Feb 7, 2017

Equestria... The Final Frontier.

Prepare... YOUR plots... Everypony! Because William SHATner... is coming... to MY... Little Pony... Friendship IS... Magic. Yup, TJ Hooker has joined Weird Al, Q, Ocean Dub Vegeta, as a voice in MLP: FIM.

Okay? What's going on between Ahnuld and the President? El, Presidente Trump dissed Arnie on Twitter and Arnie fired back. Now The Terminator wants to Smash El Presidente's Fake Tanned Face on a table... (You know that shade of Orange is not natural, whether you loathe or like him.) Suddenly, President Schwarzenegger doesn't sound THAT bad... I mean, just picture this as the National Prayer:

No frigging way! a Tomb Raider Reboot starring Alicia Vikander... I have no idea who she is besides her being Michael Fassbender's girlfriend. Well, it seems like it's gonna be inspired by the Tomb Raider Reboot series (The Square Enix Games)

You know? My Matty Package arrived a few days back... AFTER I was told it was lost and that I would get no refund, since I was "International"... Now I have a spare Tuskador...

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