Nov 30, 2020

Playing Miles Morales: Representation is Overrated


Warning: This rant comes from the Perspective of an ACTUAL PUERTO RICAN. This is not a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant commenting as an outsider, like most people who have praised the "diversity and representation" in Spider-Man Miles Morales the videogame. Also, it's not the perspective of a Nuyorican, which is what Miles is. I need to make the distintion because Nuyoricans and ACTUAL PUERTO RICANS are VERY Different. Unlike the usual racist and classist speeches that come with the distinctions between Nuyoricans and ACTUAL PUERTO RICANS, I'll TRY to avoid those. But before I do, I shall state my biases.

To ME, Nuyoricans are NOT Puerto Ricans. They are New Yorkers with Puerto Rican ancestry... both literally and culturally. If you're Born and Raised in New York,  that makes you a New Yorker. Now if you're Born in New York and Raised in Puerto Rico, you ARE kinda Puerto Rican, but not really... 
If you're Born in Puerto Rico and Raised in New York, you're kinda Puerto Rican, but not really.

Miles Morales doesn't represent me, NOT because he's Puerto Rican.(which to me he is not, based on my biases as an ACTUAL PUERTO RICAN) He represents me, because he's a guy who tries to do the right thing and FAILS. Despite his failures and dpubts, he still keeps going... which means that Peter Parker can easily represent me.

Usually by the 3rd generation most of the original cultural traits are lost. In this game's case Miles is a 3rd Generation "Puerto Rican" (really 2nd Generation Nuyorican) While he does speak a little Spanish, it's very obvious that He's really a New Yorker above everything else. His "Puerto Ricanhood" is nothing more than a rose-tinted fantasy that was taught to his mother,  which she passed on to him a more diluted version. It's because of these rose-tinted fantasies fed by homesick people who crossed the Atlantic searching for a better life, that these Nuyoricans can be even MORE Patriotic than ACTUAL PUERTO RICANS. I can attest to this, because, when I lived among the Continental 48, I did things I NEVER THOUGHT I'D BE DOING back in Puerto Rico. 

Listening to the Puerto Rican Anthem, Salsa Music were among the things I did in the States. The struggle was real to find the stuff to make a proper Arroz con Pollo or Mofongo. I suppose that Pasteles de Yuca are an even bigger pain in the ass to make on the Continental 48. 

The game is kinda short and I kinda blame part of it wasting WAY TOO MUCH TIME IN PROVING MILES'S PUERTO RICANHOOD for the whole Representation matters angle. Weird thing is that Aside Enter the Spider-Verse, this game has the only other media that has bothered with Miles's Puerto Ricanhood... and they pretty much got it right... well, capturing the Nuyoricanness.
The awkward Ceramic Rooster on the Kitchen (not photographed) and the Ceramic Coquíes in the Bathroom actually capture the Puerto Rican Abuela's house vibe perfectly.

Even the unintended multiple copies of the same book is something that happens at many grandmother's houses.
One thing that bothered me was the Christmas dinner. Rio was cooking tons of Puerto Rican food but they ate Ham and greens. But the mess in the house and the so-called "awkward" books reminded me of my own grandma's house... So for that, I thank you game makers...

So, why do I think "Representation is overrated"? I THINK I should've added an Asterisk, because Representation in itself isn't bad. The problem is that it becomes bad, the moment the story is bent in order to cater to Representation. The game BARELY dodged reaching that point, but it got dangerously close to it. Don't get me wrong, it was Nice to see Puerto Rican culture even if it was through the rose tinted glasses perspective of the children of the diaspora, but at the same time part of it felt like virtue signalling... but that's just me... 

Nov 29, 2020

2020 has taken the least popular half of Darth Vader.

 Only the Hardcore Star Wars Fans remember and respect David Prowse, who sadly was recently seen by Haley Joel Osment.  Aside Star Wars he was known as a Body Builder... back when Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger were Body Builders.

Sadly Mr Prowse has passed away. As always my condolences to the surviving members of his family and his closest friends.  He was 85 years old.

It's not much, but I want to use this post as a small way to remember Mr. Prowse, because his imposing figure was what made Darth Vader a terrifying figure. Sure, James Earl Jones delivered an amazing voice performance, that cemented Darth Vader as the most imposing villainous presence this side of Doctor Doom, but it was Prowse who interacted with the actors.

Nov 28, 2020

Thundercats Roar! Has been put to sleep.

 I'm feeling the Magic and hearing the Roar... The Bastardization of the Thundercats has been cancelled. Manbun Soyboy can suck it!! It's no surprise why this thing got cancelled. Uhh, let's say that the art style wasn't appreciated for starters. Then we can follow this with a total disrespect of the source material. 

Now don't get me wrong, a humorous side series of Thundercats CAN WORK. But in order for it to work, a Serious MAIN SERIES that follows the adventures of Lion-O and the Thundercats as they adapt to life on the new world of Third Earth is needed. In order to "appreciate the humor" in Thundercats Roar, the original series would need to be aired as well. Or at least still be fresh in the mind of the public. 30 years is not something recent... yes, I'm aware that in the late 90s to early 2000s Cartoon Network aired reruns,  but that's not enough.

I attempted to watch Roar and I was appalled by it, since most of the humor was nonsensical and there was no reverence for the source. That is a big issue for me.

But Nefty, you ignore the source material in your It came from the Toy Chest pics.

 The review name "It Came from the Toy Chest" says it all. They are toys, some are fully aware that they're toys. They are not the characters... also they are a Man-Child's PLAYTHINGS!! They are not an official show. That's the difference.

How could Thundercats roar been better? Now THAT IS THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION.

Like I said, as a companion series it may have fared better, but since this was "the only Thundercats series", it faired badly.

First, the art style. The problem was that it was the soft and round style of silly comedies and not an adventure show. Yes, you CAN have a heavily stylized show and still be an adventure show. Our heroes shouldn't look like balloon animals. Cats are supposed to be sleek, a combination of angles and curves making agile, yet powerful beasts. What I'm trying to say is, they should look Athletic, sleek yet powerful... even graceful. Which Roar's designs did not.

The writing... Honestly, the writing on roar felt like they used jokes rejected by TTG staff for being too dumb. Maybe they should've started like the Original Teen Titans with more serious stuff and easing people into the humor. Like the first 5 episodes being 65% serious and 35% humorous, the gradually shifting the tone to 35% serious and 65% humorous. By the second half of season 2 they'd be at 20-80 in the serious to funny ratio.

How pathetic do you have to be to drag the VA of the Original Lion-O to have him talk smack about his fans. Also, REALLY TASTLESS JOKE of having a dead Panthro in it, knowing that Earle Hyman, voice of Panthro had died in 2017!!

While there were folks that complained about the 2011 reboot; (I had a few nitpicks, but it was an overall good experience.) I never heard of people from the new show ACTIVELY ATTACKING THE FANBASE.


Attacking the Gen Xers and Older Millennials who grew up on this show for not liking the reboot is attacking the people with wallets and having extra money to spend on merchandise. Tumblrkin don't buy Merchandise... just ask Mattel and their Noelle Stevenson's Pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra merchandise that faded away super fast to the Clearance bin. You can poke fun at some of the older stuff, but it must come from a place of respect, or at least UNDERSTANDING of the material/circumstances.

It's not difficult, but then again common sense IS uncommon in this day and age.

Nov 27, 2020

The Child has a name and

 It's Stupid! The episode was really cool with Rosario Dawson playing Ahsoka Tano. This got me so excited that when she first appeared I started screaming Ahsoka and may have angered the ghost of Celia Cruz. The only downside to the episode was the Reveal of Baby Yoda's name. It sounds like the onomatopoeia of a belch. It doesn't even have a Y for crying out loud! We had Yoda, Yaddle, and now Belch Sound.  I'm not using the real name for the sake of avoiding spoilers for those who haven't seen it. I'm using a descriptor which is belch sound, because that's what it sounds like.

But we all know the real reason for the name reveal:

Double dipping on the Merchandise!!!

Think about it, Star Wars fans collect MOC, so they already own "The Child" merchandise and now they must rebuy the same stuff with "Stupid Belch Sound Real Name". Hasbro is loving this!!

Nov 26, 2020

Super7 should consider Battletoads Ultimates

 THE only cool TMNT Knock-off...  so cool that TMNT ripped off the Battletoads for their 2016 toon... I went there. But yeah, Battletoads, the infamous NES Game that ruined many Christmases. There was an arcade game and Sequels? for the SNES and Genesis. Point is that the TMNT Knock-offs that we call Battletoads would be great to have in Ultimates form.

Classic Designs of course... No one in their right mind would choose Generic Evil Doctor vs Dominatrix Kim Kardashian West... but prettier. Vintage looking toads vs vintage looking Turtles... We could get Bimmy and Jimmy as the BT "Usagi"...

Nov 25, 2020

MK11 has gotten a new DLC

 Getting Robocop, Rambo, and Terminator wasn't enough for MK 11. Now they have a new DLC. What is tbis DLC? 

Yes, it's Mortal Kombat skins based on the Klassic Movie...

You get the Highlander himself as Raiden!

Bridgette Wilson as Sonya... good riddance Ronda Rousey! And...
I now want MK11... shame that Raul Julia died...
Imagine Street Fighter V with Raul Julia playong Bison... you're welcome! Sadly, Capcom isn't one to oull off such stunts. Only Netherrealm does things like that... CDPR we want, nay, NEED a Henry Cavill skin for Geralt and Joey Batey for Dandelion in Witcher 3.

Working on Thanksgiving

 I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Working on Thanksgiving sucks. Especially when I'm on call for both of my non-House of Rants jobs. But, while it sucks more for people with families and a life. Thanksgiving is a day to share with family... before the woke folk remind us of the slaughter of Native Americans that followed afterwards by the English Colonists. Yes, we're aware of the historical evils behind it. The part most people celebrate is the whole "thanks for making it for another year" part. Unless you have enough prep time and pre-cook everything, Thanksgiving WILL suck for you. Especially in night shifts, because NOTHING WILL BE OPEN. (Curfews due to COVID-19 don't help either)

But duty is duty and sometimes it can screw your plans... The one thing that makes it worse for the retail employees who have work on Thanksgiving is customers acting like dicks. Also, commenting on how Corporate sucks for making employees on Thanksgiving to the cashier as they scan your purchase is a dick move. Last but not least: Why the Hell are you showing up on Thanksgiving when Black Friday is the day after!?

To my fellow essential employees and retail folk... Happy Thanksgiving deapite having to work from all of me at the House of Rants...

Nov 24, 2020

Drake Bell is now Mexican: odds and ends pre Turkey 2020

 Yes, I'm talking about Live Action Timmy Turner Drake Bell. He now lives in Mexico as Drake Campana... He should be called Pato Campana.

Mi cerebro no puede procesar esto. El español de Campana suena bien... Oh, Dios mío! Estoy hablando español en mi bitácora electrónica...

Recently, I was made aware of Dhar Mann's Youtube channel. "We're not just telling stories, we're changing lives." Dhar Mann... That Dhar Mann's changed his life, because he now owns a Former property of the Kardashians... or Khloe Simpson if the rumors are true.

So, Dhar Mann: weird entrepreneur who has a bit of a shady past, makes poorly written and acted videos. Not only that, but they hammer down the message that both Hideo Kojima and Zack Snyder say: "Dude, that ain't subtle at all!" The funny thing is that Dhar Mann's message is all about not focusing on material stuff but focusing on being a better person and all that. Meanwhile his Instagram it's all about the bling and all the material stuff He has. 

 if you want to have a laugh at something so awfully acted and directed that even Tommy Wiseau is shocked then watch Dhar Mann's Youtube channel.

Wave 2 of TMNT ultimates is coming up soon. Super7 sent the e-mails... still, where's my Snake Mountain?

Nov 22, 2020

Duolingo added LIVES!?

 What the Hell!? Isn't it supposed to be a "learning tool" it crucifies you with the new lessons and when you fail enough times, because it's testing you on new material, it kicks you out of the lesson until you redo plenty of old lessons, rest for a whole day or pay for more lives... (with in-lesson currency or real money) which is a steaming pile of bullshit.

It's not cool that they're "forcing you to slow down" even more. First it was the "broken seal" lessons that had to be restored, now this...

I want to learn at my own freaking pace, thank you very much! If this BS keeps up I might end up saying: 
さよなら Duolingo-くん!! 

Nov 20, 2020

Haley Joel Osment saw another Scott Summers

 First we lost the 90s Cyclops. Now we lost the Evolution Cyclops. Seems like 2020 is a bad year  people who have played Scott Summers.

No info on his cause of death was given. My condolences to the family and friends.
IIRC, he replaced Ian Corlett as Goku's voice in the Canadian dub. He was also Michelangelo in Next Mutation. I recently started watching "Dog Ranma" and he plaued Miroku in it.

The Arecibo Observatory can't saved...

 I honestly don't have the patriotic attachment to it that some Puerto Ricans have. To me the loss of this scientific marvel is Pop culture related.

Losing the terrorist Base in Cuba where is 006 died is a terrible thing. I know I should be complaining about the scientific achievements and the history of the place; but being brutally honest, it's the pop culture value what I appreciate the most. Again it's not that I'm being anti-intellectual, I'm just commenting on how this bit of news affect me.

 It's a horrible thing to lose. Especially since it had been very useful to humanity in general, not just the United States. Now, when the aliens finally reply to us, how are we going to hear their message?

Making a case for Spector and SLL in MOTU Origins

 It's not a joke I'm completely serious about this. The Mighty Spector and Sir Laser Lot deserve a spot in Origins. I'm well aware that I've spent years mocking the living heck out of these characters, but I'm only suggesting them to be in Origins for a single reason: Custom Fodder. They use old pieces and they have new pieces that could be beneficial for the line.

This line is all about customization potential, and these new guys happen to have some stuff that could be useful... but being brutally honest here using the name Spector and Laser lot it's just a clickbaity strategy. The idea is to have the entire 30th Anniversary line to appear in Origins that includes Cy-Chop, Draegoman, Castle Grayskull man, Oh shit! And  The Fearless Photog... that way Mattel can truly, truly, truly complete the originals be made when Nathan Bitner won the original create a character contest.

A vintage styled Fearless Photog would be a wonderful thing.  will Mattel do it probably not, but a guy can dream ...

Personally I believe the line should step away from vintage's shadow and behave like a super deformed Motu classics instead. Not just sticking to what we remember as kids but to go beyond. Spacing out of the upcoming landshark can be Used For Motu Classics as well.

Nov 18, 2020

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl is getting a sequel

 Seems like it's coming in January 1st 2021 but there is something VERY WRONG with it...

Taylor Lautner... the original and TRUE Sharkboy is not coming back!! Instead he's being replaced by 64 year old Stuntman turned actor JJ Dashnaw. I mean, it's not like Taylor Lautner has been busy these past few years. Couldn't they get an actor that:

-resembled Taylor Lautner?

-was close in age to Taylor Lautner?

The guy playing Sharkboy now could play Sharkboy's DAD for crying outloud! Well, there's nothing we can do, but I will most likely review this. Probably won't be a play by play, but I'm curious to see this possible trainwreck...

Top 30 X-Men characters/Variants I'd like to see in Marvel Legends

 With all the love Spidey's been getting in Marvel Legends, I thought I would make an X-Men list just to be different. I mean, how many times can I say that I NEED 90s Kaine?
So, I'll go to X-Men in order to avoid Fantastic Four, which means Bagman and Power Pack.

30: Toad:
The one who hasn't been touched since ToyBiz wave 1. The seemingly modded Doc Ock body gives me hope for a Toad.

29: Avalanche:
We haven't had a True to the comics Classic Avalanche, so We NEED ONE ti complete A version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

28: Blob:
Notice a theme with these 3, Brother? I'm trying to get Mystique's Brotherhood and getting most of Magneto's original Brotherhood done. Also, BAF Blob needs an upgrade.

27: Destiny:
You KNEW she was coming. She's also theoretically easy for Hasbro.

26: First appearance Rogue:
This one I'd like to see on a 2 pack with a Warbird rerelease. (Toss in a Danvers in pain head to simulate the touch by Rogue.)

25: Piotr Rasputin: (Non-Metal form)
For the same reason people want Legs on Cannonball... Hell, Toss Cannonball's legs with him for kicks! He'd also be great for my next pick.

24: Shadowcat:
I will keep asking for the blue Ninja Kitty Pryde, because it's an iconic look for her.

23: Armored Psylocke:
Back when Betsy Braddock wasn't in Kwanon's body, she wore a pink and purple armored suit. I want that look.

22: Spiral:
2 reasons: we need an updated Spiral and updating her may open the doors for a new Mojo... Sure, the ToyBiz one is near perfection, but I don't think Hasbro can improve on him by a

21: Longshot:
See what I did there? We have his Dad/Son, so we need Shattersrar's Son/Dad. Also we have Dazzler... two of her in fact and no Longshot, outside of ToyBiz.

We were teased with her head by Walgreens. We NEED THE FULL FIGURE! That's it.

If we were to get a Single Acolyte of Magneto, this one is The One.

Cannonball's little sister. IIRC Angel dated her for a bit. Trying to get some Generation X into the line.

17: Generation X Jubilee:
Again, just pushing some Generation X love. A nice reuse of the female Gen X parts and Jubilee (jacket, biceps)

16: Skin:
Just like the previous 2 I'm adding him to have some Generation X love. ALSO he can reuse Reed's pervy fingers.

15: M:
Monet St. Croix, yet another member of Generation X. I'm talking about the gestalt of the M-Twins, not Penance. Mostly, because she can be made with most of the GenX parts and she deserves a better deal than a Husk 2 for one extra head.

14: Synch:
Since Skin would have a differently colored body, I couldn't do a 2 for one with him, so Synch had to take up an extra slot.

13: Banshee:
You had to know he was coming. How can I suggest most of Generation X and not have  one of the HMs? Him, I'd want as a deluxe figure:
4 heads (2 Classic and 2 Gen X heads. Each would get Normal and screaming heads)
Flight Stand

12: Shard:
Bishop's sister turned holographic projection. (*Nudge nudge wink wink*) easy Pulse Exclusive, clear blue Shard with metallic accents as a hologram... you're welcome! Getting a normal Shard for the "alternate future" displays would look cool.

11: Feral Wolverine:
One of Marvel's greatest miatakes from the 90s... I want him, period.

10: Classic Apocalypse:
Literally, repaint the BAF in classic colors. Maybe toss in a reference to X-Men vs Street Fighter with a brand new Drill arm.

I think some parts from the Kree Sentry BAF could be a nice starting point. This dhould be a "deluxe" single release.

One of the newer characters who got some crazy push in the 90s was Marrow and since she even made it to a MVC game, she deserves a figure. She too needs to be a "deluxe figure" due to her abilities. Thinking interchangeable arms (one with bone spikes, one without) multiple heads with different degrees/styles of bones poling out, detachable bones from her back.

7: Time Displaced X-Men 5-pack:
It MAY Feel like cheating but it's better to have them in a 5-pack than occupying 5 slots. 

6: Dr. Cecilia Reyes:
Rather easy to make and as around in the late 90s, so this makes her desirable in my eyes... and no, her having a Puerto Rican origin is not reason enough for me to want one.

5: Graydon Creed:
I know what you're thinking: He's a normal guy in a suit... So was Chameleon and he was made appealing by adding 2 extra heads. I'll suggest the same thing and add a Senator Robert Kelly head and a Henry Peter Gyrich head. The latter can also be used on Avengers Displays.

4: Forearm:
No reason other than Dude has 4 arms. No really. Also, the #4 spot goes for the dude that has 4 arms.

3: Callisto: 
Former Morlock leader And Rival to Storm.

2: Lady Deathstrike:
ToyBiz mistakes need to be corrected.

1:Madelyne Pryor:
This one would be a Pulse Exclusive, of course.

There you have it 30 X-Men toys I'd like to see in Marvel Legends.

Nov 16, 2020

Oh no, One of my favorite VAs has been accused of being a sexual predator

 Apparently, Quinton Flynn is in hot water regarding this theme. Here's an article.
Seems like Jonny Quest gets girl to send him nude selfies, vids of them touching themselves and in some cases he has had one night stands and then he then ghosts them.

Of course brigades have begun to attempt to cancel Raiden... I don't know how to feel about The Human Torch being a lecherous dude. Or Iruka-sensei sexting women... or Reno of the TURKS ghosting girls after one night stand... need one more reference...
Bet he says this to all girls: "my dick: got it memorized?"

I don't think he should be cancelled. He might be a douche for using his fame to sleep with women. I mean, Jared Leto does the same thing and apparently he likes them underage and there's no cancel Leto movement.
Now, the so-called evidence are a couple of sexts taken out of context... we don't have access to the entire conversacion so we don't know if Q-Flynn started it or if he was reacting to the other party.
There's a compilation of audio clips of Raiden talking dirty... He's allegedly using the Raiden/Johnny Storm and Jonny Quest voice but the video was set to private. In other words the "proof is being purposely hidden".

Being a philanderer is not illegal, especially if it's between consenting adults. I hope this doesn't end like Vicg Mignogna...

Nov 15, 2020

Rick Moranis was assaulted last month. His allegged attacker was arrested.

 This whole saga slipped out of my radar. Last month, Rick Moranis was sucker punched and knocked down by a random attacker.
The alleged attacker was arrested yesterday  (Nov. 14). If this person is indeed the one who attacked Moranis, I hope he is punished to the full extent of the Law. If he isn't the one, I hope nothing happens to him and that the real guilty party is found and punished as the Law mandates.

But seriously, who in their right mind would attack Rick Moranis!? I would understand attacking Bill Murray... like say for ruining for decades the chance for a Real Ghostbusters 3 (see what I did there) or for making Garfield 2 a tale of two kitties. Hell, even attacking Dan Aykroyd for allowing Ghostbusters 2016 to even exist... Why do I feel that I need to point out that my last statements about Murray and Aykroyd were jokes peppered with dark humor. At least I didn't make a joke about Ernie Hudson appearing in Dragon Ball: De-evolution...

Nov 14, 2020

Ohana means: Dammit, the guy who ruined Jem is going to ruin Lilo and Stitch?

 Jon M. Chu, the genius behind bastardzation of Jem and the Holograms is apparently bastardizing Lilo and Stitch. Well, this is going to suck. Not Zack Snyder level of suck, but it will suck.

"But Nefty, Chu did Crazy Rich Asians!"

He also did Jem and the Holograms AND GI Joe Retaliation... I may have liked retaliation  (mostly because compared to Rise of Cobra it ruled) but he did JEM!!

He also pussied out of He-Man, so screw him!!

Then we have the whole Disney Live Action reboots. Can you name a good one? Exactly.

Alleged Pedo Jared Leto's Joker is going to look "different" in the Snyder (in-hind-sight) "cut"

 Seriously,  Snyder is throwing everything to see what sticks, and yes, it includes the proverbial kitchen sink. Which royally sucks. This means more incoherent crap further ruining the DCEU. We all know I'm not Hack Snydurr's biggest fan. The reason why I detest Snyder is because he's taking a shit on the DC Universe. With the "Snyder cut" he's repeating the worst issues with many superhero movies: Adding way too much stuff. Sure, Endgame had a ton of characters, but we met them all throughout the 10 years of the MCU. Snyder is throwing everything in here. Martian Manhunter, Joker, Deathstroke, Darkseid, Steppenwolf, etc. Before anyone tells me to "trust Snyder" I need to remind them the mess called

Look, it's Jimmy Olsen... no he's not Superman's pal... He's dead. Oh look! Robin is  too! It's not quite Superman and he's dead... Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman reduced to PowerPoint presentations to studio execs. Can anyone explain to me Lex Luthor's plan?

But whatever. This will suck monkey balls.

Nov 13, 2020

Marvel legends Stiltman wave revealed.

 And it's an Into the Spiderverse wave.

Aside the Hand Ninja and Frog Man, the rest isn't THAT exciting to me. Prowler, Gwen, Miles, and Bleh Bleh Bleh Peter.
Frogman seems to be made in a modified Doctor Octopus body. Could this mean we're getting closer to a Marvel Legends Toad?

Gimme a 90s Kaine, Dammit!!

Nov 12, 2020

Mumm-Ra the Everglowinthedark

 Is the newest BBTS exclusive item.  You know the normal Mumm-Ra that super 7 released, well picture him in glow-in-the-dark plastic I'm you can guess what the bbts exclusive is all about.

Honestly it looks kind of cool. I'm not going to lie about that. I just don't feel that this should have been the exclusive item. Red Mumm-Ra Lion-O would have been a much better exclusive.

In any case it comes out in January. You can pre-order him now... 
 Heck even a glow-in-the-dark Jaga... Aw hell naw! Spirit of Jaga might be a Blue GITD Jaga... a clear stealth mode Tygra would have been nice...

I better shut up and not give them any more ideas.

Nov 11, 2020

Masterverse mystery...

 I understand that the first wave of the Masterverse line is being kept under wraps, because it's a Revelation Wave. Future waves have had some rumors like it being MOTUC Compatible and posibbly expanding MOTUC with Masterverse in a similar way how DC Multiverse expanded DCUC. How Deep will the line go? Filmation? 200X? Mini Comics? DC Nu52? Marvel Star? Newspaper strips?
Vehicles? Playsets? Meteorbs? Netflix She-Ra? The Non-Revelation series? Will Classics get reissues as filler in Masterverse?

Now assuming Masterverse is MOTUC 2.0 For real and not a Filmation Bastardization, here's a list of variants I'd like to see:
6 figure wave + 1 bonus figure:

Lords of Power Beastman:
 Eventually, I'd like to see the entire LoP set in 1:10 scale. I'm starting with Beastman because he's my favorite vintage villain.

Nu52 He-Man: (ironman pants)
Normally, I hate He-Man who wears pants. But I'm making an exception because he's different enough to most He-Man variations.

200X Evil Lyn:
Neitlich failed hard on this. The whole point of 200X EL was that she wasn't wearing the same clothes as Teela.

Teela: Woman-at-Arms:
This one can have a double feature: Sort of Army Builder for Palace Guards with female guards. Just toss in an extra head or 2 for Teela to make generic frmale guards.

She-Ra: Netflix
I could've chosen the Nu52 one, but I'm picking this one as an act of mockery. Having her come up through a He-Man toyline because the Tumblrkin didn't support the official doll line is just deliciously evil.

Tri-Klops: Mini comics 
A figure we should've gotten in MOTUC. Ammending the mistake.

Skeletor:  NU52
 Yes, I mean the ugly half skull super powered Skeletor from the DCU vs MOTU crossover to match the He-Man with ironman pants.

I know there is a lack of new characters on this small list. I want them but I'm not going to mention them until I can get a full scope of the line. For now, all I know is that variants are a huge part of it, so I followed that theme. The Melakthas, Mendors, Skeleteens will get their lists, but until we get a Revelation on Revelation, I can't or rather won't speculate too much.

Holidays and Quarantine/Social Distancing

 Now that we are in No Nut November (I failed), the Turkey is just a pair of weeks away, then 

And with Winter coming, someone ELSE is coming... 

But there is an issue this year...

 The  virus is still going around despite President Trump's promises. I don't know. Need to adapt to this new normal where we can't share with friends and family. I should say extended family or large groups of friends.

 I'm bringing this up because of my depression. Once again I must point out that this is not a cry for help nor trying to get pity points just because I have depression. I'm simply stating it because I know how hard these times can get to people who have depression. I also understand that the whole quarantine / social distancing due to the pandemic has not been easy for all, especially  to those who suffer from depression. It's a double whammy of issues that can overwhelm fully functional folks, so imagine how hard it must be for those of us who have the burden of dealing with all that plus depression.

If you have a friend or family member who you suspect may be going through this a bit harsher, leave them a message. FB, e-mail, text, whatsapp, MySpace, or call them... just to let them know you are there and care about them. That small act may be the thing they need to stop themselves from doing something stupid... 

Nov 10, 2020

The importance of Background items in toy collections.

 The Original Marvel Legends by ToyBiz came with small Diorama pieces to spice up Individual Character displays. Certain Dioramas could combine to have a Team-up display. Ever since the costs of plastic went up, the dioramas were replaced by BAFs. Now Displays can't be spiced up as well.
For example:
The display has an angry J. Jonah Jameson yelling at Peter Parker. It's OK for an it came from the Toy Chest where the focus should be the toy reviewed. But for a display that is not everyone standing in a vanilla pose.

Now using the Bookshelf from the Tobey-Man Peter Parker and the desk/chair from thw JJJ from that line. The file cabinet was from a Jakks WWF (yeah it's that old) accessory pack. BTW, I got it at a KB toys.

I COULD take it a step further and make a small diorama base with some foamboards, paint, clear plastic, printouts of NYC skyline, and other doodads... Maybe a Custom Robbie Robertson and Betty Brandt. I won't be able to because logistics... and that it strays from the point I'm trying to make. Action Figure Photography has been gaining popularity in the last few years and props help sell the illusion that blurs the line between toys and real life. We can use forced perspective for in the wild photography. Things like Savage Land, Eternia, etc. Heck, I even showed ya my FFVII figures at Aeris Lounge. But there are some things that you cannot use forced perspective. That is where Props come in. Not everyone is "customizing inclined" and pre-made 1:12, 1:10, 1:18, and 1:6 stuff comes to mind as a way to ease up their problems. (BTW, I have 1:6 and 1:12 dildos and assorted sex toys for the Snake Mountain review.) 

Anyway, the idea of having plastic props for plastic figures is that they look cohesive. Unless the toyline mixes materials, having real wood and real cloth items makes the figures look weird. Also some of the Doll stuff can look way too fancy for something like say, the TMNT Sewer lair.

So that is why I can get giddy for things like food or dildos for my action figures. In any case, getting things like arcade games, appliances, etc. can spice up a display in 10 seconds flat.

Also, I wanted an excuse to show custom JJJ on his desk as he should always be. Now to order a 1:12 dollhouse black couch...

People are bitching about the Witches remake?

 Seriously? It's not that is a remake of the already scary original release, or that Anne Hathaway did an underwhelming performance? Y'all complaining that the evil witches don't have 5 fingers and that it's offensive to people missing digits?

Really? That's your offense? Villains need to be only White people without any condition that strays them from the norm?

This kind of thing is what I mean that SocJus NeoPuritanism takes things too far. Diversity is good only when dealing with the good guys. With bad guys diversity bad and they must be white people.

Personally, I think that WB and Hathaway "apologizing" is ridiculous. Are bald people going to complain about the movie as well?
What about people with weird teeth?
These SocJus Zealots still haven't learned to pick their battles... While they're fighting for this, a Domestic violence victim has been blacklisted from Hollywood, while their abuser is still making movies... They are doing nothing because the victim is a white male. Food for thought.

Nov 8, 2020

The categories are: Potent Potables, An Album Cover, Gameshow hosts that were seen by Haley Joel Osment

 If you undershtood the referenshe, you might have gueshshed that the Hosht of Jeopardy hash made Yuna danshe. Kebert Xela has passed away from Cancer. As always my condolences to the family.

I have to be honest here, I wasn't a huge fan of Jeopardy. The only reason I'm mentionong Trebek's passing is because Both Alex Trebek AND Sean Connery have passed in 2020 roughly a week from each other.

-"I have been expecting you, Trebek!! HAHAHAHA!!"

Yes, the only reason I cared about Trebek was due to Will Ferrell playing him on the Celebrity Jeopardy sketches from SNL... wait, Trebek, Connery, AND Turd Ferguson are all dead!!
*Connery laugh*

So, TMNT wants a fourth movie...

 A continuation of the GOOD TMNT Movies, not the Bay Disasters... People who worked on the originals have been having talks. They even got Jim Henson's son involved...

Picture a TMNT movie with the Turtles looking like in the 1990 movie, but with modern puppeteering technology AND CG Touch-ups.

 Pretty much my reaction, little turtle dude!
Think about it: classic looking Live action TMNT, Henson-made Rocksteady and Bebop, Mousers, Krang... A guy could dream. It would be an amazing experiment.

Nov 6, 2020

Why is Playmates still involved with TMNT?

 Think about it. Are they doing ANYTHING WITH THE BRAND? Rise ended or was cancelled, don't know, don't care. Aside the so-so  tribute set, they've been doing jack shit with the brand. Meanwhile NECA and Super7 are kicking so much ass with their TMNT. 
Since NECA is focused on the Toon and vintage live action films, while Super7 is focused on the vintage toyline. There are some spots that Playmates could cover AND CATER TO BOTH KIDS AND COLLECTORS.

The 2003 series, Next Mutation, the CGI movie, the Bay Produced Films, 2012 series, and Rise of the TMNT.  Hell, they could still do Mirage Styled stuff...

Never forget that beautiful Mirage Splinter.

I still stand that a Marvel Legends styled line of TMNT could work. Taking the TMNT Multiverse putting it in a somewhat cohesive style and cover all lines. Toss in larger characters as BAFS  and it would reduce the Peg Warmers.

But either Playmates is in dire straits, or nickelodeon is slowly trying to get away from them... (which would be a massive dick move) Seriously, if they're doing nothing with the brand of why the hell do they even keep it?

Nov 5, 2020

Action Figure Woes: Disappointing toys.

 Have you ever bought a toy, whether in store or online that looked awesome, but when you get home, it's a steaming pile of bullshit?

I have.

I started taking pictures of a couple of things that I got for the Advent Calendar and ended being a bit disappointed with a CERTAIN item. To be fair, I had  second hand knowledge on knowing some of the shortcomings of it. But, when you have no idea of its shortcomings is a lot disappointing. 
Like say when a toy is supposed to be in 1:12 scale, but is actually closer to 1:15. Or how 1:12 scale figures from line A do not mix with 1:12 scale figures from line B. Or a "super articulated figure" that ends up being unposeable because of awkward articulation. At stores you can't figure this out.

Here's hoping that Snake Mountain makes it before Christmas.

Man, I miss MOTU...

 Even though we have a hard to find retail line and maybe 1-2 additional toylines coming (Masterverse and one based on the non-Silent Bob Rape is Bad mmmkay! Series)
I feel like the vacuum left by the end of MOTUC hasn't been filled.

I know some people have filled their MOTU Hole with Oranges, but they didn't click with me. Sure I might be getting a couple more of them, but I don't see myself going all in like I nearly did with MOTUC. While Mattel is taking some steps to ensure the longevity of the brand, I still feel like they are not doing enough. Once again I'm going to mention that we seriously need a video game tie-in. And I mean a real video game not the Tappers of Grayskull bullshit... or the Cameo on the crappy tower defense game.  hopefully by 2021 we will see more tie-in merchandise. But seriously, we really need a video game.

And with a full-fledged return from Masters of the Universe I'm hoping for stuff like Halloween costumes, accessories, things like that because I missed out on the 1st Power sword that was made for a little while a couple years back when Mom was alive. but I'm hoping for things like costumes that are not necessarily He-Man or Skeletor... Beastman is all I need.

 I just had a crazy idea Masters of the Universe bed covers but in adult bed sizes... I would totally buy that. I would buy a new adventures of He-Man the complete series set but that just me.

Nov 3, 2020

Toss a Coin to McFarlane, collectors of plenty...

 Yes, it's a Jaskier reference and not a Dandelion reference because Todd will be making Cavill looking Geralts.

 not only we are getting video game Geralts but we're also getting TV Geralts. I'm honestly hoping that we get Jaskier... for the coin tossing.

Also, McFarlane doing Nekkers, Sirens, kikimores and other monsters would be sweet!

Nov 2, 2020

We ARE getting a Marvel Legends Jolly Jonah!!

 While he's inspired by the Klawe custom, he is not a repaint of Klawe with new arms.
Well he does Sport the standard shirt body with tie; they made a new vest for him that's opened up! Hopefully the coming of this Jonah means that the chameleon will finally get its price lower in the secondary market and I'll be able to get one or two. Unless Hasbro announces an official Hammerhead figure. He ended up using the Gwen Stacy newspaper.

I honestly like the small touches they added to make mr. Jameson pop!

Gonna drop some hints about using the Stan Lee/Peter Parker lower body sonce his legs pop off like a BAF on a new Upper body with removable arms to make a Deluxe Doc Connors.
He'd get a set of alternate legs with bare feet from Wpn X (perhaps modified shins woth torn pants that can be reused on a Banner) and alternate Right arm. Full arm vs the amputated stump. Then toss in a second head in partial Lizard transformation and an extra pair of "lizard hands". I'm specifically mentioning dr. Connors because the ceiling characters from Spider-Man he's one of the most toyetic. 

Personally I would have liked to have a Joseph Robertson, a Betty Brant, an Aunt May, a Harry Osborn, and a Flash Thompson. I better mention a Ben Reilly and a Modern Kaine just to be safe.