Nov 11, 2020

Masterverse mystery...

 I understand that the first wave of the Masterverse line is being kept under wraps, because it's a Revelation Wave. Future waves have had some rumors like it being MOTUC Compatible and posibbly expanding MOTUC with Masterverse in a similar way how DC Multiverse expanded DCUC. How Deep will the line go? Filmation? 200X? Mini Comics? DC Nu52? Marvel Star? Newspaper strips?
Vehicles? Playsets? Meteorbs? Netflix She-Ra? The Non-Revelation series? Will Classics get reissues as filler in Masterverse?

Now assuming Masterverse is MOTUC 2.0 For real and not a Filmation Bastardization, here's a list of variants I'd like to see:
6 figure wave + 1 bonus figure:

Lords of Power Beastman:
 Eventually, I'd like to see the entire LoP set in 1:10 scale. I'm starting with Beastman because he's my favorite vintage villain.

Nu52 He-Man: (ironman pants)
Normally, I hate He-Man who wears pants. But I'm making an exception because he's different enough to most He-Man variations.

200X Evil Lyn:
Neitlich failed hard on this. The whole point of 200X EL was that she wasn't wearing the same clothes as Teela.

Teela: Woman-at-Arms:
This one can have a double feature: Sort of Army Builder for Palace Guards with female guards. Just toss in an extra head or 2 for Teela to make generic frmale guards.

She-Ra: Netflix
I could've chosen the Nu52 one, but I'm picking this one as an act of mockery. Having her come up through a He-Man toyline because the Tumblrkin didn't support the official doll line is just deliciously evil.

Tri-Klops: Mini comics 
A figure we should've gotten in MOTUC. Ammending the mistake.

Skeletor:  NU52
 Yes, I mean the ugly half skull super powered Skeletor from the DCU vs MOTU crossover to match the He-Man with ironman pants.

I know there is a lack of new characters on this small list. I want them but I'm not going to mention them until I can get a full scope of the line. For now, all I know is that variants are a huge part of it, so I followed that theme. The Melakthas, Mendors, Skeleteens will get their lists, but until we get a Revelation on Revelation, I can't or rather won't speculate too much.

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