Dec 17, 2022

Advent Calendar 17: Il Papa Tríclope


Good thing I'm NOT a MOC 
Collector. Wet Packages make
Figures not Meent on card.

In nomine Hordak et Screech et spritus Keldor... I got a Revelation Tri-Klops... I also got other figures, but one of them came with a broken peg... it was Savage He-Man but he was a bonus for getting AIDS patient Orko for under $10. Hopefully, Green Stuff will do its thing and cement the peg to the body. If not, Project Real king Grayskull might become a reality... I have a head, ax and a sword... but that's a different rant for a different day. Today's the topic is Tri-Klops. I won't rant about the Mail man leaving the packages on the rain despite having a roofed area 2 feet 2 the north of where he dropped the packages that is still accassible from the outside.
Are you threatening me!?
I am Popeholio! I need your faith for my bunghole! You can take me but you cannot take my bunghole!! For I have no bunghole!!

In Kevin Smith's bastardization of He-Man, Tri-Klops becomes the pope of a cult that worships Screech because they're infected by a Technovirus from Hordak. It also has his traditional garb.

Tri-Klops has standard Articulation for a Masterverse figure. There isn't much I can say other than his armors hinder it a little bit and the Pope outfit loses a lot of articulation despite the cloth robes. These figures need Butterfly elbows.
Crom! Grant me Revenge, if you do not listen, then to Hell with you!
It was either this or a Hulk Hogan reference, brother!

Paint and sculpt
He is based on his Revelation look, so his arms have some Cybernetic details. He also suffer from jaundice, but it looks a bit more Trump Orange than He-Man, who looks more jaundiced than sparay tanned. 
The pope face had some green smudges, but I was able to clean most of it.
39 years later and we can't still have Tri-Klops grappling He-Man from behind. Now it looks like he's giving He-Man a loving shoulder massage.

This is a "deluxe figure" meaning it's more expensive due to the accessories, but it feels like a ripoff.
2 extra hands
Extra head
Pope armor
These do not warrant the extra $10 of a "deluxe figure" but it's most likely the only Tri-Klops that we'll get.

If there had been either an oversized figure or had a ton of extras like a third head, 4 more hands, or hell, an additional mini figure, one could've argued that it's a deluxe package... but what Tri-Klops has a deluxe figure does not make.

Tri-Klops gets a 3.83 as his final score. I blame the articulation and lack of deluxeness. He's not a BAD figure, but he needed to be about 20% cooler. The question I have is whether Mattel will revisit him or not...

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