I also tried a really dark blue arm and brighter blue boots on REALLY DARK GREEN legs because Green and Purple are an excellent pairing... (Hulk, Mysterio, Beetle, Green Goblin, Piccolo all sport that marvelous combo...)
Then I tried a gold-ish arm... Think Optikk's Tarnished gold on a black loincloth with green legs.
But I know changes are now impossible, Sooo it looks like it's up to the 3D Printing Masters and customizers to help make These guys FEEL A LOT LESS LIKE Kitbashes and more like Unique characters.

We need SOMETHING to redress that arm so it doesn't look so blatantly Trap Jaw... Having the 200X Whiplash head (in my case on a spare modded Ceratus body) can help cover the Whiplash head. The Mosquitor boots I can repaint and make them slightly LESS OBVIOUSLY Mosquitor's The ARM is what I cannot fix on my own. I'm hoping that some Customizer or 3D Printing Master make some pieces more unique. ( I KNOW it goes against the 1988 plans of total part reuse)

Hot Shot can be fixed with a brand new head. I think Jim Pansen made a More Vintage Head for Fisto, which could work on Hot Shot. Hell, a repainted Odin or Long Haired Bearded DCD Aquaman (modded to fit the MOTUC pegs) could make Hot Shot feel a bit less than a Kitbash. Though the different skintone and hair might hide it a bit better if you use the 200X Fisto head... considering painting my Fisto's hair in reddish tones to mask the issue a bit. Thinking of painting the H in white or silver to blend it in with the armor. The H being Red makes him feel a bit derivative of He-Ro... If the green was more verdigris or turquoise, maybe I could like it a bit better.

Gr'Asp is easier to "fix" since all I'd have to do is paint some yellowish markings on his Claw and maybe Torso to break off that excess of Black. I don't mind the Squeeeze head so much since I got a third party 200X head and I have previously suggested using it + a Darius Helmet to make Lizorr. Also, the paintjob helps mask the origin a bit... Then again, Snakemen having Similar heads doesn't bother me much.

I understand the choices made for the PARTS USED stem from the Vintage Card Art. The Color choices are what I don't get.

It kinda sounds like I'm convincing myself to like them, which it is, but at the same time I'm trying to turn myself against them. For the moment I have to wait and see if I can warm up to Purple Rattlor/Whiplash/Trap Jaw/Mosquitor thing...

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