Nov 14, 2020

Ohana means: Dammit, the guy who ruined Jem is going to ruin Lilo and Stitch?

 Jon M. Chu, the genius behind bastardzation of Jem and the Holograms is apparently bastardizing Lilo and Stitch. Well, this is going to suck. Not Zack Snyder level of suck, but it will suck.

"But Nefty, Chu did Crazy Rich Asians!"

He also did Jem and the Holograms AND GI Joe Retaliation... I may have liked retaliation  (mostly because compared to Rise of Cobra it ruled) but he did JEM!!

He also pussied out of He-Man, so screw him!!

Then we have the whole Disney Live Action reboots. Can you name a good one? Exactly.

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