Jan 8, 2016

King Hiss Screwjob Part 5: We're at 5 now!?

Yesterday Mattycollector Subbers received a set of emails.
Hi Nefty,

Here's your reminder that our monthly sale is nearly here. Below is everything you need to know, including the complete list of products and your Early Access login link.

Early Access 1/14

All Access 1/15

  • Friday, 1/15 at 9 a.m. PT (everyone)
  • Masters of the Universe® Lord Masque™
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Lizard Man*
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Glimmer™*
*Subject to Early Access sellout.Glimmer is 25% off her original retail price!

As always, we appreciate you being a MattyCollector.com customer. If you have any questions or need help, just call Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY or email MattyCollector.CS@digitalriver.com.

Well, here's the first one. The second one talks about Masque being delayed... Which we knew back when Skeletor's Love Child went on a whining rant!
Lord Masque will be delayed

Due to unforeseen shipping circumstances, our January subscription figure, Lord Masque, will be arriving later than anticipated. As a result, we expect him to start shipping at the end of January.

Please note that if you order additional Lord Masque figures along with any other items during the January All Access Sale, they will be held until Lord Masque arrives in our warehouse, so that the entire order can ship together.

Please know that we will do everything in our power to get your order shipped as quickly as possible once Lord Masque arrives.
That's Email#2... But what I want you to focus is in #1. What is Missing from that list?
I'll give you a hint: KING HISS SCREWJOB? Well, the Serpentine King of Speedos has been delayed yet again and Matty is silent about it. Then they wonder why we bitch about them...


It's their motto, not ours! People already flocked the Matty forums asking for King Hiss... But Mattel is, as always... Silent. At least took time to speak up every now and then... They need a mouthpiece so badly right now... Before people start missing Neitlich a bit too much! I kinda miss him already. Now just because I miss him, does not mean I want him back... It's that the new team's silence and boners are making me miss the Neitlich goof ups and his defensive arguments...

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