Jan 8, 2016

More Mattel BS...

Yeah, the Thundercats announcement was too good to be true. Another bit from Toys News International:
Ghost Bust Hers is the reason why we never got 6 Inch Real Ghostbusters toys... Also, Mattel is making Ghost Bust Hers toys...

First Impressions:
Aw Hell naw! We now have a Melissa McCarthy Action Figure...

Second Impressions:
Is it me or does the Kristen Wiig figure look a bit manly... Wait so does Kate McKinnon's! Nope! They ALL LOOK MANLY!

They look crappy... Sad part is I might get them just to have the REAL (pun not intended) Ghostbusters show these Pretenders what superior sculpts look like!

The Bull Crap won't stop with Ghost Bust Hers!! We're coming back to Masters of the Universe!!
Lord Masque's link is up! 

Well, they raised the All Access Price to $30...
Ignore the pic on the left stating that All Access is $27... I am saving that pic for the eventual back pedaling that Mattel will do.

Also, they delayed him because of color issues...
In the end, while closer to the correct colors, THEY STILL FAILED.

But the fail is not over yet!!

5 Things to Know About Lord Masque

AKA: Kelson Van, Masque, Rakka
Known For: House of Shokoti, Part 1
Powers: Magiks, teleportation, shapeshifting
Associates: Shokoti, Trap Jaw, Count Marzo
Favorite Movie: The Man in the Iron Mask

The bios are replaced by a jokey 5 things list? Good to know the Stupid Real names is still going...
also, how on Eternia is Masque able to know about an Earth movie... Do they even have movies on Eternia?

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