Aug 28, 2016

Hold it! Objection! Take that! A NEW Phoenix Wright game!?

I've got to be honest here: I've been WAY Behind on the Ace Attorney series... TBH, I wan't too motivated to play the games where good ol' Nick isn't a protagonist... I was never able to find the Edgeworth game. And Dual Destinies is a Nintendo eShop game only... I may need a 3DS or a 2DS then... But I kinda need the 2/3DS anyway since:

There is a Sixth Game!!!
I kinda knew about a Phoenix Wright game being digital only, but I thought it was the remake of AA 1,2,3...
So, I got to catch up... Play Apollo Justice, maybe get somewhere in Investigations and then get Dual Destinies from the eShop after getting the 2 or 3 DS.

Curse these Digital Only releases... but at least we're getting more of Ace Attorney...

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