Nov 22, 2016

More odds and ends Pre-Turkey Tuesday!

I know I have some It Came From the Toy Chest in the back burner like 5 or 6 but I'll be posting those in December (Starting next week) some peculiar news bumped them off...(and me not having enough time to take pics) OK I will do Jack Oldman this week. So, Let's begin!

Guess what Movie Reboot got a new director?

Yup! Mortal Kombat is getting a Reboot... After 2 Webseries Reboots, the movie is attempting to kome back again! Kan it be done? Will Paul Weak Sauce Anderson's Original Movie be beat? Well, Mr. Simon McQuoid, you have a huge burden on your shoulders... I hear that Hardcore MK fans are practicing their splits... in case you blow it.

Zendaya dismisses the Mary Jane Rumors. I still have a nagging doubt about it on the back of my head... Like this weird Tingling Sensation that tells me about lies or imminent danger.

“Well, I’m not Mary Jane unfortunately, but I am in the movie which is exciting. My character’s name is Michelle, if that’s what everybody wants to think. I’m gonna let people think whatever they want to think.”
I don't know this whole Her character's name's Michelle and if that's what everybody wants to think... thing KINDA sounds suspect. Then again it could be the original writer messing up the quote.
It could have also been
“ My character’s name is Michelle. If that’s (her playing MJ) what everybody wants to think, I’m gonna let people think whatever they want to think.” 

Until we don't get a trailer the whole Zendaya ruining Mary Jane thing will not be put to rest. I'm REALLY hoping she's not MJ... Especially when Disney had a Mini MJ dancing along Zendaya in one of their shows. Nope I ain't letting go!

The house used for the Outside facade shot for Boy Meets World is on Sale. Can anyone donate $1.6 Million dollars? Sadly the inside of the house is NOTHING like the BMW house... So what's the point? I mean the Full House House was sold for $4 Million Dollars... Now If I could get The Golden Girls house, now that would be INSANE!!

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