Jul 13, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: He needs to pick up some power converters from Toshi Station

You can guess what Figure I am going to review from the Title alone... I could have gone with...

I also could have gone with a Cock Knocker Reference... a Joker reference, a Trickster Reference, plenty of other Star Wars References, but I have to use the Toshi Station reference, BECAUSE THIS IS TATOOINE LUKE From the Original Star Wars, for the Star Wars Black Toyline... Because there's Stormtrooper Luke, X-Wing Pilot Luke, Hoth Luke, Bespin Luke, Return of the Jedi Luke... Wonder when ep.7 Hobo Luke will show up... Damn! I noticed that I lost Vader's Light Saber...

I've had access to other Lukes... regret not getting Empire Luke, since I now own a Jabba, but if I WERE TO PICK ONE LOOK for Luke, chances are that Karate Farmboy would have been the one I'd choose... Well, it IS THE ONE I CHOSE if we want to be technical about it. Damn you Hasbro for making the Old Ben Kenobi a Comic Con exclusive!!

Main Character in the Original Star Wars Trilogy, son of the Main Character in the much hated Prequel Trilogy... a Hobo in the New Disney Mary Sue Trilogy... His hobbies include:
-Shooting Womp Rats down in Beggar's Canyon...  Sounds Mildly Erotic.
-Desire to get Power Converters at Touchy Station...

Just picture Tatooine...
Maybe this'll help
He's got the Standard SWB Articulation... In mine the Ankles are not working properly for some reason. They are slightly more Limited than Vader's. 3.0

Paint and Sculpt:
Remember how mad I was with Cloth Parts on Vader? Well, I'm far more angry with Luke... I know what you're thinking: You hate Cloth Parts, yet you bought this Luke... I wanted a Tatooine Luke, I got a Tatooine Luke. What bothers me is that they could have made his Tunic sculpted, they already have sculpted Tunic Arms with the Prequel Obi Wan. It looks bad, I mean 1980s Toy bad. Cloth Items are not meant for figures smaller than 12 inches. Luke is a prime example of why this is true.
The Face sculpt is meh... It KINDA looks like Hamill, but at the same time it doesn't... The likeness can be perceived from a few angles... just not ALL OF THEM.
maybe squirt some lemon
juice so you can see Hamill
Paintwise, well... I'm glad he's got the light brown, dirty blonde look, vs the brown haired versions of him. His eyes are a bit derpy, but right now he's the ONLY Luke I've seen on the 6 stores I've looked for. 3.0

Macro Binoculars, Lightsaber with removable blade... Lightdaber is Lightsabery, and compared to other figures that get extra hands and stuff, Luke's a bit underwhelming in the accessory department.
Luke gets a 2.5 as his Final Score. He could have been better, but Hasbro's obsession with cloth items, lack of accessories, and a meh face sculpt hurt him in the long run. A Positive is that I don't have to buy the $30 K-Mart Exclusive Rey to get a Luke Lightsaber... I don't NEED another Rey, period. I didn't get the Cool Starkiller Kylo Ren after getting the Vanilla one, so there is no point of getting ANOTHER Rey. Had she been wearing a different outfit, maybe... Ugh! How did a Luke Review end up becoming a Rey Review?

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