Dec 26, 2022

Netflix is still trying to bastardize more anime

 I'm not an avid YuYu Hakusho fan. I mostly rember it due to a Latin American meme regarding the Knife Edge Deathmatch. In the  English dutb it isn't THAT BAD since Kuwabara figures out that it's a deathmatch with knives. 

For some reason, the Latin American dub makes them sound dumber for not figuring out what a  "Duelo a muerte con cuchillos (Duel to the Death with Knives for the Spanish impaired.) Because Knife Edge Deathmatch sounds a bit more mysterious, since the Edge is the confusing part. The confusion everyone has works in Japanese, since the dude making the Knife Edge Deathmatch says Naifuejjidesumatchi in beautiful Engrish. So it's understandable that Japanese teens with rusimentary English knowledge would have issues with localizing the meaning. But when the English and LatAm Spanish dubs came, localization didn't change Knife Edge Deathmatch to a different language:
Like say: Match à Mort au Coteau for the English dub and Keep Knife Edge Deathmatch in Spanish in order to preserve the Language Barrier issue.

Netflix hasn't released their Bastardization of One Piece and they're going to make a Live Action Bastardization of YuYu Hakusho. Hopefully, it'll be a Japan made adaptation and not an American made one.

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