Jul 19, 2016

It came From the Toy Chest: Riot Gear for your CAWs!!

I did the Knight and Referee Sets... Now it's the Riot Gear's Turn!
Let's go through the items on the set, shall we?

Desert gear vest
Skull mask
Riot Helmet
Police issue Tonfa
Ball and chain...

Small warning: Most of these WILL NOT WORK ON MOTUC... The vest is a bit too small... I broke the strips of my first set while trying to put the vest on Filmation He-Man. Even the WWE Hulk Hogan has the vest not strapped ALL The WAY IN.

don't even think about using Chunkier figures like say, Andre the Giant on it.

The headgear, you can forget about using it on MOTUC or a WWE figure with longer hair, say Hulk Hogan.

The Mask is a funny one... Somehow Hogan's hair cannot fit in, but the biggest schnoz in the WWE fits in nicely... as long as it's the RECENT version of HHH... Longer hair HHH? forget about it!

The Ball And Chain can work on NON-ELITE Figures. The Shackle stretches, but I worry about the flimsy wrist hinges on the Elite Figures. TBH, not going to risk it. I wanted to use it as a part for a MOTUC Custom, but the ball is made of hard plastic, while the chain and shackle are rubbery. Can't replace the fake chain for a real one...

I really like the Tonfa... I will use it on a MOTUC custom that I'm working around...

This one is an easy skip if you're looking for MOTUC Fodder... The Ball and chain isn't worth it. The closest thing to a saving grace is the Tonfa.

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