Aug 2, 2016

I still haven't gotten over the end of MOTUC and Thundercats at Matty...

I thought I had, but I haven't. Seriously, Mattel just wasted all that time and money to get Thundercats and then they went: Eh, screw that! Before people even got their first Thundercat figures... We KNOW Nightstalker and Tuskador are coming since they are part of the sub... The Single Carded Horde Trooper and Roton are up in the air right now... Why Matty, WHY!?
Snake Mountain... Well, Mattel failed us, Mom... Make sure you haunt Scott Neitlich for the rest of his life... This is somehow his fault... I'll find a way to MAKE IT HIS FAULT... For I am the Destroyer of MOTUC... So, I kinda got my wish? I mean it's not like I wanted it gone... I just wanted Mattel to, give their best effort, but they wanted the easy way out... That's how Super7 is now stuck with this burden... At least THEY ARE GOING TO ATTEMPT TO DO THE BEST THEY CAN...

But back to Mattel. I, I-I just can't believe they gave up on MOTU like that. The comic was going to have a crossover with Thundercats, which would have allowed them to promote the toys. The movie was seemingly heading somewhere, but Mattel simply dropped the line.

While, GI Joe seems to be somewhat in Limbo, Hasbro has kept some Joe product going. The powerhouse that is Transformers is strong enough to sustain a few lines based on different styles. (Bay Movies, Transformers Prime based line and Generations for more Old School fans) Then we have the Toyline for Girls with a curious following from grown-up men.

All Mattel has is Barbie, who is playing second fiddle to Monster High, and Hot Wheels. The only hot selling action figures that they have is WWE, which is licensed, and they could lose the license any time after the contract is up... (WWE USED to be Jakks' heavy hitter.) DC, well, the BVS toys are pegwarming and the Suicide Squad ones look Ug-Ly! Right now I'm only interested in the MOTUC Compatible TDKR toys.

Basically, after the MOTUC compatible TDKR figures, Mattel pretty much killed my interest in Mattel... Since He-Man is under license with Super7, Mattel has found a way to make me quit them without quitting He-Man!!

Do I need to point out the Max Steel Movie that was filmed but is still in limbo? Supposedly, it'd coming this October... Last time I checked it was supposed to be this month... but that's another rant for later...

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