Jan 11, 2016

Flingign Popcorn at The Fall of Grayskull

The Fall of Grayskull fan movie is out on the Youtubes and it's time for me to fling popcorn at it!!

This was made by Daniel Benedict...

Yes, THAT Daniel Benedict... has given us This Fan Film... Watch it before the jump... That way you'll avoid my spoilerriffic review/rant.

Prologue Thinks it's the 1987 movie.
The movie starts with a slightly wooden Teela talking with the Sorceress about death and now Teela is Sorceress wearing the Battleground Outfit...
Skeletor and Tri-Klops have He-Man while Teela converses with Weaver who speaks in an alien tongue.

Evil Lyn looks more like Emo-Lyn... Tri-Klops is very douchebaggy and Skeletor wears Spandex and Skeletor sounds like Solid Snake trying to make a Langella Skeletor impression.

He-Man is as wooden as Kristen Stewart. Back to the story. He-Man is defeated and the evil warriors gloat over the defeated warrior. Teela reminisces to the time of the Sorceress' death and they went Full Filmation for the Sorceress' look while Tri-Klops is full 200X. Teela goes Nooooooooooooo!
Now she's sneaking in the shadows for REVENGE!!  She touches a wall that reveals a secret passage to THE ORB OF POWER!!! (Available with 2010's Santa KG and ToD Sorceress)
Teela asks the Sorceress' floating head for help. The Sorceress gives Teela a pep talk from beyond... I wish I could do that. We get a flashback of Little Teela shooting arrows with the Sorceress... as she grew and hit a bullseye... Where's Duncan?

Also, Sorceress talks in riddles like a Force Ghost.

Green Glow and fade to black.

Skeletor KEEPS on giving exposition to He-Man... Oh Gawd He-Man's spoken parts are much worse than Lundgren... This reminds me a lot of the final scenes of the 87 movie for some reason... But Holy crap! They depowered He-Man all the way to Adam! Teela goes NO! Again and gets beat by an Optic Blast from Tri-Klops, who ties her up... Oh my!
While Evil Lyn and Tri-klops discuss the best way to implied rape Teela, Shadow Weaver KO's Tri-Klops! We get to see a witch fight between Lyn and Weaver while Skeletor is depressed.

Tri-Klops recovers as Evil Lyn and Weaver's shards of Star Seed break and the Castle Quakes...
It's Castle Grayskullman! Oh Shit!
Who kinda reminds me of Triple H... Look at him and tell me you don't hear his entrance theme... I mean back when he wrestled and wasn't The Authoritah!
Teela escapes as CGM kicks Tri-Klops's ass. Weaver Kills Evil Lyn in a very Toht way. Tri-Klops gets beaten with one Punch and Skeletor faces CGM. Teela tries to kill Tri-Klops and he wounds her and pretty much beats her until she finds a shield that decapitates Tri-Klops by reflecting the blast.

Castle Grayskullman wounded Skeletor as the Golem takes the Power Sword and gives it to Adam
Teela tries to stop Skeletor, but she gets blasted by the Overlord of Evil. Adam tries to transform but Skeletor stops him and makes a Langella impression. The Power Sword stops Skeletor's blast and Adam gets to transform into Wood Man once again!

We get a Final Battle between He-Man and Skeletor.
The He-Man does/does not kill debate is put to an end here  and He-Man summons the Power on Skeletor as we saw a glimpse of Castle Grayskullman and Skeletor is in ashes.

Teela is KO'd or dead... KO'd and I think they're recycling lines from The Problem with Power.

Wait, a Black Hand on a Hi tech place with Shadow Weaver? I smell Hordak! Adora!? HOT DAMN!!

Wait, The Narrator was Alan Oppenheimer!? As in Falcor the Luck Dragon!?
Val Staples is Hordak... I'm not even going to touch that with a 39 and a half foot pole.

So, my thoughts?
Well, It's a Fan Film... ZERO BUDGET... I'm surprised they got Alan Oppenheimer to do the Narration and to get Brian Cage as He-Man. I mean it's not that easy to get a professional Wrestler and the Original Skeletor to be involved in a fan project.

The effects were hit or miss, but seeing that the movie was made with a $12,047 as the total budget, some people using their own homemade costumes (Tri-Klops), I must guess that the effects were LESS than $10,000. And I'm quite sure that Castle Grayskullman costume was not store bought. I made fun of Skeletor because the costume being simply spandex looked bad on him. If they went with the issue of Redesigning Evil Lyn and Shadow Weaver, then having Skeletor in a more Armored look to at least hide the skin tone of the person in costume could have been a better solution.
I did nitpick the voice a bit because it sounded like a nice guy trying too hard to sound tough.

I can see why Brian Cage is not considered an actor... He has the physicality of a MOTU Character, but he's Kristen Stewartesque in his woodenness.

I don't want to say it was awful, because it wasn't. It was a bit boring, it had some bad acting, and to be honest Castle Grayskullman felt tacked on as part of a tired overused joke from Mr. Benedict...
and overused references can be considered...

See? I know a thing or two about overused jokes/references

It was better visually than other MOTU fan films I've seen and the cast was mostly close to the characters' physiques. I have to wonder if the gory deaths and dull excessive exposition was a jab at the Neitlichverse narrative.

I think it was meh... Neither great nor awful... just somewhere in between. I respect the effort that the people involved made to get this done on such a small budget, but I cannot say that I LOVED it when I didn't.

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