Dec 3, 2015

Holy Crap! Master Sebrian is almost doable now!

Think about it... Crita is coming in 2016, so is Darius and Tuskador... The Last A-List character that is NOT Kayo/Tatarus is none other than Sebrian himself.
I KNOW I've said, Sebrian is not Toyetic enough, but we've gotten Eldor and we're getting Filmation Evil Seed... Now HE is a Key to getting Sebrian. Allow me to Illustrate right after the jump...
I keep forgetting I can do that!

He's pretty much done only 5-6 new pieces needed: Head, Human Hands, Staff Tunic Overlay and coat... (and Mattel could have the Horsemen do the coat and Tunic in One piece to save money.

He's no Longer a 100% New Tooling Figure, which could bump him up on the production line for 2017. Think about it. There is no real excuse for him not get made.
There is no Vintage MOTU Standard Sized Character that will not get made because of Sebrian.
Like I said, he's NA A-List and the only person in Primus that knows the truth about Adam/He-Man (in the old canon... The Neitlichverse has no secret ID for He-Man in Primus.)

I know that OTHERS have about the same amount of Tooling Needed as Sebrian (some even LESS) but the point is that he No Longer is bound by the "100% New Tooling issue going against him.

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