Jun 14, 2018

It came from the toy chest: Black Male Buffy.

I am obviously referring to Blade. Vampire hunter, his mother was bitten while pregnant and he inherited vampiric traits without their weaknesses. He battles vampires, demons and the forces of darkness.
He was played by Wesley Snipes and Sticky Fingaz in the movies and TV series respectively.

Nothing much to say here. He's got the sane articulation as pretty nuch every other standard male figure. His webgear does not interfere with the articulation.
Blade: Step aside, bug!
Spidey:No, Blade! You can't  kill him! He's not a  real vampire!
Morbius: Anyway how is your sex life?
Spidey: Shoot! I grabbed Tommy Wiseau by Mistake!

Paint and sculpt 
This is a modern rendition of Blade that has a Sticky Fjngaz inspired head and a more traditional head with a slight Snipes inspiration. Not as Blatantly obvious as the ToyBiz version, which was a direct copy of the Movies look.

BaF piece, katana, extra head. Kinda wish he had come with his wooden throwing knives... but that's a Classic Blade thing...
DP: We're Katana brothers!!

Blade gets a 4.33 as his final score, which is great. If he didn't have to have a BaF piece, he could've gotten a few extra accessories to make him pop a bit better.

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