Nov 24, 2020

Drake Bell is now Mexican: odds and ends pre Turkey 2020

 Yes, I'm talking about Live Action Timmy Turner Drake Bell. He now lives in Mexico as Drake Campana... He should be called Pato Campana.

Mi cerebro no puede procesar esto. El español de Campana suena bien... Oh, Dios mío! Estoy hablando español en mi bitácora electrónica...

Recently, I was made aware of Dhar Mann's Youtube channel. "We're not just telling stories, we're changing lives." Dhar Mann... That Dhar Mann's changed his life, because he now owns a Former property of the Kardashians... or Khloe Simpson if the rumors are true.

So, Dhar Mann: weird entrepreneur who has a bit of a shady past, makes poorly written and acted videos. Not only that, but they hammer down the message that both Hideo Kojima and Zack Snyder say: "Dude, that ain't subtle at all!" The funny thing is that Dhar Mann's message is all about not focusing on material stuff but focusing on being a better person and all that. Meanwhile his Instagram it's all about the bling and all the material stuff He has. 

 if you want to have a laugh at something so awfully acted and directed that even Tommy Wiseau is shocked then watch Dhar Mann's Youtube channel.

Wave 2 of TMNT ultimates is coming up soon. Super7 sent the e-mails... still, where's my Snake Mountain?

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