Nov 21, 2016

Odds and ends Nov.21 2016. Thanksgiving is this Thursday...

And I better dust off that weird video from PedoPatrice.

But that's not why I'm here... It's been a while since I've touched upon my favorite Former Disney Starlet... You know...

Apparently, she's been cleaning up her act ever since Thor's younger brother took her back.
Good for her! The Ridiculously silly: "I'm EDGY!! and Look at ME! I'M A WILD CARD!" phase when she was being a try-hard to distance herself from the Mousey past was pretty much a phase.

Speaking of Mouse related matters: There is a high chance that Girl Meets World ends with the third season being their last. Well, The Topangaborn is trying to change that... (Likely because it's HER JOB on the line) As much as I'd like a Season 4 (and 5, 6, and 7) it's VERY unlikely that it'll happen.
Who's to blame? Disney's to blame. They have interfered with the writers and forced the BMW universe into a Disneyfied version, which is NOT what Girl Meets World needed to be.

So, Richard Simmons is now Retired? Wait What? He closed down his studio after 40+ years!? Whoa... That means that to get your Richard Simmons fix you'll have to rely on "Internet reruns"

But, best wishes to Mr. Simmons and hopefully he can enjoy retirement for a long, long time!

Holy crap! I almost forgot... Wanna know who's an even bigger bitch than CM PUNK (at UFC)?

FOUR MOVES!? FOUR FREAKING MOVES and Brock Lesnar, "The Man who Broke the Streak" went down like a freaking Jobber... Not even Santino Marella has lost as badly as Brock did... I think Punk's UFC match lasted longer than  that. The only thing shorter than this match is sex with the Flash...

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