May 12, 2019

Shadow of the tomb raider is aptly named.

That's exactly what it is... This is a shadow of what Tomb Raider used to be.
So, Lara Croft inadvertently causes the Apocalypse and is now racing against time and Trinity to stop it.
The third and possibly final game of the series is a shadow of what not just New Tomb Raider was, but the franchise as a whole... including the "evil and problematic 90s".

Here is one of the highest point in the game the graphics are pretty good. I do have an issue with Lara's face. There is something off about it but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Music and sounds
The music Blends pretty well into the atmosphere especially with The sound effects but I didn't notice any familiar themes. And that's in previous games in voice acting is pretty good.

Not a huge difference from Rise of the Tomb Raider the camera can be a bit more unwieldy Lee not as bad as the first Tomb Raider but slightly worse than rise of the Tomb Raider.

I gave a little synopsis on the intro when I mentioned that Lara is trying to stop Trinity from the apocalypse she accidentally caused. And the game goes the extra mile with a very heavy-handed approach  lile Kojima's anti-nuke message in the Metal Gear series with how horribly awful the original Tomb Raider games were.  it almost feels like the people involved in making this game hated the original games and they amped up the pretentiousness up to 3000.

It takes basically the elements of the previous two games and removes stuff so it feels like a watered-down copy of the previous Tomb Raider games... which where I water down copy of games like the last of us and Uncharted...
For all the extra cool things they added like using mud to cover yourself from thermal sensors and blend into the background a la Dutch from Predator, there is very little combat in the game.
Even the challenge tombs and crypts feel uninspired.
Not to mention the excessive hand holding the game does.

Fun Factor
The heavy dissonance of this game is very evident. On one hand do you have a story that's trying to make you feel horrible a bad for having fun playing the game. On the other hand you have a game that's trying to be fun but it's being castrated by the heavy-handed story  and gutted mechanics.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider get a 6.17 as it's final score. I really wanted to like the game. It had the elements to make a good game (to an extent) but it got too caught up in trying to be politically correct and beg for forgiveness for the sins of past games; that it forgot the most important element of a game: FUN! all to appease Tumblr slacktivists... people who don't play games.

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