Jul 31, 2016

Top figures Super 7 needs to Vintagize

Super7 will also tackle Vintage styled Figures... We saw their SDCC Exclusive with Mummy-Skeletor and the Three Terrors... I know they are interested in doing He-Ro and Eldor. Well, here's a list of the top figures that need to have a Vintage Counterpart:

Darius, Mara and Crita would need NA-Styled bucks if they were to be made. that's why they are not on this list, or why Sea Hawk is NOT on it.

Castle Grayskullman: is an obvious candidate... in fact 5 out of the 6 figures from the 30th anniversary are perfect candidates... Cy-Chop is the one being left out from this list because He wouldn't look that great.
Sir Laser Lot: Fiber optic plume and that is all. I hate the character, but you have to admit that the Fiber Optic Plume would make him look cool.
Draego-Man: The Vintagizer might be cruel to this figure, making his badass dragon looking a bit wimpy and bootleggy. Flappy wings like Buzz-Off's with a flint like Saurod would make him very vintage and cool.

Fearless Photog: This one is rather obvious on how he would look and how his action feature would work since he has one in classics.

The Mighty Spector: With removable Cloth mask and a head that would be the action figure equivalent to the ecce homo restoration but this time using SuperkamiToyguru's head.

Add a left arm that works like the Kenner Lightsabers of yore and call it a day!

King Grayskull with Rooted Hair and furry cape. No real explanation.

An official, True Blue Wun-Dar. if just to put the Legend to Rest. As a twist I'd give him a more "Filmation-Like" head just to make him different enough from He-Man.

Slime Pit He-Man: This one would need a new sculpt in green plastic that is GITD so it looks like He-Man is covered in slime.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of the idea of 2016 figures being made to fit with the 80s line, but there's plenty of people who would be into that.

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