Nov 1, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: My Robo Pony Fiendship is Magic

Nightstalker is finally here... A long time a go in a Neitlichian Era, He and Stridor were a no go... One brave fan dared to do the impossible and made his own Custom Robotic Horse for MOTUC... That brave soul is known as Don Schomer. He made this beast back in 2012-2013 and he made a few of them. At the time I was way more limited in my income, so I had to skip this beast.

You can see a picture of his Robotic Horse here.

It was Fully Articulated and he had other plans as well...

Equinox was a Night Stalker Themed Repaint that he had for his Robotic Horse, which, by the way looks really awesome.

He was working on a Snakemen and a Horde Themed Robotic Steed by reusing some of his Robotic Horse Parts....

He also made this Horse for the Rebels...

Yes, the My Little Pony References are like Super Obvious.

Take it a few years later and Mattel FINALLY DECIDES to release their Robo Horsey... just to pull off the Dick move of Closing down Mattycollector.

If you want a Stridor, you have 3 Options: Buy Don's Custom Beast (which will be expensive, since Don doesn't have the same resources as Mattel)

Pray for Super7 To Release a Stridor

Buy a Spare Nightstalker and paint it in Stridor colors. (I was going to go this route, but one of the Nightstalkers I bought was missing a Panel, so that Horse became a Custom Robo Horse for Nefty-kun and it's being painted in a Metallic Applejack palette.

The reason why I bring up the custom is because it's inevitable to make comparisons between the Official Mattel Product that came 3 years after the Custom.

Now for the uninformed, Nightstalker is the "evil Counterpart" to Stridor, who is Fisto's Steed.
As you can see on the pic, Nightstalker is Super Poseable. His Articulation rivals that of "Flesh and blood" horses... The segments of his Robotic Neck are balljointed.

Paint and Sculpt:
Remember when I mentioned the Custom and the inevitability of comparing it to the Mattel Product?
Well, Look at the Neck and ask yourself, who did it better? Don, or Mattel? If you say Mattel, you better get your eyes checked. This is one of those rare occasions where I get to crap on the Four Horsemen... That neck looks AWFUL... I mean a gear shift boot looks better than that neck...
Other than that, the Sculpt is AMAZEBALLS... The Other Nitpick I have is that the Horse has a Sticker as its main panel. (Mattel's cost cutting tendencies are having a negative effect on the items.)

Other than that, the paint is nicely applied, um, on the parts that are not molded in that color. There is very little slop on MY Nightstalker.

1 Helmet that the Vintage Figure did not have...

Nightstalker gets a 4.33 as its final score. It's a decent score, but I'm a bit underwhelmed, due to the death of Matty and MOTUC fatigue. I dunno, but I've been way out of sync with MOTUC ever since, well since Mom died. No, I'm not looking for "pity points" or any of that. It's just that it hit me hard and well, I've kinda lost some of the enjoyment I used to get out of toys. Then again, it could simply be that Nightstalker is NO STRIDOR and having one without the Other is not that awesome.

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