Jan 2, 2016

George Lucas is butthurt about Star Wars.

Guy sells Star Wars for $4 BILLION DOLLARS to the Mouse.
The Mouse makes a Star Wars Movie that has become the #2 at the box office EVER (for now) and is going after Bluecathontas.
Bad case of Butthurt and Sour Grapes comes from George Lucas.
He likens his selling off Lucas Arts (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) to Disney as selling his kids to White Slavers...

Yeah, dude... YOU SOLD OUT! YOU "GAVE AWAY YOUR KIDS" for $4 Billion... He's mad that Disney didn't want his involvement... Gee I wonder Why?

I could also mention Mannequin Skywalker... Forced Cameos, ABUSE of CGI and the movies becoming more about the CG than the Characters... Did I mention Jar Jar Binks and the Stilted "Love Story" between Padme and Little Annie? Also THIS IS DARTH VADER:

Problem with Lucas is that he has great ideas, but needs someone else to POLISH THEM into a finished Product. Case in Point, the Original Trilogy and the Indiana Jones Trilogy... (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just shows that Spielberg is getting a bit out of touch, like Lucas) The Prequel Trilogy shows a Lucas with FULL CONTROL, WITH A BUNCH OF YESMEN... Had Lucas allowed people to tinker with his concepts for the prequels BEFORE Filming, MAYBE we would have gotten the Episode VII HE envisioned.

If Disney "played it safe" with Episode VII, then I think it makes sense. Seeing that they paid $4 BILLION for Star Wars; they'd need a way to recoup that investment.

George should simply shut up and fade away into darkness... JJ Abrams Star Trek pun unintended.

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