Jun 21, 2018

It cane from the Toy Chest: Super Summers Brothers

Logan hates one and Bobby hates the Other...
Yes, I will ve reviewing Penis and Havok...

So, the Summers brothers can release energy. One through his eyes without any sort of control and relies on glasses to safely channel some of that energy. The other wears a funky suit that monitors and regulates his body's release of said energy. (Alex is the superior Summers brother.)

Cyke: Logan, wht aren't you wearing the Tiger Stripe outfit?
I'm in blue and Yellow and you were supposed to be in yellow and blue!
Logan: How about I stick these in your eyes and make you a no-clops? You're lucky I put this on... I could've just used my jacket and black pants...
Cyke: Well...the brown matches my hair...
Logan: I hate you so much...

The Brothers are on normal ML bucks with no special joints. Well, the Cyclops Joints are ratcheted.
The range is not hindered by anything in them.
4.5 for Scott 4.5 for Alex
Bobby: What does he have that I don't?
Havok: I'm explosive on bed AND I don't give my partners any frostbite, so do like Elsa and let it go, bitch!

Paint and sculpt 
Here is where things go in different directions. The few details on Alex's armor are painted on, while on Scott they are slip on pieces. Hasbro hasn't discovered how to use glue on them to keep them from falling off. (The thigh belts and boot tops keep sliding down.) I kinda wish Alex had gotten a second head without the full mask. Some versions have him with just a faceguard and his hair showing (I prefer that look)
Both get 4.5

Scott: Baf piece
Alex: Baf piece and 2 energy effects.
See? Alex is the better Summers brother... a Clip on optic blast effecr would've been awesome...
Scott:1.0 Alex 3.0

I got a Jim Lee Cyclops who isn't anorexic. I finally own a Havok... but  let's see the scores.
3.33 for Cyclops and 4.0 for Havok.
At keadt this family picture isn't as awkward as Longshot's...

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