Jan 11, 2016

Haley Joel Osment just saw David Bowie

Yes, it's unfortunate, but David Bowie has died...

Now there are Social Justice Whiners using his death to attack GamerGate... No really, they are claiming that GamerGate killed Bowie.
This Moron is trying to  use Bowie's death to send a false message. The "harassment" of a game developer who is transgendered...
That's not the "goal of GamerGate" Neither is the Harassment of the Harpy Ladies who were Recently at the UN crying to censor the internet... It's about ethics in journalism. Those three ladies are a trio of opportunistic whiners who create a false narrative of soggyknees to get donations
Example #1
Seriously, the Patreon Page is mostly about how (insert this person's preferred pronoun here) is being harassed and less about her so-so game.

The other two use Twitter as their main source of whining and direct to their pages to receive donations.

Back on topic. The Moron said:
In 1999, Bowie released a game called Omnikron: The Nomad Soul which received a less than stellar 74.81% ranking on GameRankings.com from the then predominantly white male gaming audience of 1999.

David Bowie was involved mostly in soundtrack and playing two characters. He did have SOME input in the storyline and design, but he wasn't THE DEVELOPER, nor THE WRITER.
The Developer was Quantic Dream and the Publisher was Eidos. He wasn't THE FORCE behind this game. The game received a less than stellar rating BECAUSE IT WAS FLAWED!!

Then again she believes this BS from GiantBomb...
 Progressive safe space GiantBomb has compiled an impressive collection of David Bowie’s influence upon the gaming industry.
Where Almost EVERY SINGLE Videogame character from Japan looks like David Bowie... Some are valid, but saying that Squall is based on Bowie (when he was based on Gackt Camui... and River Phoenix, not David Bowie) So, her credibility is way down the drain, hence why I think of her as a moron... not to mention emphasizingGiantbomb being muh safe space!!!

So, back on to the MAIN topic, It's a shame that these asshats are utilizing the death of a Cancer Victim to push their filthy agenda. This angers me a lot more seeing that I've lost relatives to Cancer and this cun... moron tries to make gamers seem like the villain here.

Cancer is the real villain here. Cancer killed David Bowie, not GamerGate.
In the meantime I have something else to do... It involves MOTU before I begin to pack them...

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