Nov 4, 2016

It Came From the Toy Chest: PD Teela's Counterpart is here!

And The Final Filmation Figure I wanted/needed... Disappointed that Third Party casters haven't made casts of Filmation Trap Jaw Weapons... Looks like I'll have to use Shapeways then...

So, Filmation Evil Lyn... do I NEED TO MAKE AN INTRO FOR HER? She's like Skeletor's smartest henchwoman and is known for being a bit of a traitor to suit her own needs.


 They actually gave her the hinged wrists!!
But they gave us the BGTeela Hips...
We also got the new ML Ankles.
Aside the Thighs she has ALL THE ARTICULATION we needed on a female figure (aside ab crunch)
She can also Facepalm!

Paint and Sculpt:
Right out of the bat I'll start with the bad:
Neitlichverse has some stupid things in it that gave Evil Lyn
a bad case of Forest Whitaker eye... Ohai, Scott!
Mine has a bad case of Lazy Eye... I'm talking Forest Whitaker levels...
 Now the good, she looks REALLY Filmation... OK, maybe the unhelmeted head looks a bit too chubby, as if she hasn't lost all her baby fat. The Classics EL looks a bit more gaunt than this one. Back to the bad: The Horsemen tried to go for the semi flared cape look that she had at times but since they didn't add too many folds due to "cartoon accuracy" it kinda looks like she has a piece of black foamy stuck to her back.

The good again: She has a butt unlike her Classics pancake butt version!

Accessories:Second Head
Coridite Crystal

This Evil Lyn comes with more accessories than what's usual for Filmation Figures which usually are: Main Weapon + 1 Item.

Evil Lyn gets a 3.83 as her final score. She's close to greatness, but she fell a little short.

 I REALLY WANTED TO LIKE HER, but she's a bit underwhelming with her issues. I found an use for her as a Younger Evil Lyn and the more gaunt Classics Evil Lyn will be the Older Lyn...

She looks Really great with my Keldor (I made a Keldor out of a Filmation Skeletor in order to have a Melty Face Keldor using the Classics Keldor... This combo makes Keldor look younger with Lyn and slightly older when he gets his face burnt.

Loyal Subjects MOTU Review is coming...

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