May 24, 2019

Odds and ends May 24, 2019... NECA, Snake Mountain, Renault!?

Not necessarily in that order. Renault, the French automobile maker... That I know because of The Car... made a promotion for one of their vehicles in Brazil.

Live Action Dungeons and Dragons...
Look at the video!
It captures the essence of the Cartoon quite well!  The kids, Tiamat, Venger, Uni, The Dungeon Master, they all look pretty faithful to the original designs. Hollywood should learn this lesson when adapting stuff.

NECA dropped a bomb... remember last year's 1990 movie 7-inch TMNT? Well, NECA is making a companion set...
2 Foot Ninja, Shredder, and...
Holy crap! A 7-inch Shredder and Splinter!!
These will be this year's San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is so... these most likely will be a bitch to get.

Now it's time for the week 3 Snake Mountain update.
Yesterday Asia and Australia areas got the shipping info updated. Sadly, they'll have to go through third parties.
I believe Africa Central America South America and the Caribbean are the only areas missing. Not sure if Canada got their shipping options outside BigBadToyStore.
It almost looks like I won't be able to get the playset and the worst part is I have the money for it.
Really getting worried here... hopefully by Monday, I'll be able to order this set...

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