Feb 26, 2017

So I saw the Eureka 7 Movie... You know that...

yeah, Mukyu too Nirvash!!
I already have referenced it in other rants... I joked about Nirvash being a Pokémon.

So, the movie... It makes no freaking sense!! It literally has ALL THE CHARACTERS from the anime, but it uses them as something completely different... from the anime... Kinda like a fanfic... Want to avoid referencing that uber popular fanfic that became its own thing.

Well, in this...

Yes, Dr. Song, there will be Spoilers. It's mostly summarized with bits left out on purpose.

Renton and Eureka are Childhood friends. Eureka has a weird skin condition and Nirvash is a pokémon,,, (eventually the giant robot as well.)
Dominic kinda raised Renton and Eureka after Renton's father died. Eureka gets Captured and Renton becomes a soldier that rides Robot Nirvash (the evolved version of Poke-Nirvash)
He becomes part of Holland's squad whose mission is retrieve a secret weapon that in a twist of fate happens to have teal hair and sounds like Mikuru Asahina.
Renton saves Eureka and she gets hurt in the process. Meanwhile Humanity is readiying a doomsday weapon against the NOT Scub Coral. Eureka is an evil robot from the not scub coral and is supposed to kill humanity, but she fell in love with Renton.

Something something Holland is not Holland (The Real Holland is Professor BEAR) and the Gekkostate crew are a bunch of kids aging rapidly who need Renton and Eureka to recreate the Ageha myth so they can reach "Neverland". Hap and Stoner have their doubts on Eureka and what visually can be described as an attempted rape causes Renton to go berserk on them and ends up getting shot. The Pokemon kills Hap and Stoner (Voiced by PSYCHO MANTIS!!!!)
 a dying Renton escapes with Eureka and dies, but the wish is granted and Renton comes back alive and he wishes for Eureka to live... (Eureka had wished to forget Renton to save him)
Now Renton lives with a human Eureka who doesn't remember him (or anything)

I'm surprised that more love stories reusing the characters and animation from the Original series didn't spawn... Oh yeah, the movie reuses LOTS of scenes from the anime, slightly modded (as a budget saving feature?) Tons of parallel universes and stuff... It might even make Asstrail Ocean feel a bit better. OK, AO has a few references to the movie...

For what pretty much is a blatant cash grab, the movie is enjoyable... Much better than AO... Now it's NOT GREAT (Oh, she's going to kill me...) but it's not AOful... (OK, if she was going to kill me before, after that horrible pun, I'm pretty much dead...)

Should I watch Sausage Party and Review it? I mean, it's on Netflix... and it gives me a break from Naruto (Finally Reached the Sasuke Rescue Mission)

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