Feb 17, 2017

A super7 Update

This was in my Spam folder for some reason, so I couldn't comment on it when it came out.

They delivered a Status update on The Ultimates.
I suppose the subs for Filmation and Classics will be after Toy Fair.

So, the Ultimates are coming in Late April/ Early May. A bit too far away, but whatevs... With the exception of Ram Man, I will be able to review them all.

Also, the winner of the Vintage Secreto della Spada Poster was announced... Emanuele S. was the winner... Italian Poster, Italian sounding winner...

Wonder how the tinfoil hat folks will take this?

In any case keep your eyes peeled for any Toy Fair info that comes out and the eventual Armchair commentary from yours truly... Especially with the rumor about Power Con Exclusive being only available for attendees only. (IMO, that would be shooting themselves on the foot)

I predict a We Wuz Kangs and Shiet post from a certain person coming up this weekend.

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