Nov 20, 2020

Making a case for Spector and SLL in MOTU Origins

 It's not a joke I'm completely serious about this. The Mighty Spector and Sir Laser Lot deserve a spot in Origins. I'm well aware that I've spent years mocking the living heck out of these characters, but I'm only suggesting them to be in Origins for a single reason: Custom Fodder. They use old pieces and they have new pieces that could be beneficial for the line.

This line is all about customization potential, and these new guys happen to have some stuff that could be useful... but being brutally honest here using the name Spector and Laser lot it's just a clickbaity strategy. The idea is to have the entire 30th Anniversary line to appear in Origins that includes Cy-Chop, Draegoman, Castle Grayskull man, Oh shit! And  The Fearless Photog... that way Mattel can truly, truly, truly complete the originals be made when Nathan Bitner won the original create a character contest.

A vintage styled Fearless Photog would be a wonderful thing.  will Mattel do it probably not, but a guy can dream ...

Personally I believe the line should step away from vintage's shadow and behave like a super deformed Motu classics instead. Not just sticking to what we remember as kids but to go beyond. Spacing out of the upcoming landshark can be Used For Motu Classics as well.

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