Dec 24, 2022

Advent Calendar 24: Wrekkin vehicles Slambulance


Obviously not mine

This one was way over a year due. I've had the Slambulance since 2021, and ended up buying an incomplete one on eBay to customize into the Party Wagon alternative, the Shellbulance. So I took the parts from the Mint one and put them on the incomplete one since it was in better condition than the complete one as crazy as it may sound. I repainted the original into the current Shellbulance and used a manhole cover from Advent Calendar 2 as the hood ornament. So now I have to tackle the real deal.

It's an ambulance for WWE figures with some ML level battle damage. It has some action features, like the aforementioned battle damage. It can launch a gurney via a button press. It has storage space for accessories. It can seat two people in the front. 
Even though they're 1:10, they
can still slide around inside.

It can have 2 figures hanging in the back plus 1 in the gurney. Like the picture states, Super7 human figures fit inside comfortably, but even in their larger scale, they slide around. 1:12 figures slide around even more. Storm Collectibles figures are unfortunately a tad too big for it.

Back doors, driver and passenger doors open. The left side has 2 doors that open and reveal storage space. The roof has Unintentional doors, but they're there. Wheels roll but don't  turn. The hood has battle damage, which is articulated. These pieces I transplanted from the 2021 Slambulance to the newer slambulance.
April: Stealing an Ambulance, Casey!? Of
all the crazy stunts you could've pulled!?
An Ambulance!?
Casey: Yet here you're riding alongside me!
Reporters are supposed to tell the story not be a part of it!
April: Shut up and keep driving!


Paint and sculpt:
The paint is minimal, details are mostly stickers. The sculpt is decent. It looks like an ambulance. Mine has some alights scuffs, but the inside cardboard stickers are in excellent condition.
Casey: It's raining Turtles...
April: Hallelujah!
Raph: Casey! April! You're a sight for sore eyes!
Slash: I'm going to Kill you Stupid Turtle!! You, your brothers and your Rat father!
Raph: Ugh! I need to shut Slash up... Crap! Lost my Sai during the fall...

I don't like that it needs stickers for the lights... or that the rims are unpainted... but then again, for roughly $40, it's a reasonable price. For the WWE themed grill, maybe a third party could print grills that can be glued on top of it to hide the WWE logo.

This is technically a playset, so EVERYTHING IS an accessory... I guess the Gurney would be an accessory, but since this doesn't come with a basic figure, this section is null.
Slash: HAHA! I'm free at last! Yer Dead, Hamato Raffaello!
Raph: Oh, crap! Using my whole name. If my head wasn't ringing so hard I'd give you a proper response, Axl...
Slash: My head is... urk! Gimme five minutes, then I kick your shell...
Raph: Alright... 5 minutes then it's shell kicking time!!
Casey: Yo, what the hell did just happen?
April: I'm just as confused as you are, Jones... I'm just gonna call the others.

The Slambulance gets a 4.5 as its final score. It's an awesome vehicle, excellent for dioramas and not necessarily WWE... with some modifications. Obviously, the set works great with WWE figures.
April: Really, Casey? You had
Casey: You forget, you're riding with me...
Leo: Guys, just ride with us...
Don: Adding Grand Theft Auto to your record isn't such a great idea, Casey!!
Mike: Vice City is my favorite story, but San Andreas has the best gameplay...
Raph: They're talking about the crime, not the videogames, you donut

But it can have Other uses if you can put your mind into it and have the skills, of course.

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