Nov 3, 2016

The Sun has gone down, Press X to drink pee

Finally, I own Man vs Wild on PS3... It was like $6 but, I have it... and yes, I drank my own virtual pee as soon as I had the chance.

Since the game was released in April 2011, which makes the September 2010 meme unlikely of getting an achievement or trophy in the game. So, without further ado, let's drink our own pee!

In the game people... Drinking Pee is bad for you no matter what Bear Grylls says.

So let's head to the game:

You're Bear Grylls.

But you're aware that you're a videogame character... It doesn't have a huge effect to the story like say Deadpool, but it's there. So you're basically "Filming" 5 episodes of the show.


Yikes! For a 2011 game, those graphics look high-end... for the PS2. Because of Wii... Wait... you can drink Wee on your Wii... Oui?

Oh boy... They are super sensitive at times, then super unresponsive at times... especially on the minigames. Hate getting flipped by a bear, because BEAR wouldn't react to the correct QTE input. Seriously, the game doesn't even use all the buttons on the PS3 Controller.

OK think Tomb Raider 2's Croft Manor, add multiple QTEs... More than RESI6 then add more checkpoints than a GTA Race. Then the mini games... They overcomplicate things due to Wii and since they don't use all the buttons on the controller, they could have streamlined some actions. For example: You're walking down the woods looking for water. (Bear gets dehydrated super fast) and you encounter a snake. The snake will pursue you relentlessly like a JRPG enemy from those who had visible enemy encounters and force you into a mini game battle. If you already killed a snake, you let this one go immediately. You reach water and you have to drink from your canteen, then refill it. If you get wet, then you need to make a fire before the sun goes down... To be fair it kinda simulates survival, but everything happens so fast that it makes Bear seem like a wimp. Also, like survival, it can be a tad boring... But $6... I'm so lucky I didn't buy it at Full Price...

Sounds and music:
The music sounds like it's from the show... Bear is enthusiastic with his voice acting and sounds very Bear Grylls like... I hope that's the Real Bear and not an impersonator... IMDB has nothing on the game. sadface.

Fun Factor:
It's gone after you drink your first Pee-Filled Snake Canteen. Semi-Responsive controls, annoying mini games with frustrating restarts. Impossible to kill Bear, because the game holds your hand. Like if there's a cliff, you won't die from a fall. The game won't let you.


The game gets a 4.17 as its final score... It's slightly better than Hannah Montana The Movie The Game but despite knowing this game was crap, I wanted to own it because Bear Grylls.

Did You know that Bear Grylls did an Episode with Barack Obama? I totally did not know that...

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