Feb 15, 2017

Looking back on Army Building and MOTUC.

Every now and then I come back to the Army Building and MOTUC. I'm one sucker for lore expanding characters... I know we have Snakemen, and I made a custom snakeman out of a Spare Skeletor buck. Well, with the coming of Hawke/Delora Avion is getting an expansion. I was able to acquire a pair of Stratoses, or is it Strati? on the Bay... A TRU Stratos and a Vanilla Stratos. I also got some custom heads from Starwars Geek Customs... Once I paint them, I'll show the customs.

Many moons ago, I made a Son of Carnivus due to some heads that I got from Karak Nul. (Still on storage)

IF Super7 plays it smart and makes an Ultimate Stratos (with left Carnivus hand so he can grip something), adding a new extra head or two... and maybe an extra harness... (Thinking of them doing Mini Comic Stratos and adding a Toy harness and maybe 2 more heads for the other 2 Stratos to make new Avionian warriors could work.

If they make Ultimate Buzz-Off, I could use the vintage head BO as a generic Andreenid, just like I use Abe Vigoda Whiplash as a generic Caligar.
I often mention multicolored Cosmic Enforcers akin to Super Sentai shows as a way to expand the universe. I understand that Super7 may not be able to go that deep, due to their small size and lack of resources. Well, I just hope that like they did with Hawke, adding the Delora head to help folks army build, that they consider adding some generic heads to folks like Stratos, Buzz-off, etc. in order to help make pseudo army builders... (and help move some of those more vanilla figures...)

Heck, if they do an "Ultimate Zodac" They could add all the Enforcer weapons and toss in a Zanthor head, since the Kar-Tor head might not work as well on the Caucacian Zodac buck.

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