Feb 18, 2017

Super7 and Power Con will rape our wallets

Yup, Their Toy Fair reveals are bonerriffic.
Filmation has:

Which looks like a complete improvement over
Point Dreadful Teela. The Torso seems to be the only real new pieces, as the hair looks very MOTUC... This may be the OG PD Teela head before the mold messed it up.

TBH, the gun is the only thing that worries me. That grip seems too thick for a female hand.

 You know what I'll say here...
I recall a while back mentioning somewhere that MAA would have needed a lot of new pieces... I was proven right AND his arm armor seems to be sculpted on, because it's physically impossible to have this armor made removable with a Super Articulated figure.
Also that Head looks Almost MOTUC-ish... I may be interested in a third party cast of that armor to use on a Palace Guard I made out of a Spare Duncan.

I have to admit that I want this Duncan...

I want this Tri-Klops... Dammit! That's 3 out of 4 Filmation Figures I want to have. Yes, I want to get as close as possible to that pose...

The only thing that can top this set of reveals is having Hordak as the final Filmation Figure...


Sonofabitch! He even comes with Frigging Imp...
I don't want to buy the Filmation sub, but these 4 are too freaking tempting, Especially Imp and his Chest...

Also, IF Neitlich had done the Right thing in the First Place, then this one wouldn't have been here... So thanks for screwing up, Scott!

But the bigger surprise is Power Con:
-an Erroll McCarthy 3 Pack based on the Unproduced 8th Wave of MOTU that Strobo was supposed to be a part of.
I kinda want the set for the Black Squeeze and Mexican Fisto with He-Ro's armor and Rio Blast's right hand.

Purple Rattlor/Whiplash/Trap Jaw is lame...

My only nitpicks are:
Color palette...
Let's look at Purple Whiplash/Rattlor with black Trap Jaw arm and Silver Mosquitor boots. Repeat after me: Black Trap Jaw ARM, SILVER Mosquitor BOOTS... on black legs. It's pretty obvious that he's a Kitbash when some of the parts are close enough to the originals. I would have painted Trap Jaw's arm in  Forest GREEN
The Mosquitor boots, those, I'd paint in a pale metallic blue.
"Latino Fisto" Well, too much green... Reminds me a bit too much of Dawg-o-tor. Cape needs a different color. Thinking Grey inside and maybe silver on the back.

-a Mini Comic 3 Pack with Stratos (which makes me want it) Trap Jaw and Adam.
Aside the fact that Adam has the Snarly Oo-Larr head and that Trap Jaw's arm isn't accurate to the mini comic, I've no nitpicks with this set. Surprised that they got NEW TOOLING ON THEM!!

Biggest Surprise?
Faux Vintage Figures of He-Man, She-Ra, Hordak, and Skeletor BASED ON FILMATION...

I normally am not a fan of pseudo vintage items, but these are so frigging tempting.

Also, I have no pics available at the moment of a Faux Vintage He-Ro and Eldor...

All I have to say is Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!
I'm tempted to attempt getting these.

These have been all great hits!

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