Jan 4, 2016

2016 is here and stuff!

And there are some changes going on in my life...

I mean that I'm still dealing with the aftermath of my Mom's passing and those include an upcoming house move, which theoretically will reduce the available time I'll have on The House of Rants during the first quarter... I'm still working out the details. (and the buttload of MOTUC and other toys  that I have to pack carefully makes this task even slower.)

Then there's Mattel's smaller MOTUC offerings for 2016... I did not subscribe to the Sub-Par Line and add the ass backwards Now I'm an International fan BS. If by Q2 my situation gets better I may be able to get Thundercats, but as it is right now, I MAY have to skip it (though I don't want to. That's the problem of having responsibilities... Sometimes we have to do things that we do not want to, but they have to be done for our own good.)

Luckily to compensate the slightly smaller amount of It Came from the Toy Chest for 2016, the year is loaded up with Superhero movies that I NEED to see and comment on... Not to mention that any odd news that may show up or Videogames to review... Old look backs way after the Nostalgia is gone as well as more recent games... Eventually I might even get on the Mario Maker bandwagon... and there's the eventual Trankt4stic and Ghost-Bust-Hers rants... Not to mention that I STILL NEED TO FINISH THE TWILIGHT MOVIE REVIEWS... I will probably finish these before Lady Plaid finishes her video series!

Hell, I still have NOT made a review of this:
It'll come... I promise! The WHEN is what I cannot guarantee... But It's Coming!! I saw it, it's just that I'll need to sit down and collect my thoughts on it.

Back to the main topic at hand. Changes. They will have a slight effect at the House of Rants while everything stabilizes, then it'll be as close to 100% back to normal here.

In the meantime I'll try to keep on trucking...

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