Jul 13, 2016

A Fantastic fanmade item kickstarter!

This is another case of The fans do what Mattel won't. Freeman's Mind Toys is doing a kickstarter. What's it for? A three dimensional representation of the Castle Grayskull dungeon sticker, also known as the Dwell of Souls. If you remember some posts about Castle Grayskull in MOTUC, you might have read my complaints regarding the dungeon grate being a sticker. There was a 3D version made by an other artist, but it was sold out and the vendor did not send items to Puerto Rico.

Since that other person's grate is unavailable and there's a desire for it, FMT Answered the call. A brand new 3D version of the grate. This one is 3D printed, but it's not available via shapeways. The reason is most likely, logistics. Also, FMT has other ambitious projects after thus one, like a custom Carcharodon themed Roadster... if you catch my drift.

Now its OUR TURN to answer the call.
The goal is: $5000. As of the writing of this rant, the amount collected so far is $905. We have 29 days to reach the $5000 and get our grates. The highest tier reward is insanely awesome... Enough to make me wish I had $500 to pledge... work with Mr. Freeman to make a unique Playset or vehicle compatible with MOTU Classics...
Lower tiers get you, a custom paintjob of your choice for the grate, the vintage paintjob, or unpainted.
I chose unpainted, because I love to explore the joy of painting... Reference completely intended.
You could even use it to plug the unsightly hole in the castle!!!

Right now, we don't know if Mattel will release the missing stuff from Castle Grayskull... Heck, with the way Matty is right now; we don't even know if MOTUC's going to go for another round.
 a thriving third party custom kits/items can show Mattel that there IS STILL some juice left in MOTUC... and MOTU in general. Remember that the custom War Horse forced Mattel's hand to produce an official Night Stalker...
The grate can open the doors to other projects from both Mr. Freeman and Mattel.
BTW, can anyone donate  $500 to the House of Rants?* The Spectormobile needs to become a reality! That way I can rub it in on Scott's face...
*=I'm joking about the asking for money thing... though the Rub the Spectormobile on Scott's face fund sounds cool and dickish at the same time. 

Now back to seriousness. If you have a MOTUC Grayskull, the Castle, not the King; bought the Barbarossa triangular rack, commissioned a Spacesuit custom, and own other Castle Graykull custom items, then you NEED this one to complete all the stickers made 3D...

There have been some stretch goals added.
Stretch goals: (1) When I reach $5000, EVERYONE will get at least a painted dungeon grate in a color of their choice. (for pledges on at least the $40 tier)(2) For every additional $1000 increase after funding is met, a new piece from the un produced accessories gets added for no additional cost: This would mean- Spirit of Grayskull attachment for the roof.Punching bag for the training of warriors.Weapon rack in the Mark Taylor style.The portal Sorceress often walked through amongst other characters.Plus other yet unknown additions... Again everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart as a fellow fan and geek for all things MOTU- I have a feeling this will be the first in many cool products I can offer all of you! 
There have been a pair of EVEN HIGHER Tiers 
of Pledges added:
If You Pledge $1,500 to $1,999.99 you could get an Apatosaurus suffering from a Techno Organic Virus...

But if your wallet is deep and is interested in MOTU Stuff Revived in Classics Scale... And happen to live WITHIN the Continental US... Sorry Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico...
Hold on to your butts!
Mr. Freeman is pulling out the big one... and get your mind out of the gutter!

It just got real... Well, if you're the Toy Collector version of Bruce Wayne, of course...

To be honest, I wouldn't worry about the Super Mega Sized Pledges... Part of me is curious to see them if someone coughs up the dough for them. I just want the grates to be made. We're getting Closer... $1,845 but we cannot think it'll pass until we reach the $5000 goal. (I mention WE, since I pledged and want this to be made.)

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