Aug 18, 2016

There's a Phoenix Wright anime and no one told me about it!?

Hold it! you don't mean the Haruhi Episode?
Nope! I mean Gyakuten Saiban! Animated!!

Yes, I have a raging boner right now... No, you did not need to know that. Yes, I could have gone with my nipples are incredibly hard right now, but then again it still is TMI... Let's say I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!
If I hadn't been obsessed with the Ace Attorney games a few years back, this anime would not have been anywhere near my radar. I am angry at myself for it NOT BEING IN MY RADAR...

So, I'll watch one episode and go to bed... Just one because I have to work later today... Curse you insomnia!! Can't wait for the English Dub... Hopefully they'll bring back 200X Donatello as Phoenix...

It's like the game... but with ANIMATION!!! If an anime is 13-26 epsiodes normally... I should expect ALL 3 Phoenix Wright games!?

HOLY CRAP!! Screw Mr. Big Forehead Apollo... Your game is cool, but you ain't Naruhodo!!

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