Jun 9, 2018

Saw the dickless sequel to Ocean's Thirteen.

The all women thing is a gimmick and they even have a scene to try and pretend it isn't one by calling out the gimmickiness of an all-female team.
They also KILLED GEORGE CLOONEY!!! Or George Clooney is playing a David Banner for Ocean's 9 if this one is successful enough.

It's not bad per se... The lower points would be Aquafina... Every scene she's in her tryhard can be easily noticed.
And that the movie feels a rehash of scenes from 11, 12, and 13 but with a Vagina! Gimmick.
When a movie featuring Rihanna makes me forget she's in it, is a good thing.

Media have been commenting in how this movie hasn't gotten the same backlash as Ghostbusters and new Star Wars. They got it PARTIALLY right, but allow me to mansplain, because they will accuse me of that.

They ARE RIGHT in the fact that the Ocean Trilogy has no real nostalgic attachment to people. There isn't a Saturday morning cartoon, bideogames, action figures of the Trilogy either.

What they got wrong us WHY Ghostbusters and new Star Wars are getting flak.
It's NOT MISOGYNY... before I get threatened by pitchforks, I do not agree with the harassment that Ms. Tran received.
PART of the problem has to do with Gender politics creeping into Star Wars.
The rise and fall of the Skywalkers is basically the story of Star Wars. Now the last two Numeric Entries habe had an issue with the men:
Finn: Betrays the First Order (seemingly good, because the FO is evil, but he's a traitor) When the Rebellion is in trouble on VIII, he tries to run away like the coward he is... He then tries to kill himself "to save others" but objectively speaking, suicide is the coward's way out.
Poe: Hot headed ace pilot who is a "true rebel" that may gp into mutiny for not following the CoC.
Han Solo: Grumpy old mand who is old, grumpy and ends up being kebobbed.
Luke Skywalker: Grumpy old man who drinks green milk and tries too hard to be Yoda. He is also a coward who fled and hid from even the force after having an issie with his nephew.
Kylo Ren: The Star Wars version of Caillou. Whiny man-baby who throws tabtrums for nearly everything.

Rey: Newest Force user and super gifted enough to master techniques that even the Last Jedi Master had trouble to overcome.
Captain Phasma: A high ranking First Order soldier who is badass enough to get customized chrome armor.
Rise Tico: an engineer super loyal to the rebellion who stops Finn the Cowarxd from running away twice. She also inspires Finn to fight to PROTECT THOSE DEAR TO YOU INSTEAD OF DESTROYING THE ENEMY.
Leia Solo: Commander of the Rebellion, Force sensitive and can survove in deep space.

See the issue already? It's like they need to turn all men into incompetent buffoons in order to have the women look superior by default. Now, there has been a movement to empower women through fictional characters, which is a good thing, but NOT AT THE EXPENSE of male characters. Some people will fight back, harshly...
Remember Jack Gleason?

He had to quit TV/Movie acting because of Joffrey.
Yeah, there will be dickholes who take things too far and it's NOT exclusive to women.
We also have the movies taking unexpected turns and that doesn't sit well with fandoms.

Then we have Ghostbusters, which right from the get go, they stated that it was a retcon and with females because reasons... basically ELIMINATING THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS AND REPLACING THEM WITH WOMEN.
Ues, the originals exist, but now the canonical continuity is the one with Melissa McCarthy and company. That's what a reboot does. The REAL Ghostbusters, who were the reason people still cared about the brand long after the third movie was in dev Hell (Thank you Bill Murray), that's no longer canon. The queef joke movie where they beat the bad guy by shooting him in the dick is now the official canon. That doesn't sit will with some people.

Ocean's eight avoided this by following Creed or Star Trek: The Next Generation's storytelling device. The previous events hapoened buy now the focus is on other people. Had the new GB been a continuation of the Originals, then the backlash would've been minimum.
Ocean's eight ADDS TO THE WORLD INSTEAD OF REPEALING AND REPLACING. That helps it avoid backlash. But having a penis and not liking the new GB means I hate women or something.

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