Nov 7, 2016

Odds and ends 11/7/16 Messed up stuff, yo!

Speaking of messed up! Behold your new Megazord...

 The thing on the left is supposed to be the Megazord... Seen on the right.

Can you guess what's my issue with it?

How did that got up there!? Spike! Wrong clip!

Now we're talking... That gray thing sure as hell AIN'T a Megazord. It looks more like a Monster Rita would make grow with her wand... But in this case Rita makes the Monster's wand grow...
But yeah, it looks more like a Gargoyle than a Giant Robotic Hero. See, these redesigns are turning me off from Power Rangers... I will probably see it, but I need to be convinced.

Now for some good news...

Young Justice Season 3 is happening!!
Please be on Netflix, Please be on Netflix! Otherwise Cartoon Network would kill it for a crappy version of it...


Young Justice Season 3... Oh holy crap! Wonder if we'll get another leap in the timeline.

Oh holy crap! It happened for real... A Monkey Fighting Snake on a Monday to Friday Plane!
Aw Hell Naw... Does this mean that...

I mean, crap! Now I can't travel on planes... curse my ophidiophobia!! That's messed up, yo!

Wp, wp, ►,wk, Fp!!

Yup! Guess who's coming to SFV...

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